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Publication: NBC Soaps
Kay Avoids Fox

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               AS THE DIAL TURNS - NBC Soaps
                   Wednesday, January 25, 2006


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Shawn is suspicious of Kate wanting to send him and Mimi 
on an all-expense paid honeymoon. Marlena tells John how 
Lois Banks tried to kill her


Billie arrives and is horrified to learn from Bo that Zack 
is dead... and Chelsea is the one who was driving the car 
that killed him. Chelsea continues to implore her parents 
not to turn her in. Billie says there has to be a way to 
save their daughter but Bo won't lie; not to Hope nor to 
the authorities. 

A shocked but silent and grateful Chelsea looks on as Billie 
confesses to the cops that she was the one who hit and kill-
ed Zack. Bo is with Hope, who's still groggy from a sedative.
Grief is giving way to anger and Hope demands to know who 
killed their son? She presses Bo about the cops believing 
his car was involved. 
Lois is trying to throw Marlena off the roof as Alex stru-
ggles to break free from his restraints. Marlena fights off 
Lois, but Lois manages to subdue her again. 

Alex appears, ready to put an end to Lois's plans. Lois has 
the upper hand when it looks like Marlena has been flung 
off the building. 

Reeling from Frankie's declaration of love, Jennifer tells 
him gently that she won't be able to love another person 
after Jack. Frankie thinks he should leave, but Jennifer 
wants him to stay. Frankie says good-bye. Alex tries to 
overcome Lois and save Marlena despite still recovering 
from being shot. John finds Alex in a precarious position 
on the roof. 

John reacts, believing Alex is trying to kill Marlena. He 
is about to throw Alex to his death when Marlena yells for
him to stop. 


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Fancy discusses her and Noah's relationship troubles with 
a beautiful stranger. Kay temporarily avoids Fox proposing.


Kay frets over the dark shadow that looms over her future 
marriage to Fox (as seen in Tabitha's bowl). Lovestruck 
Fox declares that he needs to make a phone call that will 
change his life. 

Fearing Theresa's threats, Gwen and Rebecca hope that 
Alistair will not live to reveal their tabloid secret. 
Noah takes Fancy ice-skating, but she wants to be at 
the hospital with Alistair. 

Valerie is less than thrilled when Fox asks her to help 
pick out an engagement ring for Kay. Eve tells everyone 
that Alistair has suffered a stroke and isn't conscious. 
Theresa is upset that he will not be able to reveal Gwen 
and Rebecca's treachery. 

Tabitha warns Kay not to get engaged before the planets 
realign, or else her relationship will be doomed. Fox 
tells Fancy that he plans to propose to Kay immediately, 
but she urges him to spend the proper time making the 
night perfectly romantic first. 

Helping Fox plan his proposal to Kay gets Fancy thinking 
about marriage. Katherine asks Pilar if she is being hon-
est with herself in believing that Martin loves her. Pilar 
tries to kick Katherine out of her house, but Katherine 
insists Pilar hear her out. 

Fancy wonders if Noah will ever ask her to marry him. When 
she presses him for answers, he is uncomfortable. Fancy 
becomes frustrated with him, as she wonders if they do have 
a future together


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