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Publication: NBC Soaps
Rae's Envelope

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              AS THE DIAL TURNS - NBC Soaps
                 Wednesday, April 4, 2007


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Steve and Foley face off. Belle tells Gabby that Duck said 
she was after Shawn but Gabby denies it.


Sami and Lucas meet with a representative from THEKNOT.COM 
and discuss changing Sami's wedding to a "green," 
environmentally-friendly one. 

Duck questions Belle about Shawn's whereabouts. Gabby is 
downstairs with Shawn on the veranda, sharing a beer with 
him and asking him about his relationship with Belle. 
Gabby encourages him to find out where he stands with Belle. 

Shawn later tells Belle they should live for Claire, and 
beyond her needs, they should live for themselves. Sami 
and Celeste are horrified to have been caught discussing 
"murder" by everyone at Sami's shower. 

EJ drags Sami into her bedroom and interrogates her regard-
ing what she and Celeste are plotting. Lucas storms in, 
furious that EJ and Sami are meeting in his bedroom. 
While Belle is out buying new clothes for Claire, Shawn 
deals with a bum at the bar who won't leave Gabby alone, 
but Gabby warns him not to pick a fight. 

Later, when the bum remarks to Shawn that he wants a piece 
of Belle, Shawn begins pummeling him! Steve is back in the 
state hospital. Dr. Ella Kraft tells him if he takes his 
meds, he can join the other patients in the common room. 

Steve agrees, but after she goes, we see he only pretended 
to take the pills. Later, in the common room, Steve faces 
off with a brutal orderly named Foley. 

Max and Kayla head to Italy to find evidence that John's 
kidney was taken to give to Stefano. 


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Tabitha has terrified Spike captive in her basement of 
horrors. Luis arrives at the bartender's apartment in 
search of Rae's envelope. 


At Rae's funeral, Simone insists Luis killed her girl-
friend. Sam urges her not to jump to conclusions. Simone 
learns from a friend of Rae's that she left a mysterious 
envelope to be delivered to Simone in the event of her 

Paloma and Sam try to convince Jessica to leave Spike, 
but she insists he loves her. Ill Fox insists he go with 
Kay to Simone's funeral. 

Julian chalks Fox's sickness up to nerves. Tabitha is 
amazed that Endora can walk into the church without any 
holy repercussions. 

When Ethan tells her that Luis might get the death penalty, 
Sheridan blurts out that she loves him. She backpedals, 
saying she loves him as a friend. But when Ethan asks why 
Fancy believes she is still after Luis, Sheridan goes off 
on a rant about Fancy being crazy. 

Noah surprises Paloma with a fantasy fit for a queen when 
he brings Mexico to her, for an unforgettable romantic 
evening. Though Luis doesn't want Fancy to get involved 
in the case, Valerie pushes her to lie to the D.A. about 
Luis's whereabouts at the time of the murder, in order 
to save his life. 

Angry Fox insists to unconvinced Julian that he is gett-
ing the real medicine and that it is making him sick. 
Julian suggests he drop it, lest Kay overhear him complain-


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