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Publication: Film Quotes & TV Trivia
Video - NewsRadio

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      Film Quotes Video Clip - Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2007
       "For Quotes and Trivia You'll Go Nuts Over"

`o `o `o `o `o `o Fresh From The Knot-Hole `o `o `o `o `o `o

Fellow Screen and Tube Nuts,

I can remember a decade ago when I would make time to 
watch 'News Radio'. Thanks to DVD magic I can relive my 
favorite episodes, jokes and scenes from the NBC show. 

In today's clip, the late comic genius Phil Hartman 
shows off his brilliance as radio personality Bill 

Later, gators.


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will load slowly. If this happens, please do not try to 
refresh. Try leaving the window open for a minute or two 
and the video should load. If it doesn't, please save the 
email and try again later! We thank you for your patience. 

email Squirrely


              Last Week's Clip Ratings

           Spaceballs: Instant Cassettes


              Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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This Week's Video Clip - News Radio: Adequate 

What do you tell a co-worker who is reviewed in the 
newspaper as adequate but thinks otherwise? Watch this 
clip from News Radio to find out. It's hilarious. 

Click here: News Radio - Adequate 

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