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Publication: The Paranormal Insider
Number Meanings

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Issue date: Saturday, September 9, 2006
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R 

Hello, dear readers! Thanks for all your many wonderful 
letters about our recent columns and for all your kind 
comments. A great number of you have been inquiring about 
the meanings of specific number sequences so in today's 
issue, I am including a brief overview of number meanings 
to help you analyze what messages might be coming through 
for you. Keep in mind that the metaphysical symbolism is 
only one aspect of the number sequences we see - number 
'codes' can be very personal as well, and can refer to a 
special date or circumstance also. 

We're also going to dip into our readers' mailbag again to 
sample some of the wonderful paranormal and supernatural 
experiences our readers have kindly shared. Please keep 
your stories, comments and suggestions coming! Mail to: 
paranormal@zsuzsana.com if you think your story should be 
published in The Paranormal Insider, or leave a note or 
comment at our forum for discussion. 

Number Meanings 
by Zsuzsana Summer

0: Null, infinite, timeless, God, without beginning or 
end, continual, a full circle, superconscious, a space or 

1: Beginnings, primal energy, invention, creation, 
evolution, first, solitude, a leader, a winner, 
originality, a higher spiritual force.

2: Duality, diversity, balance, good and evil, male and 
female, partnership, the subconscious, marriage, sex, 
receptivity, communication. 

3: Creativity, vitality, the holy or mystical trinity, 
triple goddess, the threefold law, harmony of the 
physical, spiritual, and mental realms, past/present/
future, family. 

4: Stability, the physical world, the 4 directions of a 
crossroads, 4 compass directions. 

5: Change, freedom, the 5 senses, shifts, difficulties, 
challenges, excitement. 

6: Love, beauty, cooperation, harmony, balance restored, 
domestic and spiritual bliss, the "6th sense". 

7: Luck, spiritual attainment, wisdom, mysticism, 
intuition, choices to be made, eccentricity, a turning 

8: Material gain, success, karma, power, strength, 
regeneration, enterprise, control. 

9: Coming to culmination, summing up, clearing out of the 
old, preparing for transition, bringing matters to a close, 
wisdom, mastery, maturity, service and compassion. 

10: Completion, the end of a cycle, perfection, trans-
formation, family and community, closure, rebirth. 

11: Beginning of a whole new phase of development, 
intuition, mastery in a certain area, spirituality, 
enlightenment, being one with yourself, nirvana, a 
cycle of new beginnings, a cosmic portal. 

12: Spiritual strength, the year, day and night, divine 
perfection, a level of completion, a cosmic connection, 
a bridge to the future. 

When repeated numbers show up often enough for you to 
consider them a message or code, consider them a message 
from your Higher Self, your spirit guides or angels, or 
the universe and a "greater power". Even if the actual 
number meanings don't make sense, the fact that you are 
noticing your numbers can be considered a "knock, knock" 
from the universe. Take a moment to notice what is going 
on in your life, what you are thinking, and/or doing when 
you see your number sequences. Are you asking a question? 
If so, your answer may be in the number code. Maybe you 
are getting a green light. If so, heads up - and onward 
and upward:>) 

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Ghostly Visitors

I used to live in this house with a friend and my two 
children.  We would notice things missing and reappearing 
with no thoughts of a ghost or spirit. We just assumed it 
was one of us, until I would get into my pj's, removing my 
bra and laying it on my chair next to my bed, and the next 
morning it would be gone. This started happening every 
night, and I would find it in the closet on the floor.  I 
knew it was no one else was doing it, as the room mate 
would be in his room and kids asleep.  Then one night, my 
friend and I were watching TV with just a small light on 
in the kitchen, behind the living room. We were sitting on 
the couch and it was night and my roommate looked over at 
the curtain and started jabbing me. He couldn't talk, and 
I turned to look to see a face like it was behind the 
curtain, but the shape of the face was poking out. We both 
jumped up and moved as it startled us. 

Then one night I heard my roommate screaming and I went to 
open his door and I couldn't get it open. I was yanking on 
it, and no way would it open. Then I heard a thud and the 
door just opened easily, and my roommate jumped up off his 
bed, ran out screaming like crazy and told me he was pinned 
to his bed and it was raised up off the floor and he 
couldn't get up until I told the spirit to please stop; 
then is when I heard the thud.  You could always feel this 
ominous feeling outside the house at night but not in the 
house ever, just a bit spooky at times.  The kids would 
swear I had came in and tickled their toes or kissed them 
goodnight or covered them up in the night and at those 
times I had not done it.  I never told them; I didn't want 
them to freak out. 

The next house I moved into I kept hearing children 
playing, little kids, and I would be home alone - they 
would be in my bedroom. I had a neighbor and a friend of 
mine that lived in the downstairs apartment and she would 
ask me who were the kids that were at my house. I told her 
it was just my little ghost children. I eventually asked 
them to please go, which they did. My friend downstairs 
would see a blond haired guy in her shower, a flash of him, 
and when she would turn to look again he would be gone. The 
first time it happened she ran up to my apartment so quick 
and just ran in the door without even knocking. 

In the area I lived, I heard of lots of odd things, or 
ghostly things going on.  You wouldn't think an area would 
be high in spirits hanging around but in this town I always 
heard lots of people talking of weird things happening to 
them.  There's one street, a one way going into town, where 
it's not fun to walk at night; it just feels not good and 
very dark, and you get a great fear feeling, or dread - I'm 
not sure how to explain it.  It's not there during the 
daytime, when you feel something, but not the negative 
feelings like at night. My youngest son and I always seem 
to attract this kind of activity, and a gal pal of mine is 
the same way.  I don't know if it's because we are so open 
or it just is what it is. Maybe they just like us or like 
to torment us. It always spooks me at first but I 
eventually calm down after I figure out what it is.  Almost 
every house I have moved into seems to have spirits in it. 
I had one that would travel from my house to my friend's at 
night. In the winter, he would sound like he was wearing 
snow shoes, but he felt scary. She agreed, and we both 
asked him to leave us alone, which he did. 

Thanks for letting me rattle on. 



My mom and dad became good friends with another couple, 
whose names were Patty and John. They showed chow chow 
dogs together all the time. This went on for years. Patty 
was an alcoholic and drank quite often. One night, Patty 
drank too much and fell asleep and vomited in her sleep 
and choked to death. John was beside himself. He had two 
little boys and no mother or wife. The night before Patty's 
funeral, he was laying in bed when a bright light appeared 
and in the middle of this light he saw Patty. Patty was 
smiling and told him she was better and happier now and 
she loved him and their sons. But she also said that her 
eye was hurting her. The next day on the day of her 
funeral, John asked the funeral director if something was 
wrong with his wife's eye. The funeral director told John 
that when Patty died her face was in the pillow and her eye 
would not stay shut so they had to sew it closed. Can you 
feel pain in the afterlife? Maybe... 

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Hello to all,

Several years ago, while writing to a former foster child 
who was in prison, I wished that I could locate a card that 
I had that had bible references for times when you're 
depressed, lonely etc., as he was participating in bible 
study. The problem is that I'm a collector of many things 
(not a pack rat ) and hadn't seen the card for quite some 
time and didn't know where I had put it or if I had given 
it away to someone. I figured it would be easier to buy 
another one instead of trying to locate the one I had if 
indeed I still had it. 

Putting it out of my mind, later that day as I was walking 
through my kitchen, I noticed something white, what I 
thought was a receipt, that must have fallen on the floor 
from the table under a chair.

When I picked it up and turned it over, it was the bible 
reference card! I stood there in shock. 

I had not looked for the card because I considered it a 
futile attempt and had passed that spot back and forth all 
day and had not seen anything. 

Had the card been face up, I would not have noticed it 
because it would have blended in with my floor colors. 
Also, I have six dogs that would have chewed it to shreds 
had they seen it. My house is small so there is no way 
they would miss it. 

I mailed it to my foster son and told him what happened 
and addressed it to him from God. 

I didn't know they had a word that described this kind of 
happening. To me it was a miracle! 

Thanks, for keeping us informed.


I've had this experience happen to me, or rather to my cat 
Martha. One afternoon she was napping on the love seat of 
our living room and I was on the couch.  I saw something 
out of the corner of my eye and she suddenly started 
moving around and around in circles without getting up.  
I got up to see what her problem was and a found a large 
dog's tooth had fallen from out of nowhere and landed on 
her as she slept.  There is a central air vent above the 
love seat, but on the opposite side from where she was 


Recently I woke up and there was a ring on my middle 
finger, that I had not bought, borrowed, or had been 
gifted with ... there was no explanation whatsoever. I 
consulted a psychic and was told that it is from my 
sister, who died four and a half years ago, and she has 
given it to me because she appreciates that I have been a 
loving aunt to her children and hopes I continue in 
that role????

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I am new to your newsletter, so have likely missed a lot 
of fascinating information.  Today's column referenced the 
occurrence of 11:11 on the digital clock.  I too experience 
noticing this very often.  It always gives me pause when I 
see it and I wonder why I happen to look at the clock at 
just that moment.  I was born in the 11th month.  The 
father of my children was born the 11th day of January.  
One of my mother's favorite numbers was 11 and she always 
played it in lotteries.  My daughter has had continual 
experiences with 11.  That was her number in a beauty 
contest.  When she went to college she was put in a dorm 
on the 11th floor in room 1111.  Many years later when I 
was about to buy some property and build a house where she 
would live with me, the lot # was 11.  I would like to 
learn more about the significance of the number, 11 and 
specifically about why I get a funny feeling when I see 
11:11 on the clock. 

Diane Villagomez


I just started reading your column and to my shock and 
surprise there were all these 'happenings' at 11:11 

My late husband (who died by his own hand) always told 
me for years before his death that "4" was his lucky 
number (4 ones) and that ALWAYS at 11:11 am or pm and/or 
on November 11, that he would be 'around'  at that time 
and/or date!!!!!!  And sure enough, when this happens, 
I always say "Hi, George!" and know that he's alright 

Thanks for listening,


Dear Zsuzsana,

Last week when I read your column on Ouija boards, it 
caused me to remember an experience that I had when I 
was in my middle to late teens. I wonder if anybody else 
has experienced similar occurrences or reported these to 

I was at a party with a lot of people around my own age. 
Somebody suggested this parlor game that, at the time, I 
hadn't heard about. 

We had one person sit in a solid chair and four people 
gathered around him. 

Since this was 30 years ago or so, the specifics are a 
bit cloudy in my mind. But the gist of it was, we placed 
two fingers, our index and middle fingers, either under-
neath the person sitting or the chair. Then we were to 
chant or focus our minds on something. The next step was 
to gently lift the person in the chair. 

We succeeded, and while we were effortlessly lifting the 
seated person, we were all aghast at how light the person 
lifted in the air. I remember we lifted him as high as we 
could without his head hitting the ceiling. The four of us 
were all joking and commenting on the fact that there must 
be some kind of trick involved. But, after the seated 
person was lowered all the way down, we all checked around 
the chair, but couldn't find a reasonable explanation of 
what happened. How can you explain lifting a person with 
two fingers, and feeling very little pressure or weight 
on your hand? 

This is the only time that this type of event ever happened 
to me. We never tried this "trick" again, but the memory of 
this one strange, inexplicable event is permanently 
engraved in my memory. 

Have you heard of similar events or explanations for this 

Tom Ranieri



Does anyone ever have anything good to say about a ouija 
board?... or is everything always bad? I would love to hear 
something good that has happened to anyone using a ouija 
board.  If it's possible. 

A Faithful Reader


While I've NEVER had a Ouija board 'work' with me, I've 
had excellent results with a 'Mystic Eye' pendulum. Has 
anyone else had messages via a pendulum?  I'd be interested 
to find out. 

Ron in NH. 

If you have comments on the questions above, please send 
them along to paranormal@zsuzsana.com or leave a note/start 
a discussion at our forum: 

Take care and see you next week!

Zsuzsana Summer


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