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Publication: Weekend GetAways
Peaceful Getaways

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       WEEKEND GETAWAYS - Friday, December 21, 2007
    Make The Most Of Your Vacation - From Coast to Coast!

Greetings Getaway Lover,

Small Towns Are Peaceful Getaways....

A small-town atmosphere prevails in Milwaukee, which 
is not so much a city as a large collection of neigh-
borhoods situated on the shores of Lake Michigan. 
Wisconsin's largest city, it is an international 
seaport and the state's primary commercial and manu-
facturing center. Modern steel-and-glass high-rises 
occupy much of the downtown area, but they share the 
skyline with restored and well-kept 19th-century 
buildings from Milwaukee's early heritage. First set-
tled by Potawatomi and later by French fur traders in 
the late 18th century, the city boomed in the 1840s 
with the arrival of German brewers, whose influence is 
still present. Milwaukee is known as a city of 
festivals, the biggest being Summerfest in late June 
and early July and the Great Circus Parade in July. 

Happy Trails,



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Breweries & Brewpubs 

Say Milwaukee, and most people think "beer." Beer built 
the city, starting with the founding of Miller Brewing 
Company in 1855. Brewery barons built the mansions and 
vintage downtown buildings that frame the city's 
atmosphere. So it's fitting that microbreweries are 
leading the revival of Milwaukee's downtown. After many 
of the city's most famous beer labels -- Schlitz, Pabst, 
and Blatz, to name a few -- shut down their Milwaukee 
breweries, a bit of a beer void opened up. 

In 1985, a west-coast transplant opened Sprecher Brewing 
Co., the city's first microbrewery. With Sprecher going 
strong as a regional brand, the door was opened for a 
late-20th-century beer blast. Milwaukee pubs proudly 
serve up lagers, stouts, and other specialty beers made 
locally by Lakefront Brewery (www.lakefrontbrewery.com), 
Leinenkeugel's (www.leinies.com), and Sprecher 

Brewpubs are also now well established in downtown 
Milwaukee. Among the most popular with local beer 
aficionados: Water St. Brewery (202 N. Water St., 
www.waterstreetbrewery.com), Rock Bottom Brewery (740 N. 
Plankinton Ave., www.rockbottom.com), Milwaukee Ale House 
(233 N. Water St., www.ale-house.com), and Stout Bros. 
Public Ale House (777 N. Water St., www.stoutbros.com). 

The beer gardens of Summerfest are a terrific place to 
sample these and other local brews. Nondrinking 
companions might want to take a taste tour of Sprecher's 
own special sodas, especially its root beer.

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Allen-Bradley Company Clock 
Clock, Milwaukee 
This clock is a Milwaukee landmark and, according to the 
Guinness Book of Records, "the largest four-faced clock 
in the world." Great Lakes ships often use the clock as 
a navigational reference point. 

Address: 1201 S. 2nd St., Milwaukee, WI, USA

Betty Brinn Children's Museum 
Museum/Gallery, Milwaukee 
Overlooking Lake Michigan and adjacent to the Milwaukee 
Art Museum, this well-conceived children's museum 
epitomizes the concept of hands-on learning. Playing on 
Wisconsin's agricultural economy, this museum lets kids 
learn the basics of commerce in an exhibit that uses 
play apples as raw materials for a cider factory. Other 
perennial favorites are the BodyWorks exhibit, with its 
amusingly graphic mock-ups of bodily functions; nimble 
kids can slide through a huge heart to see how the blood 
flows from one chamber to another. Toddler play spaces 
are well protected from the general flow of traffic. 
www.bbcmkids.org. COST: $4. OPEN: Tues.-Sat. 9-5, Sun.

Address: 929 E. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee, WI, USA
Phone: 414/390-5437

Cathedral Square 
Square, Milwaukee 
This parklike square, a few blocks from the lakefront, 
was built on the site of Milwaukee's first courthouse. 
Across the street is beautiful St. John's Cathedral, 
the first Roman Catholic cathedral in Wisconsin. 

Address: E. Kilbourn Ave. and Jefferson St., Milwaukee, 

Historic Milwaukee, Inc. 
Tour, Milwaukee 
This organization conducts walking and bus tours, includ-
ing a Beer Barons tour (it goes to their historic homes, 
not the breweries). Durations range from 1½ hours to all 
afternoon. Reservations are required, and tickets are 
usually around $20, depending on the type of tour. 

Address: 828 N. Broadway, Suite 110, Milwaukee, WI, USA
Phone: 414/277-7795

Other Places of Interest:

Milwaukee County Zoo 
Zoo/Aquarium, Milwaukee 
Inside this enormous park are more than 3,000 wild 
animals and birds -- including endangered species -- 
plus educational programs, narrated tram tours, mini-
ature-train rides, and cross-country skiing trails. 
Japanese snow monkeys occupy their own island, and 
the grizzly bears are reliably entertaining. The hands
-on children's area focuses on dairy animals (this is 
Wisconsin, after all, the cheese capital of the country), 
as well as other critters to pet and hold. 
www.milwaukeezoo.org. COST: $9. 
OPEN: Daily 9-6. 

Address: 10001 W. Bluemound Rd., Milwaukee, WI, USA
Phone: 414/771-3040

Mitchell Park Conservatory 
Garden/Arboretum, Milwaukee 
The conservatory consists of three 85-foot-high glass 
domes that house tropical, arid, and seasonal plants 
and flowers. Its lilies and poinsettias are spectacular 
at Easter and Christmas. 
www.countyparks.com/horticulture. COST: $4.50. OPEN: 
Daily 9-5. 

Address: 524 S. Layton Blvd., Milwaukee, WI, USA
Phone: 414/649-9800

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Acanthus Inn Bed & Breakfast 
$80 to $160, Milwaukee 
Built in the Queen Anne style for a local family at the 
turn of the 20th century, the inn has retained all the 
charm and elegance of the period. Surrounded by other 
large, elegant old homes in the Concordia neighborhood,
the inn has its original woodwork and light fixtures, 
pocket doors, fireplaces, and even a built-in china 
cabinet with carved cherubs and shells in the dining 
room. Rooms are decorated in Victorian style. The inn 
is west of downtown. acanthusinn.prodigybiz.com. 6 
rooms, 2 with bath. AE, MC, V. Full breakfast. 

Address: 3009 W. Highland Blvd., Milwaukee, WI 53208, 
Phone: 877/468-8740

Courtyard by Marriott Milwaukee Downtown 
Under $80 to $160, Milwaukee 
A bargain for the central location, the hotel is steps 
from the convention center and about five blocks from 
the lakefront. www.courtyard.com. 169 rooms. In-room: 
dial-up. In-hotel: restaurant, pool, laundry facilities, 
laundry service. AE, D, DC, MC, V. 

Address: 300 W. Michigan St., Milwaukee, WI 53203, USA
Phone: 414/291-4122
Fax: 414/291-4188

Brumder Mansion Bed-and-Breakfast 
$80 to $200, Milwaukee 
Tucked inside of a historic district on Milwaukee's 
west side, this striking bed-and-breakfast dates from 
1910. Antique furnishings enhance the inn's original 
woodwork throughout. The lower level has a professional 
theater and master acting studio. Rooms are Victorian 
in style, with wood accents. Downtown Milwaukee is less 
than a mile away. www.brumdermansion.com. 3 rooms, 2 
suites. In-room: VCR (some), no TV (some). In-hotel: no-
smoking rooms. AE, D, DC, MC, V. Full breakfast. 

Address: 3046 W. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53208, 
Phone: 414/342-9767
Fax: 414/342-4772 

African Hut 
African, $8 to $18, Milwaukee 
Who would expect a restaurant with terrific peanut dishes 
in the heart of Milwaukee's German historic district. Yet, 
here it is. MC, V. 

Address: 1107 N. Old World 3rd St., Milwaukee, WI, USA
Phone: 414/765-1110

Bartolotta's Lake Park Bistro 
French, $18 to Over $25, Milwaukee 
On a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan, this bistro is re-
nowned for its New Orleans-style Sunday brunch. The daily 
menu includes roast monkfish and Wisconsin trout, with 
rich and buttery sauces. Mirrors and curtains abound in 
this formal dining room. AE, D, DC, MC, V. No lunch 

Address: 3133 E. Newberry Blvd., Milwaukee, WI, USA
Phone: 414/962-6300
Coquette Café 
French, $8 to $18, Milwaukee 
Provincial French bistro fare is served at this café 
in a large, renovated warehouse in Milwaukee's trendy 
Third Ward district, just south of downtown. The beer 
is specially brewed to complement the menu, which is 
filled with such dishes as roasted mussels and thin-
crust Niçoise and Alsatian pizzas. AE, D, DC, MC, V. 
Closed Sun. 

Address: 316 N. Milwaukee St., Milwaukee, WI, USA
Phone: 414/291-2655


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