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Publication: I'm Not Martha
Is you mind in your gutters?

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         I'M NOT MARTHA - Tuesday, October 30, 2007

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Hi! I'm Lizzy!!  and I'm not Martha!!!

I decided everyone is inundated with Halloween stuff.  I am a 
lover of Halloween.  It's been a high commitment holiday since 
childhood. All that said...I have made a command decision to 
let others give you Martha-like Halloween ideas....it's her 
favorite holiday.  She usually dresses as a witch...not 
commentary simply reporting. So...

P.S. If you're interested we now have a forum. You can post 
comments on this and recent issues at... Not Martha forum

This is that time of year...that tiny window...of wonderful 
weather before it all falls apart and becomes Winter...bbbrrr! 
So that has me energized to get outside and get my winterizing 
done.  My biggest task is always the gutters.  I dislike doing 
the whole thing but if I don't things will only get worse. Get 
you mind in the gutte....and here is how:

Clogged gutters can lead to damaged exterior surfaces and to 
water in your basement. They are also more prone to rust and 
corrosion. Before the leaves fly this fall, have your gutters 
cleaned, then covered with mesh guards to keep debris from 

When you consider that your roof's drainage system annually 
diverts thousands of gallons of water from your house's ex-
terior and foundation walls, you can see why it merits a semi-
annual inspection.

All gutters must slope slightly toward their outlets. From 
there, an elbow connects with a leader, then another elbow, 
the downspout, and a third elbow that directs the spout outlet 
away from the wall.

Check gutters and downspouts every spring before heavy rains 
begin and late in fall after leaves have fallen. Remove all 
debris that is clogging the system, look for rust or corrosion, 
and be vigilant for low spots where water may be standing.

Because standing water causes most gutter problems, make sure 
the gutters slope toward their outlets. To check this, pour 
some water into the gutter and watch what happens.

Eliminate sags by lifting the gutter section slightly. Look 
for and repair loose hangers, or bend up the hanger with a 
pair of pliers. If this doesn't do the trick, install an ad-
ditional hanger.

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1. Remove debris
Debris clogs up gutters and downspouts and holds moisture that 
causes rust, rot, and corrosion. Fasten a metal angle to the 
end of a long pole or board, then use it to rake debris toward 
you. Finish up by scraping with a wire brush.

2. Wash out with a hose
Hose your gutters clean, beginning at the high end of each 
run -- or in the middle of runs having spouts at both ends.

3. Blast out blockage
Often you can blast out spout blockage with water pressure or 
a plumber's snake. Otherwise, you may have to dismantle the 

4. Scrape gutter clean
If the inside of a gutter is rusting, scrape and wire-brush it 
clean, then apply a thin coat of roofing cement.

5. Sand and seal wood gutters
Sand wooden gutters down to bare wood, apply linseed oil, let 
dry, then apply two coats of roofing cement.


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