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Publication: The Paranormal Insider
Numbers and Symbols

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Issue date: Saturday, November 11, 2006
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R 

Dear Readers:

Thanks for all the wonderful emails so many of you have 
been sending in. Today I'm going to dip into our mailbag 
again in order to share some of your amazing stories as 
well as some of your questions. If you have comments on 
any of our readers' emails, please post them to our forum 
at: http://archives.gophercentral.com/Forum.aspx?fid=14 

And, please join me in a moment of silence and prayer 
today, at 11/11/11:00 ... "Lest We Forget"...


Numbers and Symbols

A reader wrote: 

"A while back, you had some interesting information about 
people frequently seeing numbers repeated. What about 
those of us who always see consecutive numbers or series? 
Any time I look at a clock, the numbers are in order - 
12:34, 4:56, 6:54, or some kind of series - 2:46, 8:42, 
that type of thing. I've gotten to the point where I look 
at it as if it were a 24 hour clock instead of a 12 hour, 
and, lo and behold, a series is once again visible, such 
as 23:45, or not quite in order but still there, like 
21:43. This happens in other circumstances as well, like 
on street names, weighing fruit at the grocery store, the 
numbers on a counter, etc. 

Is there something that could explain this? I've tried 
searching online for any information, but everything I've 
come across only talks about the individual numbers 0 - 12 
and duplicates such as 22, 33, and so on. 

Thank you for having such a great column." 



Hi Kitcats: 

Many people believe that when we experience synchronicities 
in our lives, be that a pattern of numbers, a special song 
coming on the radio at a certain time, or something special 
that gets our attention, these are messages from our spirit 
guides, our angels, or the Universe (God). 

Whether these signs are arranged and staged for us by a 
divine force, or whether they are nudges from our own 
Higher Selves telling us to 'look now', they certainly 
arouse great curiosity once we have noted them, and they 
are well worth delving into. 

Personally, I take great delight in magickal 'coincidences' 
because each time such an observation or event gains our 
attention, it is a sign that we are part of something much 
greater than we can comprehend. 


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With seeing number sequences or patterns, I sometimes put 
on my skeptic's hat and wonder if it is really true that 
I am seeing a particular number, i.e. 11:11 (a common 
pattern) more often than I am seeing other random numbers, 
or if this number simply jumps out when I do see it, and 
therefore I feel it is appearing more often. Either way 
though, it doesn't really matter, because each time we 
turn our awareness to mystical matters and reflection on 
our spiritual beings, it is another step in our journey 
to self-discovery. 

I feel that there are four ways in which we can look at 
the metaphysical symbolism of numbers (and similar rules 
apply to dream symbols): esoteric meanings (as defined by 
any metaphysical 'authority'), personal meanings, cultural 
meanings or universal meanings. 

Both symbols and numbers can be metaphors for events, ideas 
and concepts and from ancient cave art to the Microsoft 
logo, symbols have always been a basis for communication. 
Numbers, too, give shape and form to our lives. From being 
representations for our most basic units of measure, to 
more complex numerical systems such as our calendars, and 
to expressing the most complex geometry, astronomy and so 
on, we all first agree on what each number represents and 
then we explore the possibilities of numerical relation-
ships. Beyond basic algebra, mathematics and geometry, 
mankind has been fascinated with numerology since the 
ancient Babylonians, the Pythagoreans, the early Christian 
mystics, Gnostics and Kabbalists. The East Indians, Chinese 
and Egyptians of thousands of years ago also explored the 
esoteric symbolism and relationship of numbers. 

Pythagoras taught that because the universe is composed 
of mathematical patterns, all things can be expressed in 
numbers to correspond with universal vibrations. From 
music to words, everything we know has a numerical 
expression and by relating numbers to any of these things, 
we can tune in to the mysteries of existence. Today, there 
are many researchers who use numbers, sound and vibrations 
in attempts to decode messages that may be hidden in the 
intricate patterns of crop circles. 

Symbols of all kinds are thought to be engrained into our 
subconscious minds, connecting all of humanity, and as 
such, the meanings of such symbols, whether they be 
pictograms or numbers, are part of the collective 
unconscious and represent age old archetypes. We widely 
accept for instance, that water is a symbol of the 
emotional world, and that air is a symbol for thought 
and the intellect. Much research is being done into whether 
knowledge of these symbols and archetypes are physically 
hardwired into our DNA. 


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We have cultural symbols we have acquired throughout 
history. Most of us in the west identify the Swastika with 
Nazism, a pictogram of a fish with Christianity, and a red 
octagon shape with a directive to stop. And of course, in 
recent times, one of the most gripping symbols we all 
relate to in a numeric code form, is 9/11. The list of 
symbols we rely on in our daily lives, without even being 
aware of it, is truly astounding. 

Personal symbols are, obviously, unique to the individual. 
Then we have the accepted but evolving interpretations of 
metaphysicians or practitioners of the mystic arts, and 
students of New Age Thought, who through the passage of 
time create and compile 'meanings' lists, some of which 
differ according to the interpreter and again, the 
particular field of reference. There are lists and 
reference materials for everything from aura colours, 
tea leaf patterns, dream symbols, tarot symbology, orb 
colours, astronumerology, and so on. 

With so many different aspects of meaning, a number 4, 
for example, will have a 'dictionary' meaning, just like 
seeing an acorn in your tea leaves means money coming 
your way and dreaming of dogs denotes friendship and 
loyalty. At the same time, these same symbols can be 
looked at for archetypal, cultural and personal meanings. 
To a Chinese person, seeing the number 4 is a highly 
unlucky omen, as the number 4 sounds like the word for 
'death'. To another person, a 4 may be fortunate because 
it is his date of birth, an acorn may be significant 
because he is allergic to them and therefore the message 
in the tea cup is not one of monies coming in but a 
warning of something that will irritate him. This same 
person may have just lost a dog recently so a dream of 
a dog may be a message from his departed pet. This is 
why, while dream dictionaries, number meaning charts, 
and other reference materials can be very helpful sources
of information for decoding mystical messages, we must 
also look at our 'personal encyclopedias' when we explore 
these messages. 

Seeing a sequence like you describe that doesn't fit a 
recognizable pattern, is a little bit harder to decode 
than a repeated digit or a pictorial image. What I would 
do is journal each time you see a specific pattern through-
out the course of a few days or weeks, depending on how 
often you are seeing the numbers. After having written 
down several combinations, try adding up the digits until 
you get a single digit. For instance, if you are seeing 
1,2,3,4, add up the digits, 1+2+3+4 = 10. Then refer the 
meaning of the number 10, and also the number 1, as that 
is the last possible reduction you can achieve, by adding 
the 1 + 0. 456 would be 4+5+6 = 15 = 6. 

The other thing to be aware of is when the sequence is in 
ascending order or descending order. Seeing an ascending 
order of numbers can be taken as an indication that your 
thoughts/current spiritual outlook is in a growth-oriented, 
positive direction. Descending numbers could mean the 
opposite, that your thoughts are non-productive or negative 
at the time, and you might want to adjust your train of 
thought or even a behaviour pattern. 

Perhaps you see a string of numbers, with one digit 
missing, such as 1,2,4,5. It could be that the qualities 
of number 3 are missing from your life. (If anyone needs 
a copy of the number meanings list I printed several 
weeks ago, you may drop me a line and I will send you a 
copy by email). 

For anyone seeing nonsequential or repeating random 
numbers on a regular basis, try adding them up to get a 
single digit and look up the meaning of that number. If 
your numbers still don't make sense, you might just have 
to put it down to a little cosmic joke. And, if all else 
fails, you might want to just list your numbers and use 
them the next time you play the lottery:>) 

Carpe Diem


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Our Readers Share...

An Angel Visit

I just wanted to tell you about a time when I was growing 
up when I was awakened by a very strong pulsating light, 
emitting a full range of colors, mostly yellows and whites. 
It was in the shape of a ball, I'd say about 3 or four 
feet in diameter, and it appeared right in the center of 
my bedroom. Naturally I was startled, but even though 
it may sound frightening, I felt a sense of calm. 
Nonetheless, could not sleep a wink the rest of the night. 
It was about 3 am. 

At 5 am I heard the phone ringing, and shortly afterwards 
the telltale cracking of my father's knees ascending the 
stairs. He entered my room to find me perfectly awake. As 
he started to tell me that a friend was killed in an auto 
accident, I stopped him and said, "I know, at 3:00." My 
dad looked at me with those non-believing eyes, always 
doubting my strange "knowledge" of the unusual, turned 
and walked out.

I later learned that the immensely bright light is an angel 
who was watching over the friend and myself. He was with me 
when he was called to assist Jim and show him the way to 
his new home. I have never looked at "death" the same way 

a reader


Apport Experiences 

My girlfriend and I had a couple of apport experiences. 
We were living in an apartment where we would hear keys 
jingle every few days, and lights turn on by themselves. 
The front door would be opened quite often when we would 
arrive home, the chain would still be intact so it would 
have had to be opened from the inside, and no one had 
keys to the place (even the landlord). I had taken four 
panes of glass from the light fixture outside and washed 
them. I propped them up on a towel on the kitchen counter 
to dry and we left to go run errands. We returned home a 
couple of hours later to find two of the panes of glass 
gone. Those panes of glass never did return. We also 
smelled something burning one time and found the furnace 
was running in the middle of summer. The thermostat was 
set to the off position and there was heat blowing out 
of the vents all over the apartment. After calling the 
landlord, he sent the maintenance man right over. He
told us that yes the furnace was running but sure could 
not figure out why because the pilot light was not even 
lit. Nothing BAD ever happened in that apartment, just 
strange things. The weekend we moved out after being there 
for a few years, we had our moving truck locked and parked 
in the front yard. We were sleeping on the living room 
floor with our two cats to finish the move the next 
morning. My roommate woke up in the middle of the night 
and looked out the front bedroom window to check the truck 
and saw something out of the corner of her eye. (Now keep 
in mind, we had scrubbed that place from head to toe, 
walls, carpets, cabinets, closets and all.) It was dark 
in the room but that little something caught her eye 
knowing there was nothing there. She walked over, and 
sitting perfectly right in the corner of the room on the 
floor was a little blue velvet box. It had a ring inside 
of it. Like a big engagement ring. We looked at it as a 
going away gift from our playful friend whom unseen lived 
with us for such a long time. I still have that ring and 
have thought often of having it appraised. It fits my ring 
finger on my left hand perfectly. I wear it sometimes 
still to this day. 

Thanks for the opportunity to tell my story. 


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