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Publication: The Paranormal Insider
Napoleon\'s Fortune-Teller

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Issue date: Saturday, March 4, 2006
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R  

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Napoleon's Fortune-Teller.

It's important to know about old-school psychics. So, with 
this issue, the Paranormal Insider inaugurates an irregular 
feature about the titanic figures from occult history called
Paranormal People.

Marie Le Normand (1772-1843) was a famous occult diviner 
who was acclaimed for predicting the futures of French 
revolutionary Jean Paul Marat and statesman Maximilien 
Robspierre. Marie read Napoleon's horoscope and later 
established a salon in Paris where she read fortunes in 
the cards for wealthy clients. After the fall of Napoleon,
Marie went to Belgium and read the fortune of the Prince 
of Orange. However, a dispute with the Belgian customs 
department resulted in her imprisonment. Marie died a 
forgotten and neglected figure.

Eliphas Levi (1810-1875) was the son of a poor Parisian 
shoemaker who initially studied for the priesthood, but 
was asked to leave on account of his sexual permissiveness.
Levi worked for a time as a political cartoonist before 
turning to the philosophy of magic. He produced a number
of books that are considered occult classics, including 
The Mysteries of Magic. But Levi is best remembered in cult
circles for making the important observation that the 22 
cards of the Major Arcana of the Tarot appear to correlate 
to the kabbalistic Tree of Life. In an interesting footnote,
magician Aleister Crowley, who was born the year Levi died, 
claimed to be Levi's reincarnation.

Eternally Youthful Reader Denies She's Immortal.

Hi Gus:
"This is in response to the person who wondered if there 
are immortals living in America. I am 29 and look EXACTLY 
the same as I did at age 14. Yeah, it's a bummer having to 
show I.D. all the time, but I don't believe I'm immortal. 
It's just called good genes. BTW: I love the Paranormal 
Insider. Wish it came more often! I have been a fan of the 
paranormal since I was 8 and have had many experiences!"

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Responses to Remote Viewing.

Haya Gus:
"This is in response to the guy saying we need psychics to 
offer their remote viewing abilities for port security. The 
government did attempt to harness this talent during the 
Cold War against the U.S.S.R. But seriously, what self-
respecting telepath would sign up to assist today knowing 
how messed up the current Administration is?"

Hello Gus:
"...While remote viewing can be used to learn a great deal 
and describe a distant situation and environment, it can't 
be used if the target is known beforehand. In other words, 
the individual doing the remote viewing can't know what he 
is looking at. The protocols that have been developed will 
work by keeping the conscious mind out of the way. Which 
means that you can't have a focused effort that always 
watches the ports.

"During the first Gulf War, the military started using many 
remote viewers because the government program supporting 
psychic warfare had not yet been shut down. But the psychics
soon realized that most of the viewing sessions were going 
to be about the Gulf region and the intelligence they 
produced wasn't much good. If a way could be developed to 
shut off the conscious thinking process so that it doesn't 
try to analyze the images, then remote viewing would be much
more useful."

Hi Gus:
"In your last newsletter a reader wrote that there are 
thousands of American citizen-psychics with remote viewing 
capabilities who could surveil port facilities from a 
distant war room where data could be compiled and acted 

"Yeah, right. And folks with alleged paranormal abilities 
did such a good job of predicting 9/11, too. In fact, not 
a single one of them saw that disaster coming.

"The James Randi Foundation is still waiting for someone 
to win its $1 million prize for a verifiable demonstration 
of remote viewing or any other psychic capability."

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Dreaming of Dogs.

Hi Gus:
"I'd like to share an experience that broke my heart. Almost
30 years ago, my family had to have our two beloved dogs put
to sleep. Over the years they popped up in my dreams from 
time to time. But a couple of years ago the dreams became 
much more frequent. I realized that the spirits of our dogs 
were still present in this world even though they had under-
gone natural deaths. They were very old in my dreams, which 
made me think that perhaps they didn't know that they were 
supposed to have crossed over. So I sat down, mentally had 
a talk with them, and have not had a single dream about 
either one again. Since that time, I have told all of my 
new pets to cross over when they died—and wait for me there.
I would hate to have them delay passing to the peacefulness 
of the Other Side simply to watch over me here."

Ghost Cats.

Hello Gus:
"I have subscribed to the Paranormal Insider for some time 
now and enjoy it immensely. This e-mail is sent in response 
to the reader who is visited by stray cats and ghost cats.

"I, too, have a ghost cat in my apartment. This one is dark 
or black. I have only seen it from the side or rear. The 
ghost cat has slept on my bed. I even saw the outline of 
its form on my blanket. It is not around constantly. But it 
always shows up when I am experiencing stress or ill health.

"I also have an affinity for cats and currently own 2. Both 
were rescued—one from a garbage pile and one from the roof 
of a factory. Over the years I have rescued other stray cats
and placed them in good homes. Strays seem to be drawn to 
me, although I am fortunate that none have visited 
specifically to die with me.

"I believe that departed cats, like their living counter-
parts, are drawn to people who love them. Owning and caring 
for a living cat lets the feline spirits know that you 
welcome their kind, increasing the possibility that one may 
treat you to a visit."

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