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Publication: NASCAR News
Pemberton among new crew chiefs

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         NASCAR NEWS - Thursday, December 27, 2007

Pemberton among new crew chiefs at Waltrip
By Team Release

CORNELIUS, N.C. - Michael Waltrip Racing on Friday unveiled 
its 2008 Sprint Cup Series crew chief lineup with the 
recent hiring of Paul Andrews, Bill Pappas and Ryan 

"My vision of Michael Waltrip Racing becoming one of the 
elite organizations in NASCAR has not changed since the 
day I started this team," Waltrip said. "Over the past four 
months we have made significant moves to position ourselves 
for success with the addition of my new business partner 
Rob Kauffman; our Technical Director, Dr. Eric Warren; and 
EVP of Business Operations Cal Wells. 

"Our logical next phase was to bring in race and champion-
ship winning crew chiefs to lead our teams. And we have 
done that with the addition of Paul Andrews, Bill Pappas 
and Ryan Pemberton. 

"The degree of difficulty in our monumental start up in 
2007 was evident and standing flat-footed heading into 
2008 was not an option for us. I could not be more proud 
of the recent developments. MWR is here to stay and I 
think these moves show our commitment to long-term 

- Andrews will serve as crew chief for Michael Waltrip 
  and the No. 55 Toyota. 

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"I am really looking forward to working with Michael 
again," Andrews said. "Last year as the season went on, 
it was evident that Michael Waltrip Racing was making 
improvements. There is so much potential here, which is 
noticeable and that's what attracted me to this team." 

Andrews, who established a relationship with Waltrip during 
his tenure at Dale Earnhardt Inc., entered the NASCAR scene 
with the late Alan Kulwicki in 1988. The team won the 1992 
Cup championship, and most recently worked at Petty 
Enterprises with Kyle Petty and Bobby Labonte. 

"Good things will happen for this organization because they 
are continuing to hire quality people," Andrews said. "I 
wanted to come here and help them work their way into the 
top-35 in points because I know they are capable of doing 

- Pappas is assigned to the team which will field the 
  No. 44 for Dale Jarrett then become the No. 00 team, 
  at Martinsville, when David Reutimann takes over the 
  No. 44. 

"Last season, Michael Waltrip Racing built a foundation 
and now they are working on the internal pieces," Pappas 
said. "I am pleased to have been chosen to be apart of 
this growth. I respect the vision of both Toyota Motor-
sports and Michael Waltrip Racing. 

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"In addition, it is a tremendous honor to be an integral 
part of Dale Jarrett's final races. Jarrett is an 
ambassador to the sport and has had great success through-
out his career. I am eager to work and learn from him 
throughout the season." 

Pappas was chief engineer at Ganassi Racing and won the 
Indianapolis 500 with Juan Montoya in the driver's first 
visit to The Brickyard in May 2000. During his tenure at 
Ganassi, Pappas engineered cars that led the Indy 500 in 
every race from 2000-2004, and helped Ganassi celebrate 
an Indy Racing League championship with Scott Dixon in 

- Pemberton is the crew chief for David Reutimann, who will 
  race the No. 00 for five races before switching to the 
  driver of the No. 44 UPS team. Pemberton and Reutimann 
  will remain together through the transition. 

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"Michael Waltrip Racing is a team that's growing and I want 
to be a part of that," said Pemberton, who left DEI on 
Dec. 11. "I have respect for this team because I know how 
hard it is to start up an organization from scratch. 
There's a lot to overcome just to make it to the racetrack 
when you are developing a new program especially of the 
magnitude they did. 

"I can appreciate all of their hard work and dedication 
last season. Also, I feel really good about being David's 
crew chief. I told many of my peers that I had decided to 
make Michael Waltrip Racing my home and they said that I 
would enjoy working with David and that says a lot about 

Ryan Pemberton enters his 12th season as a Cup Series crew 
chief, most recently the crew chief of the No. 01 team 
with Mark Martin. 

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