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Publication: Angel Voices
Peace of heart and fulfilment.

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Your angel message for: Wednesday, November 15, 2006


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Dear Readers:

Thank you all for your ongoing support and interest, and a
huge thank you to all of you who have graciously shared your
angel experiences and spirit encounters. You are truly
lighting up the world.

Peace, love, and joy,

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An Earth Angel's Reassurance

I was a victim of domestic violence 2 years ago and was
divorced last year. The awful memories of torture and
terror come back to haunt me sometimes at night. I pray for
relief from the pain and someone to talk to who can relate.
One day at work, after an awful tearful night, a customer
sat at my desk to tell me that I was going to be okay. She
shared a past experience with domestic violence and the
feelings she described were the exact thoughts I had. She
reassured me that my daughter and I would get past it and be
fine and said there was a lesson to learn from it all. I
don't know how she knew about my experience and I didn't
ask, but I know she was an angel sent to tell me tomorrow
was going to be a brighter day!

Nadine Rider


Please send your angel experiences or comments to:
zsuzsana@arcanamatrix.com. In most cases, your stories are
published in chronological order.

Submission Guidelines: If you wish to see your angel story
in print, please use proper grammar and punctuation, and do
not type in all caps. If you wish to have your name printed,
please include it in your signature.

Many thanks,

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EARTH ELEMENT: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Your Guiding Angel today is: The Angel of Education. Angelic
Advice: Education is a gift to ourselves - a way of creating
new pathways along which the knowledge of the universe can
flow. Knowledge is already within - with education we strike
a spark of recognition which can turn into a bright flame.
Allow your soul's teaching to manifest today. Let someone
teach you something. Your angels wish you joy in: The Beacon
Held High.

FIRE ELEMENT: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Your Guiding Angel today is: The Angel of Purity. Angelic
Advice: While we are all expressions of the divine, it is
often necessary to check our thoughts to make sure that we
are in complete alignment with divine will. If negativity
has crept into your approach to life, you can purify your
spirit and your mind today. Your angels wish you joy in:
Good Thoughts.

AIR ELEMENT: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra
Your Guiding Angel today is: The Angel of Devotion. Angelic
Advice: Peace of heart and fulfilment come from identifying
a goal, and then giving it your all. Whenever you feel you
are faltering in your mission, think of the little engine
that said, "I think I can, I think I can..." And when you
need a little extra inspiration, know that a moment of
communing with your angels can connect you to their timeless
strength and support. Your angels wish you joy in:

WATER ELEMENT: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Your Guiding Angel today is: The Angel of the Lottery.
Angelic Advice: Good luck comes in funny ways. You can't win
any lottery of life if you don't buy a ticket. Spend energy
on that which can bring you a wonderful windfall of
happiness and spiritual fulfillment. Your angels wish you
joy in: Taking a Chance on Life.

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