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Publication: I'm Not Martha
Sunburn and more helpful tips.

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          I'M NOT MARTHA - Thursday, June 7, 2007

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Hi! I'm Lizzy!!  and I'm not Martha!!!

I got a few great tips on bites from readers to share with 
you and a first time responder, Babs, has great info and 
tips on sunburn to help us all get through summer without 

Bits on bites:

*A dab of toothpaste - any kind - on bites, especially 
mosquito, works WONDERS to relieve the itching.

*You list the black widow and brown recluse spiders, but you 
didn't mention the Hobo Spider.  These are very prevalent 
here in Northwest Washington and the bites can be severe. Do 
a google and find out.  A lot of people are unaware of these 
spiders and mistake them for common house spiders. 

Thanks - Yvonne

*My mother always made a paste of baking soda and water and 
covered the sting site- you could actually see the area 
yellow as it drew out the venom. I still use it on my kids 
today. Thanks.
Muskegon Michigan

*A couple of ideas for bites.....One of my friends is a nurse, 
she said to put meat tenderizer on bites.  It works.  I have 
also carried Tea Tree Oil in my golf bag to use on fire ant 
bites, and bites of other insects.  It seems to take the 
sting out of them, also the swelling.

A friend of mine had a spot on her side, looked like a giant 
hive, I got the Tea Tree Oil (I carry it in a plastic baggie 
with some Q-tips in another one in side the bigger one.) 
She put it on the spot and it quit itching.  She stopped at 
the drug store on the way home and bought a bottle of Tea 
Tree Oil.  I saw her some time later and she swore by it. Try 
it you will like it (but not the odor)

*Not sure about this tip, but I read that if you put some 
shampoo on a cotton ball and put this on the tick, it will 
back out and be stuck on the cotton ball.  Also supposed to 
work on dogs. Sure enjoy your column........Sandy

P.S. If you're interested we now have a forum. You can post 
comments on this and recent issues at... Not Martha forum


I read your column every time one comes into my mailbox. The 
one on bites was interesting.  I figure if you've got bugs 
you're probably outdoors and if you are outdoors sunburn is 
possible. I've got nothing to add about bites, but burns...
that's a specialty of mine.  Here are my tips for everyone.


*Some diuretics, antibiotics, tranquilizers, birth control 
pills and diabetes medications can add more salt to your 
sunburn wounds. They can make you sun-sensitive. So can some 
medicated soaps, perfumes and Retin-A, the wrinkle "remover." 
So if you use any of these medications or products, doctors 
advise you to take extra precautions when exposing your skin 
to the sun.

Sunburn Treatments

*Aloe Vera
According to MJ Campbell, Aloe Vera is top on Hawaii's list 
of treatments for Sunburns. Aloe Vera is a miracle treatment 
for sunburns. It is an antibacterial substance that helps 
stimulate the immune system. Hospitals are known to use this 
for burn patients because it contains aloectin B.

*Apple cider vinegar
Use a cotton ball or cotton cloth to apply apple cider vinegar 
to your sunburn. Make sure to keep your skin moist with cider 
vinegar to prevent peeling and blisters on the burned areas.

*Baking Soda
Run a bath with the temperature as close to your own body 
temperature as you can get and then make it slightly cooler. 
You don't want it to be cold, just cool. Add a ½ cup baking 
soda to the bath and soak.

*Black Tea
Brew black tea in a teapot or sauce pan and allow it to cool. 
Once cooled, pour into a spray bottle, shake and spritz your 
sunburn. Ingredients in the black tea sooth sunburns and draw 
out the heat.

*Calendula Creams
Calendula is a healing plant. The healing properties of the 
flowers are antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and 

Place cucumber slices on your sunburn. They have a cooling 
effect and will soothe your burn.

Drop 20-25 drops of lavender oil into one cup of water. Add 
mixture to a tepid bath and soak the sunburn away.

*Lemon water
Mix one cup lemon juice with two cups cold water. Use a 
cotton ball or cotton cloth to gently rub mixture over sun-
burned area. Lemon cools the burn and acts as a disinfectant.

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Soak a cotton cloth in cold milk, place in plastic bag and 
freeze for twenty minutes. After freezing, wring excess milk 
from the cloth and apply as a compress. Refreeze compress 
ever twenty minutes to retain coolness. Apply compress in 
twenty minute cycles for two hours. Be sure to wash the milk 
off of your body afterwards so you don't smell like sour milk.

Just like oatmeal is good for chicken pox it is also good for  
moisturizing and soothing skin that has been sunburned. Simply 
dump oatmeal into a tepid bath and soak.

Bruise a white onion and rub on the sunburned area.

Use a cotton ball to rub peppermint oil on your sunburn. 
Peppermint is a cooling agent.

Kassidy Emmerson suggests the potato technique in her article 
on homemade remedies for sunburn relief. Use grated potato 
shavings to apply to your sunburn. Starch is the element in 
potatoes that cools sunburns.

*Vitmin E Cream
Creams and ointments containing vitamin E aid the healing 
process and shorten the effects of sunburn on your skin.

*Witch hazel
Make a compress using witch hazel to cool your burn. Just 
apply the compress as need to cool your skin.

Rub plain yogurt that has no flavor, but contains live cultures 
on your sunburn. Let it sit for about 10 minutes and then rinse 
off with cool or tepid water. You can also mix one cup mashed 
strawberries with one cup plain yogurt and apply for 15 minutes 
before rinsing.

THANK YOU, Babs, for sending in the sunburn secrets.  And 
thanks to everyone for bite advice. You all are great to help 
with your knowledge.


Questions...Comments...? email Lizzy

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