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Publication: Gizmorama
New search for alien life is planned

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Gizmorama - New search for alien life is planned
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Good Morning,
Did you see that there is a new iPhone being released that
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 	   New search for alien life is planned

U.S. astronomers say they are developing plans to use the new 
Allen Telescope Array to search for extraterrestrial intelligence 
in the Milky Way Galaxy. Johns Hopkins University Professor 
Richard Conn Henry is joining forces with Seth Shostak of the 
SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) Institute and 
Steven Kilston of the Henry Foundation Inc., a Maryland think 
tank, to search a swath of the sky known as the ecliptic plane.
The telescope array, consisting of hundreds of small dishes, 
provides the capability to search for possible signals from 
technologically advanced civilizations in the galaxy. "If 
those civilizations are out there … those that inhabit star 
systems that lie close to the plane of the Earth's orbit 
around the sun will be the most motivated to send communications 
signals toward Earth," Henry said, "because those civilizations 
will surely have detected our annual transit across the face 
of the sun, telling them Earth lies in a habitable zone, 
where liquid water is stable. Through spectroscopic analysis 
of our atmosphere, they will know Earth likely bears life."
The researchers presented their plans last week in St. Louis 
during a meeting of the American Astronomical Society.


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	 Hot climate could stop plate tectonics

A team of U.S., Canadian and Australian researchers say they've 
discovered prolonged atmospheric heating can stop the movement 
of tectonic plates. Professor Adrian Lenardic of Rice University 
led the study that examined differences between the structure of 
Earth and Venus. "The heat required goes far beyond anything 
we expect from human-induced climate change, but things like 
volcanic activity and changes in the sun's luminosity could 
lead to this level of heating," said Lenardic. Tectonic plates 
are sections of crust that float on the Earth's mantle, a layer 
of flowing rock extending from 30 miles to 1,800 miles beneath 
our planet's surface. The research team found prolonged heating 
of a planet's crust by rising atmospheric temperatures could 
stop tectonic plate movement. "The time period and the rise in 
temperatures, while drastic for humans, are not unreasonable on 
a geologic scale, particularly compared to what scientists 
previously thought would be required to affect a planet's 
geodynamics, said Lenardic." The study appeared in the online 
journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters.


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	      NASA seeks lunar mission proposals

The U.S. space agency says it is seeking innovative, 
interdisciplinary lunar research projects for its Lunar 
Science Institute. The National Aeronautics and Space 
Administration said the proposals can address science of the 
moon, on the moon and from the moon, including objectives that 
meet NASA's future lunar exploration needs. NASA said it expects 
to have up to $10 million available for the research, and 
anticipates making five to seven awards, including one focused 
on exploration objectives. Participation is open to all categories 
of organizations, both domestic and foreign, including industry, 
educational institutions, non-profit organizations and federally 
funded research and development centers. NASA field centers and 
other government agencies also are eligible to submit proposals.
"The institute will support team science, bringing a 
multidisciplinary approach to lunar research," said David Morrison, 
interim director of the institute. "Our goals are to strengthen the 
community of lunar scientists and encourage students to enter this 
field." Notices of intent are due June 27, with proposals to be 
submitted by Aug. 29. The full solicitation is available at: 


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