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Publication: I'm Not Martha
Lizzy's making some changes.

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          I'M NOT MARTHA - Friday, February 2, 2007

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Hi! I'm Lizzy!!  and I'm not Martha!!!

Well, things are changing around here.  After giving this a 
great deal of thought I'm Not Martha will become a weekly. 
It was a hard choice to make.  The number of readers remains 
the same...there are around 45, 000 in this friendship...but 
the response has diminished. I have no idea if you are 
reading.  I sort of spin out here...wondering.  You all 
used to write in more to let me know what you think of 
what's in the newsletter.

So the good folks at GopherCentral suggested that the news-
letter become a weekly.  Now, the news is not all bad.  You 
will be receiving Daily Recipe instead as well as the weekly 
letter from me.  For you all not familiar with Daily Recipe...
Marzee is a great gal and you'll enjoy her stories as much as 
her tasty offerings.

I'm not going away just becoming a little more precious for 
coming to you once a week.  You can still email me your 
ideas for topics, questions, and what's on your mind.  I'd 
like that.

P.S. If you're interested we now have a forum. You can post 
comments on this and recent issues at... Not Martha forum

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I want to finish off the mothball info before I start the 
new format.

As you all know I have a close connection to a group of 
young officers that graduated from West Point.  A soldier's 
mom told me that her son had been sent to Iraq and he sent 
her photos of Camel Spiders which are huge and poisonous. He 
would find them in his storage area. She had been told that 
mothballs keep spiders on the run so she lovingly sent him 
a big box. He and his roommate lined their 6 X 8 foot room 
with mothballs and some of his friends put them in their 
shoes/boots. Worked just fine.  No spiders BUT...

I am not sure what to think...what is the balance between 
big spiders and poisoning yourself or at the very least 
slowing reflexes from the fumes of the mothballs.  And the 
poison being absorbed through the skin from the boots. 
What a mess to have to make such a choice.  I  cried at the 
idea that her son and his comrades have these horrific 
dangers in addition to the peril they try  to survive every 
day. There's no good answer here.

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While I was researching a friend told me that she had used 
mothballs to keep skunks out of the garden. The skunks left 
the garden but her cats and dog began to leave the Earth. 
The kitties in particular.  She kept replacing her pets and 
they kept dying.  She finally figured out it was the moth-

And another who told me that when her daughter was very 
little...around toddler age...she ate a mothball.  My friend 
called EMS immediately. They sent an ambulance but they 
lived far out in the country and it would take time to get 
to her. They told her to put her finger down the kid's throat 
to make her vomit and do it until she didn't smell mothballs. 
I danced at her wedding a couple of years ago so everything 
turned out OK. But it sure tells you how dangerous mothballs 


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Okey dokey...that's it for this week.  See you next Friday. 
Don't worry...I'm not going away.  We're still friends.


Questions...Comments...? email Lizzy


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END OF I'M NOT MARTHA - http://www.gophercentral.com 
Copyright 2007 by NextEra Media. All rights reserved. 

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