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Publication: Wrestling News Today
New WWE Talent?

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                WNT - Wrestling News Today
                  Monday, April 16, 2007

Details On Trish Stratus' New TV Show & More
Story By: Will Hengelbrok

Trish Stratus' new gig "The Next Comedy Legend" will begin
airing on CBC in Canada this summer. Trish will be one of
the hosts. Auditions for show are already over, but there
is no confirmed timeslot for when it will begin airing as
of yet, just that it will be during the summer.

Previous winners of the show include Eugene Levy (the dad
from the American Pie movies), Mike Myers, Chris Farley
and Steve Carrell among others.

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         Random News From The Wrestling World

New WWE Talent, Austin/NASCAR Note, More
Story By: Steve Carrier
Credit: PWInsider.com

- Look for Edge to be doing a blog on NHL.com in the near 
future. Even though he's from Toronto, he's actually a New 
Jersey Devils fan.

- On Monday May 7th, Ken Downs is having a trout with WWE 
RAW in a dark match against Val Venis. 

- At the NASCAR Samsung 500 in Fort Worth, TX this 
Saturday, Steve Austin will be there signing autographs 
from 9:30 to 10:30 am. Its being said that he will be the 
Grand Marshall of the race. 

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News & Notes On Stone Cold Steve Austin & More 
Story By: Andy Stevens
Source: PWInsider.com

This Sunday at Texas Motor Speedway, Stone Cold Steve 
Austin is scheduled to serve as Grand Marshal of the 
Samsung 500 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series race. 

Speaking of Steve Austin, WWE have released a plaque for 
his film "The Condemned". The plaque also features two 
bullet casings shot by Steve Austin when he filmed the 
movie. The plaque is available at WWEShop.com for $129.99. 

Steve Austin's "The Condemned" will be released nationally 
in the United States on April 27th. 


Normal Price: $19.99

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                      Reader's Forum

From last week...

Are you nuts. Vince running around the ring  was a joke.   
What kind of an idiot in Vince anyway. Its not a crime   
to be bald. He acted like the child that he is.   
- JS  

A reply to last weeks comment... 

That's the whole point jackass, for vince to appear to be 
an idiot, kinda like you.  hank you and goodnight. L.B. 

PS: I'm guessing your'e a baldie as well. 

- JPote 

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