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Publication: The Paranormal Insider
Paranormal Pet Behavior

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Issue date: Saturday, July 22, 2006
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R 

Comment The Post Below...

Happy Hellos to all my readers! Thank you to everyone who 
has been writing in with comments and support and sharing 
personal insights and experiences. I really appreciate 
your contributions and will be sharing as many of your 
submissions as possible in upcoming issues of The Paranormal
Insider. I am trying to group readers' submissions by topic 
so that we can keep a flow going in the column and touch 
on a wide variety of topics each week while at the same 
time following up on recent issues, stories and themes in 
a timely manner. As promised, I will also make sure to run 
a regular 'Readers' Comments' issue so we can have a 
dialogue and keep informed on which paranormal topics have 
your ears perked and your interest piqued! 

This week I'd like to talk a bit about the paranormal, 
spiritual and psychic powers of pets and animals. I had 
the strangest thing happen a few nights ago. I had gone to 
bed and was having trouble falling asleep. The dog had come 
upstairs with me and as he often does, he curled up on the 
floor of my husband's side of the room and clonked out for 
the night. I was tossing and turning for a long time that 
night and finally started to drift off when I got startled 
wide-awake again. What happened is that, in a half-dreaming 
state, I remember calling the dog for some odd reason. I 
said, "Here, Maci" in my mind - and at that moment, the dog 
got up and came over to my side of the bed, where he threw 
himself down on the floor again with such a clatter that my 
husband came running upstairs to see if anything was wrong. 
It was bizarre! I'm wondering if Maci either heard me 
telepathically, or if I mumbled something aloud when I 
"imagined" the words, or if maybe the dog was already think-
ing about coming over and I picked that up telepathically? 
Of course, it could have been coincidence, but knowing how 
intuitive and 'open' animals are, that possibility is the 
weakest explanation to me. Whichever the process was, it 
delighted me to have this psychic communication with my 
precious pet. 

A very spiritual friend wrote to tell me that she too is 
convinced that this was indeed a "telepathic" communication 
with my dog. She says that I was thinking of him during my 
semi-conscious state (which is the perfect state to have 
telepathic connections) and our thoughts connected, so he 
felt the need to come and be near me. She describes some 
of her own psychic encounters with her neighbor's cat, 
whom she is very fond of. Whenever my friend sees this cat 
on the fence out back from inside the house in her bedroom, 
she simply opens her window and when the cat turns around 
to take notice, she looks at the cat intensely and says in 
her mind, "Oh, my sweet girl, come on over and say good 
morning!" Without fail, after about 3 or 4 minutes, the cat 
will slowly meander over to the balcony downstairs where 
she waits for my friend's appearance. The cat greets her 
briefly for a minute or so and then goes on her way. 

continued below... 


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Here is another comment about paranormal pet behavior.

"Hi Zsuzsana~

Thank you for the opportunity to share my story. I'm not 
much of a writer, but how much does that matter, seeing 
that this comes from the heart, not the brain. 

I don't know if this counts as psychic or paranormal 
behavior, but it's certainly too unusual to be considered 
coincidence. So here's my story, decide for yourself. Is 
it paranormal? Not necessarily. Psychic? I believe it is, 
or at least it's a psychic bond between my Sylvester and 

Sylvester is a black and white short hair cat with eyes 
that change from pale blue-green to gold. He's been part 
of our family for 10 years. He tends to be skittish and 
hides from everyone who comes into our home. He's only 
recently learned to let my husband handle or play with 
him in the past couple of years. He has always been my 
special one, having come into our home after a particularly 
rough time in my life. I've always felt a special bond or 
connection with him, and consider him to be my guardian 
angel or something like that. Sylvester often tucks me 
into bed at night once I turn the lights of and get 
comfortable. He doesn't stop pawing the sheets or blanket 
until I pet him and say goodnight, which I learned the 
hard way by getting a gentle, yet effective, paw in the 

"Anyway, last December, I had a severe flare up of my 
sciatic nerve which made me take 2 weeks off from work 
to rest. I was put on anti-inflammatory meds, muscle 
relaxants, and prescription strength acetaminophen. During 
this time, Sylvester got sick. He wouldn't eat, wouldn't 
drink, and was throwing up bile, sometimes several times 
an hour. 

My husband took him to the cat clinic, and after several 
questions, Sylvester was given a full exam, blood tests, 
and fluids for dehydration. All his tests came back fine; 
the veterinarian couldn't find anything wrong, and 
Sylvester was sent home with a clean bill of health. 

So why do I consider this psychic? Well, I have to be 
careful with pain meds, whether they're over-the-counter 
or prescription, because they tend to upset my stomach. 
I'm super-sensitive to aspirin, although not allergic. I 
came to find out that the prescription for acetaminophen 
also contained aspirin, although I did not experience any 
stomach upset. Or maybe I just didn't notice because of 
the other prescriptions I was taking. Who knows? But when 
I stopped taking that prescription, he stopped getting 
sick. That being said, I can't help but to believe that 
Sylvester was experiencing the stomach upset so I wouldn't 
have to." 

continued below... 


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"Sylvester and I have both had some changes in our lives 
since that experience. I noticed when I would peek into a 
room where he happened to be, he would look at me and meow. 
We've since made it into a game of "peek-a-boo" by peeking 
around the doorway and meowing back and forth to each other 
several times a day. He has also developed a fondness for 
watching TV, especially watching animal shows (with watch-
ing dogs his absolute favorite!), where he and the other 
cat-kids had never shown the slightest interest in the TV 
before. And I swear he prefers that the captioning be on, 
making me wonder if he can read! 

I went through physical therapy for my sciatic nerve, and 
continue working on breaking bad posture habits and doing 
regular stretching exercises, so my flare-ups are much less 
severe. I'm also more vigilant about taking meds, whether 
over-the-counter or prescription. After all, I don't want 
Sylvester getting sick for something I'm doing. And I often 
watch the animal shows on TV with him, giving up a lot of 
my "junk TV" programs for those that are more intellectually
stimulating, thought provoking, and more in tune with nature 
and Mother Earth. 

Mary McC." 

Mary's story about Sylvester is heartwarming, and is by 
no means unusual. Her mention about Sylvester's preference 
for certain TV shows also reminds me of my cat Leah, and 
how she mysteriously seems to understand every word that 
is said about her. Leah is extremely fat and she also has 
'attitude' to match her size. We have a friend who, when 
he comes to visit, unfailingly remarks on her weight, 
making silly and sarcastic comments about her being fat. 
We have told him repeatedly to keep his comments to him-
self, because we are convinced that Leah not only under-
stands every word that is said, but she deeply resents 
the comments about her weight. She most certainly becomes 
stressed at hearing such things and she also holds grudges. 
When we say she is beautiful, however, her whole demeanor 
changes. The tone of voice doesn't seem to be a factor, 
as we have experimented and found that it is the words or 
thoughts that she is reacting to, and not the tone. 

It is widely accepted that animals are wonderful healers. 
Most pet owners have experienced a cat, dog or other pet 
sensing some illness or discomfort, be that physical or 
emotional, and coming to the human to offer healing. From 
a dog's soft tongue licking a human's wound or an area 
where there is tension, or even an as yet unidentified 
disease, to a cat curling up on someone's chest or lap 
and nuzzling or purring with great determination and 
effort, there are countless examples of animals being in 
tune with us and doing what they can to help when we are 
in need. 

Animals, both wild and domesticated, are able to sense 
changes in the body and in the mind and can positively 
influence us in many ways. Almost everyone notices the 
positive changes that are brought on by interactions with 
animals, and there have been many studies proving the 
immediate basic healing effects such as lowering of blood 
pressure and stress levels in people who stroke, play or 
simply sit with an animal or pet. 

It's also interesting to observe where pets choose to sleep 
in the home. They often pick spots that either have the 
best energy for them, or spots that they feel need a change 
in vibration. 

There is no doubt that animals have a sixth sense. In 
the wild, this is what enables them to survive. Animals 
communicate psychically or telepathically, amongst 
themselves and with humans. Some researchers say that any 
sounds an animal may make are simply a punctuation to 
thought messages they are sending out. 

Animals are amazing 'ghostbusters' too. We have our dog and 
2 cats in the household, and my cat Mystic in particular 
is extremely sensitive to spirit energies and when I've 
taken pictures of the supposedly 'thin air' around him 
when he's behaving oddly, I've captured some wonderful 
orbs appearing in the photos in those exact moments. 

A pet most often seems to want nothing more than to bring 
the person unconditional love, caring, protection and 
guidance. Many pet psychics and communicators also believe 
that pets take on health challenges their owners face, 
either to try and relieve the illness or to mirror a lesson
or message to the human. I have read that cats, for 
instance, if they have become grossly overweight, are 
probably taking on the weight as a result of the stress 
they are absorbing from the human and the environment in 
the home. Cats and dogs particularly, are thought to be 
very high souls who have come onto this plane to be of 
service and to 'wake up' their humans, but metaphysical 
and healing traits and skills are by no means the exclusive 
domain of our furry domestic companions. A friend of mine 
had an amazing pet chicken for many years, having rescued 
her at one day old. The stories of this highly affectionate 
and intelligent chicken amused and delighted everyone who 
was lucky enough to hear them, and I know that the antics 
of this precocious bird, and the love she showed her human 
family, were a priceless gift to not only those who knew 
her, but those who heard her stories. 

If you have any stories about paranormal or psychic animal 
behavior, please share them with me at: 

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From Our Mailbag

A reader writes: "I believe that we must have a memory 
gene (if there is such a thing). Sometimes when we have 
what some people call "déjà vu" I think it really is a 
memory gene kicking in from a family member 
(parents/grandparents/great-grandparents/etc., and we are 
remembering something that they may have experienced or 

I say this is because my brother and I have the same dream 
about a white house with huge windows that go from ceiling 
to floor and there is a huge oak tree in the front yard. 
Our dreams may be different, but the house is the same 
with the same tree. I think it is a memory gene. I get the 
"déjà vu" at times, but I truly believe it must be a memory 
gene (if there is such a thing)." 

Reply: Thanks for this suggestion, and interestingly 
enough, it ties in with some information I found while 
doing research just today. Apparently, new DNA research 
is showing that in addition to genetic blueprinting such 
as health, personality, physical attributes and aptitudes, 
DNA may also hold the memories of previous lives encoded 
on the DNA helix within us. Scientists are studying so-
called mystery genes, which some have called "junk DNA" 
because their functions and purpose have not yet been 
identified, and are coming up with some amazing discoveries 
which point to genetic memories being as real as anything 
else we inherit through our DNA. It's fascinating! 

Have a great weekend and see you all next week! 

Carpe diem

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