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Publication: The Paranormal Insider
Personal Ouija Experiences

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Issue date: Saturday, August 26, 2006
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R 

Dear Readers:

I'm smiling to myself as I'm preparing this week's issue 
because I have a sneaking suspicion that one day, in the 
not-too-distant future, my highly skeptical significant 
other is gonna crack. Yes, I think he's going to come over 
to 'our side'. It's high time too, considering all the 
weird things that continually happen around our home. At 
present, although we've had some weird happenings here, 
and we have both witnessed Mystic the cat chasing unseen 
objects, I have never felt that there were any 'resident' 
spirits or energies here. Until today, that is. 

About a year ago, we found the oddest little object, on 
the living room carpet if I remember correctly. It is a 
small (less than an inch long), very thin metal rod or pin, 
with knobby things at either end, and it looks much like 
the little pin that would be found holding a watch strap 
together. It really puzzled us but neither one of us could 
figure out where it came from and eventually we dropped it 
into a junk drawer. Some time later, my s/o was up late one 
night snacking and the next morning he presented me with 
another little pin. He had found it in the bottom of a bag 
of trail mix! 

Well, that got me going. I thought, okay, the mystery is 
solved, He occasionally buys the same bags of trail mix 
so I was certain that's where the first pin had come from 
too. We did a bit of searching and found the first pin and 
I immediately dug out the empty trail mix bag from the 
garbage, looked up the manufacturer and contacted them 
about pin. I was appalled at the idea that someone may 
accidentally swallow one of those little pins, especially 
if a child was munching on the mix. On their instructions, 
I taped one of pins to the empty bag and took it back to 
the store and filled out a form for the manufacturer to 
look into this and I considered this to be pretty much a 
case closed. 

Many weeks or even months have passed, and yesterday, lo 
and behold, something familiar was glistening on the living 
room carpet. I picked it up and to my astonishment, it was 
yet another pin. After showing it to my s/o, I put it in 
the kitchen, very puzzled, because there has been no trail 
mix in the house for the longest time so that apparent 
source was effectively ruled out. And today, I found 
another pin, that is now taped to a piece of paper along 
with the other. When I expressed my amazement to my s/o, 
and I jokingly said that it's our ghosts at work, he told 
me that he'd had a strange experience last night after I 
had gone to bed. He was watching TV and heard a large, 
sharp bang from the kitchen, and while he'd thought it was 
one of the cats initially, he found both of them curled up 
nearby the sofa. When he went to investigate in the kitchen 
there was nothing out of place. I reminded him that he'd 
told me of similar events before, each time unexplainable, 
and especially surprising coming from this skeptic! I am
thinking that the last noisy mystery disturbance in the 
kitchen was probably around the time we found the previous 


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We live in a home that I believe inherently attracts spirit 
visitors due to its odd line-up with some hydro towers in 
our neighborhood. Now I am wondering if a new group of 
ghosties isn't dropping in now and then, making some noise 
and leaving us little markers to let us know they've been 

I am tempted now to think these little pins are a phenomena 
called apports. Wikipedia defines an apport as "the 
transference of an article from an unknown source, to you, 
or another place by unknown means. The item can be any-
thing, from coins and jewellery from ancient times, to 
modern objects such as watches and keys." 

Apports are often associated with spiritualist activities 
such as séances, as well as with poltergeist activity. If 
you have ever had items unexplainably appearing in your 
home or environment, or items disappearing only to be 
found again somewhere else with no rational explanation of 
how it got there, you may have experienced apports. There 
have even been cases reported of people actually seeing 
objects falling to the floor or even dropping into their 
lap from thin air, or seemingly, from a ceiling. 

In my old home, I had a beautiful brass bottle opener 
disappear after using it at a party, only to find it a 
few months later in a box of kitchen linens under the 
counter that hadn't been touched (to my knowledge) since 
we'd moved in. 

A dear friend of mine once had a lovely antique watch 
appear in the middle of a bed she had just made, and 
another time, she was something appear and drop into her 
laundry basket, right before her eyes, from the ceiling 
of her laundry room. 

Have you ever had any apport experiences? If so, please 
share them with me and our readers, 
mailto: paranormal@zsuzsana.com 

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Our Readers Respond with Personal Ouija Experiences

I had an experience with a ouija board some 40 years ago. 
At the time I was a young teen, maybe 13 or 14. A friend 
of mine and I were using the ouija board and we asked it 
when I would die. It said I would die when I was 16. I 
asked how I would die and it answered that I would die in 
a dream. 

That was a surprising answer and I pondered it long. 
Obviously, at 51 now, I did not die when I was 16. When 
I was 16, however, I did become a born again Christian. 
Prior to this, when I was 16 also, I did have an abortion. 
There was a death there but not mine. In becoming a 
Christian, the Bible talks about it as a "re-birth" with 
the "old man" being put to death. Was this the death that 
the ouija board spoke of? And what is the significance of 
dying in a dream? What does that mean? Does it speak of 
the ethereal nature of faith? I have not come up with any 
answers on that. 

This experience scared me and I don't believe I ever used 
the ouija board again.

Kathy E. 


I have not used the board in many years but it 1972, I was 
leaving my husband and asked for the initials of my next 
husband, if I was to have one. The initials came up RES and 
I did not know anyone with those initials but kept it my 
memory just in case. 

I moved to another state and within 6 months I met the 
person with those initials and married him the next year. 
I am still with him. 

Peace, Thyme


Dear Zsuzsana,
When I was a young teen, my mom bought me a Ouija board. 
My parents were planning a trip to visit my grandparents 
in Tennessee. We decided to play with the Ouija board that 
night. As we were taking turns asking questions, I felt 
prompted to ask it if my parents should leave in the 
morning at 10 a.m. as they planned to do. The board 
promptly answered "no". When asked why, it spelled out 
"accident".vFurther questions led to "accident with a 
semi", and "tire blowout on car." At that my father said 
this was hooey, that those are brand new tires on the car 
and a new tire is not going to blow out like that and then 
my father left the room. My mom and I kept playing and 
asked the board if there was a way to avoid the accident. 
It replied, "yes." So we asked how. The board replied to 
leave at a later time, so that's what my parents did; they 
left at 10:05 a.m., to the perturbment of my father. Need-
less to say, they were on the highway (and at that time the 
highways were 2 lanes, one in each direction, not the big 
2 to 4 lanes each way of today). There wasn't much traffic, 
which was pleasing to my father since he was driving. Then, 
all of a sudden, to my father's amazement a big rig coming 
in the opposite direction just passed by and the left front 
tire on the car blew out. He lost control of the car and 
ended up on the opposite side of the road (the oncoming 
side). My mom and I were very shaken and I mentioned to 
her, "Boy, was Ouija right or what?" If we would have left 
on time like Dad wanted to do, we would be splattered all 
over the front of that truck or worse dead, because we could
have hit that passing semi head-on. Ouija saved our lives 
by telling us to leave a few minutes later. My dad changed 
the tire and got back on the road. We stopped at the next 
gas station/restaurant and in the parking lot my dad looked 
over the tire real good to see if he could determine why it 
blew out. The only thing he could find was that a cord in 
the tire separated which caused it to fail. I remember say-
ing to him, "I guess brand new tires can be bad." At any 
rate, Ouija saved our lives that day, so whatever makes it 
work, whether it be a person's subconscious or a spirit 
from beyond, I'm glad we got warned and heeded that 


Dear Zsuzsana,

My daughter and her friends unleashed an evil spirit into 
our home, that created such havoc in our lives we had to 
have a priest come in and bless the house. My daughter and 
her friends were playing blindman's bluff in the house. We 
had a sofa that sat just a few inches off the floor. Some-
thing reached from under the sofa and grabbed her ankle 
and tripped her. When they turned the lights back on, she 
had a hand print around her ankle. This thing would turn 
gas space heaters on and off.  I'm sure it would have been 
worse, but we had a good spirit in the house as well who 
seemed to temper the evil one. I used to think that ouija 
boards were just silly toys but that truly changed my 
mind. The house is now longer there by the way. 'Katrina' 
saw to that.     

Susan Johnston 

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I have had two remarkable experiences with my Ouija, and I 
have seen others using my board with great 'success'. 

I purchased the board in 1990, and we used it at my eighth 
grade graduation party.  I was busy being the hostess, so 
I couldn't participate.  I happened to be walking through 
the kitchen (where the board was being used), and I noticed 
a girl with her hands on the planchette behaving strangely. 
She seemed as if she was in a trance; her head was down and 
she was swaying side to side.  My mother saw this and 
quickly went over to her.  She placed her hands on the 
girl's shoulders and shook her.  She 'came to' and did not 
know what had just happened.  She was slightly feverish as 

The second time I had success with the Ouija board was when 
I lived in my very first apartment.  I had been noticing 
weird goings-on (clothing in the hamper that were hung up 
when I returned from work, front door open when I had 
locked it behind me, soda cans opened when I had left them 
unopened, etc.) in my apartment. 

One night my friend, my boyfriend, and I decided to use 
the Ouija board to see if there truly was a spirit in my 
apartment.  I did not touch the planchette, only my friend 
and boyfriend did; I wrote down the questions and answers 
to document our findings. 

We started by asking if there were any spirits in the room, 
and someone responded unintelligibly.  After a few moments, 
my friend had deciphered that the language being 'spoken' 
was not English but Russian, which happens to be her native 
tongue.  The person revealed herselfas a three year old 
girl who was executed during the Holocaust.  When asked how 
such a small girl was getting along on the other side, she 
responded that she had a caregiver:  my friend's deceased 
mother, L.  They then spoke with Lucia for a while.  She 
and the little girl were inhabiting my apartment, along 
with the spirit of an animal, and the mischievous spirit, 
Michael.  Michael was the spirit who was playing the tricks 
on me, and he was not evil, he just didn't know he was 
dead. We also found he was in his late 30's when he died. 
After a couple of hours of speaking with L, we ended the 

A few months later, my friend who has very psychic 
perceptions came over to analyze the apartment.  She 
'felt' the presence of Michael, even gave me his name, 
and labeled him as being 38 when he died.  She had no 
knowledge of what we had found out from the Ouija board. 

I had made a visit back to my hometown for a surprise 
party for my grandfather.  My boyfriend had accompanied 
me on this vacation, and we also had my brother's birthday 
present to take with us.  My boyfriend had painted a 
watercolor for my brother, and before we left on our 
journey, we wrapped it in butcher paper and packed it in 
the suitcase.  Apparently Michael's spirit got trapped in 
the wrappings, because Michael disappeared from my 
apartment and reappeared in my brother's.  

He did some of the same silly things in my brother's 
apartment that he had done in mine.  One day my mother 
spent the night at my brother's and someone came up to her 
and whispered into her ear while she was asleep.  The 
whisper was, "Tell Sammy I need help."  It surely made a 
believer out of my mother! 

I moved to a different apartment and I received a package 
from my brother.  It was something he had purchased a 
long time before and it had just been sitting in his closet 
for months.  When I opened the package (a Snoopy jack-in-
the-box), I set it on the floor and went over to my 
computer to send a thank you.  All of the sudden the 
jack-in-the-box started playing music, and I knew Michael 
had returned. 

Quite awhile after that wonderful positive Ouija 
experience, my friend and I decided to give it another 
try.  I had been reluctant to try it again because I didn't 
want to have a negative experience.  We did it anyway, 
and I tried to take notes as well as touch the planchette. 
We first spoke to a man who had been a lover to my friend 
in a past life.  He was a little scary, as his love for her 
was still strong and he asked her to join him on the other 
side.  He then apologized to her for being so selfish and 
left our space so that the spirit of my deceased grand-
mother could speak to me.  She asked all sorts of specific 
questions about my brother's health, and she also told me 
that I should get rid of my boyfriend because he was evil. 
He was evil because his twin brother always competed with 
him. (She ended up being partially correct). The most 
amazing part of speaking with my grandmother was that out 
of nowhere she said, "Snoopy needs to poop."  Snoopy was a 
dog I was dogsitting for a friend.  Sure enough, I opened 
the door, Snoopy ran right to the grass, and he did his 

We then spoke with Michael and he claimed he knew where my 
long lost hammer was.  He said he would give it to me that 
night.  I jokingly asked if he was still a good spirit, 
and he said he was.  He never did reveal where my hammer 
was, and I think he was insulted by my questioning his 
intentions.  I never experienced him again.  He then went 
to my friend's house, but we haven't heard from him since. 


Dear Zsuzsana,

I own a Ouija board which I haven't felt comfortable
using since an incident that happened several years
back. After I had bought the board I had taken it to a
friend's home at their request. Well, another friend
was there who immediately took the board and declared
herself a "master" of Ouija use ... later it was
discovered that her only knowledge of how to use the
board came from the horror movie "The Witchboard."
This important omission on her part resulted in quite
a scary experience for the rest of us. While she and
the brother of the friend who asked me over were using
the board and moving the planchette in the way they
did in the movie, something started happening. Now for
some background information, the home we were in was
not air-conditioned and it was in the middle of the
afternoon on a clear and sunny day with the outside
temps being around 90. The air inside the home
dropped 30 degrees or more and all of a sudden we
started hearing a raspy hoarse breathing. The spirit
on the board was trying to tell the brother that it
was his great grandparent and had died of emphysema.
As the conversation went on, the breathing sound got
louder, and we could tell that it was centered in the
middle of the room about six feet off the ground.
Around this time the whole bunch of us started
feeling ill and I finally said that enough is enough and
took the board and put it away. As I did so, I
discovered a perfect figure 8 at the center of the
back of the board. It wasn't until the board was put
back into its box, closed and then taken outside that
the room returned to normal. Upon further exploration
we discovered that the being talking was not telling
the truth about its identity, but to this day have no
idea who or what it really was.

Brightest Blessings
Dan G. 


Dear Readers: If you are forwarding this column, please 
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notices intact. Please note my new contact address for 
Paranormal Insider: paranormal@zsuzsana.com 

Also, please remember our new forum, which is the perfect 
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See you next week!

all the best

Zsuzsana Summer

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