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Publication: The Paranormal Insider
Ouija and 11:11

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Issue date: Saturday, August 19, 2006
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R 

Dear Readers:

Thanks, as always, for your wonderful letters. It's great
to know that you are enjoying the column and our paranormal
topics. Please note: I read all the letters sent in by my
readers and appreciate them all. For those readers who have
questions specifically directed to me, I will try to answer
a selection of them in our occasional Paranormal Q & A. A
selection of other general questions/comments and readers'
experiences will continue to be posted regularly in the
column for further discussion. Please be patient while
waiting to see your letter in print. I do keep all reader
emails on file and will print your letters as they fit into
our weekly issues. Please feel free to respond to any topic
or question printed in the column or to post to our NEW
forum - and because our world is such an awesome, magical
and mysterious place, Carpe Diem! (Seize the day!)

The new Paranormal Insider Forum is at:
It's the perfect place to share your spooky campfire
stories, or to leave a message for other readers.

Also, please remember to respect the copyright on this 
column. You may forward The Paranormal Insider in its 
entirety, and alternatively, you may contact me for 
reprint permission on the individual articles. Thank you. 
Zsuzsana Summer 

Paranormal Q & A   

Q: My husband and I have been together for 8 years now and 
on almost a daily basis we look at a digital clock and it 
reads an 11:11.  Do you know if this is something of 
significance or is it just a coincidence? 

A: This is a phenomenon that has received a great deal of 
attention and discussion over the past several years. For 
an in-depth understanding of number sequences, I would 
recommend a study of numerology. Each number has a 
vibrational meaning, and seeing double, triple or quadruple 
digits is significant, especially in relation to the actual 
digits that are being repeated. 

Eleven is a "master number'. Metaphysically, it represents 
the transformation of the physical, 3-D, into the Divine, 
or the I AM presence. The 11:11 is said to be a code that 
activates the genetic memory within us of the human race's 
transformation to a higher plane of existence. It 
represents the evolution of the soul. Seeing 11:11 is a 
message that you are at a portal or opening into another 
dimension or frequency. It represents the beginning of a 
new level or phase in your soul's growth. When I see the 
number 11:11, I ask myself, "What is my awareness focused 
on right now? What do I wish to manifest?" The number 11 
reminds us that we are Light Workers and we are being asked 
to be aware of the awakening of our spirit selves and to 
share that light and knowledge with others. The next time 
you see 11:11, imagine that the universe has at that very 
moment, opened a door for you. What are you showing the 
universe, and what is it showing you? 

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Spirit Messages Through the Computer

My soulmate and I were together for over 8 years before 
he died. He loved computers and worked on them diligently 
every day.  His son and my daughter had a daughter together 
and she was our only granddaughter we had together.  They 
were very close to each other, and he would spoil her 
every chance he got.  He decided to make a computer for 
her to have for her own.  He was working on it and had 
just finished putting it all together right before he 
died. He died the day before her birthday, and she was 
devastated, as was I.  When we came home from the funeral, 
the computer he made for her was on.  I didn't think so 
much about it at the time, so I just shut it down and 
forgot it.  The next morning at exactly 10:30, that 
computer came on again, and stayed on until I shut it 
down. For the next two months, every morning at 10:30, 
that computer came on by itself. Everyone said it was set 
to come on, and knowing a bit about computers, I went 
through the whole system looking for where it was set; I 
even went into the BIOS, where they are usually set. I 
found nothing indicating that it was set. Our grand-
daughter spent a lot of time with me after her pappaw 
died, and she always worried that he was okay.  I kept 
asking for a sign, and one night we were watching a movie 
together, and as clear as a bell, we heard his voice 
talking in the movie, and we both started laughing and 
crying, knowing he was letting us know he was okay. After 
that, the computer never came on by itself anymore.  She 
now has the computer at her house, and it still doesn't 
come on unless someone turns it on.  I believe that my 
soulmate is always with us, and I believe this was his 
way of letting us know. 


Dear Sandy:

Computers, by their very nature, are a great tool for 
energies from the other dimensions to transmit messages. 
It is common for electrical appliances, such as 
televisions, telephones, radios and computers to be used 
as a communication tool for spirit and why not? It seems 
to be that electronic or electrical media would be easier 
for an 'energy' to speak through than some of the other 
common methods of spirit contact: table tipping, 
apparitions, etc. It especially makes sense that your 
soulmate would choose a computer as his medium to speak 
with you based on the special meaning it had. I would 
imagine that once his EVP (voice) message came through 
loud and clear, he no longer felt the need to speak to 
you via that computer (especially since his turning on 
the computer wasn't acknowledged with certainty as a 
message from him). With his voice coming over the TV, 
he knows his message reached you. 

I am very happy to hear of your ongoing connection with 
your soulmate. 

brightest blessings

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Ouija's Origins Fittingly Murky

The origins and yes, even the very name 'Ouija', are as 
murky and mysterious as the infamous talking board is 

The Ouija board was patented in 1891 in the midst of the 
Spiritualist fervor which took hold of the western world 
in the mid-1800s. The original patent holders, inventor 
Elijah J. Bond and two associates Charles W. Kennard and 
William H. A. Maupin, based in Baltimore, Maryland, jumped 
on the hugely popular fad of spirit communication with 
this 'deluxe' talking board, considered to be a major 
advancement to the table tipping and rudimentary spirit 
writing implements of the time. Whether Bond actually 
invented the board, or simply 'borrowed' the design can't 
be proven. 

Partner Kennard is said to have named the new board Ouija 
after the Egyptian word for good luck. Ouija is actually 
not Egyptian for good luck, but supposedly the board gave 
Kennard this information during a session and thus the 
name stuck. According to the Museum of Talking Boards, 
the name more likely comes from the exotic Moroccan city 
of Oujida, a word that evoked the mystery and mysticism 
of the Middle East, which was in great vogue at the time. 

Kennard's business partners nixed the production deal after 
only a year and eventually appointed an employee, William 
Fuld, to head the Ouija Novelty Company some ten years 
later. So, as of 1901, Fuld and his brother Isaac began to 
manufacture Ouija boards, very successfully in fact, and 
Fuld's name replaced Kennard's in the public mind. 

William Fuld, now having usurped Kennard as the father of 
the Ouija board, had his own problems to deal with. A 
bitter dispute developed between the two brothers and Isaac 
was ousted, not only permanently dissolving the business 
partnership, but causing a family feud that lasted for 
generations. Isaac went on to develop his own lines of 
talking boards and other items, while William soared to 
great heights selling the Ouija board and other games. 
Along the way, William Fuld created a new 'history' for 
the Ouija board, claiming that he was its inventor. He is 
responsible for the tale that the word Ouija comes from 
the French word 'oui' and the German word 'ja', both mean-
ing yes. He purportedly made many outrageous claims through-
out his career, undoubtedly helping to keep media and 
public interest in high gear. Perhaps he was getting his 
come-uppance from the world of spirit when fell to his 
death in 1927 in a freak accident while replacing a flag-
pole at his factory. 

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The Eternal Ouija Debate

In my many years working and studying in the metaphysical 
and paranormal fields, I doubt if I've come across a topic 
that incites more hot debate than the use of the Ouija 
board. At the same time they are sold in the toy sections 
of major department stores, otherwise balanced and logical 
adults turn and hastily leave rooms in fear at the mere 
sight of a Ouija board. There are 3 general areas of 
thought on Ouija boards: 

1 - that they are extremely dangerous, either being 
    inherently evil, or by acting as portals to evil 

2 - they are dangerous if they are used without the proper 
    spiritual precautions and psychic protection or if used 
    with evil intent;

3 - they are harmless and have no powers other than 
    psychological reactions to them. 

There is much debate also, as to whether using a Ouija does 
in fact open a portal to the spirit world, or whether its 
messages are a result of ideomotor responses of the 
questioners. If the latter is the case, then the board and 
planchette are merely tools, similar to a pendulum or even 
a pen and paper in automatic writing, that channel our 
subconscious thoughts or knowledge to the surface. 

I tend to believe that Ouija boards can be useful tools in 
mediumship, although I myself have never had a great degree 
of qualifiable success with one. To be on the safe side, I 
always say a prayers of protection when using a talking 
board, and surround myself and the group in white light. My 
most interesting Ouija experience was actually an indirect 
one. Several years ago, I carried a few Ouija boards in my 
metaphysical shop. A group of us were sitting in the tea 
room one quiet Saturday near closing time and discussing 
the nasty old ghost that inhabited the premises. One person 
in the group expressed his doubts that a ghost actually 
haunted the place and at that precise moment, there was a 
loud clatter from the retail area in the next room. We ran 
next door and to our surprise, the Ouija board which had 
been on display for months on the top of a book display 
shelf had fallen down, landing face down in the center of 
the room. Apparently, this ghost wasn't about to wait for 
anyone to actually open the package and sit down with the 
board - he wanted to have his say right then and there! 

If you have your own Ouija experiences to share, please 
send them to me at: zsuzsana@arcanamatrix.com. 
You can also leave a comment on this topic or any other 
paranormal topic at our new forum: 

'Til next time,
G-O-O-D B-Y-E.


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