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Publication: NBC Soaps
Steve and Kayla are given an antidote.

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                AS THE DIAL TURNS - NBC Soaps
                 Wednesday, November 1, 2006

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John and Bo now suspect EJ is in cahoots with Patrick. 
Steve and Kayla have been given an antidote to combat the 
deadly toxin but only time will tell if it's going to work.


Now that Bo's been suspended from the force, he can't 
officially investigate Patrick. But he's convinced Lockhart 
is a criminal... and John has to help him prove it! In 
counterpoint, Patrick meets secretly with EJ - the master-
mind behind the gloved hand. EJ gave Patrick money to pay 
off Hope's doctor to lie about her pregnancy test - she's 
really carrying Bo's baby. EJ warns Patrick that if he 
doesn't want Bo to find out the truth, Patrick had better 
stay in line. John's about to propose to Marlena when Roman 
arrives. John leaves for an important meeting and we learn 
that Marlena called Roman over. Initially, he thought it 
was a romantic call but she soon reveals that she called 
him over because of Sami. Roman promises he'll talk to her. 
The conversation switches gears when Roman tells Marlena 
how he feels about her. She gently lets him down. Meanwhile, 
John meets Patrick at Chez Rouge and tries to befriend him 
in hopes of getting useful info for Bo. At the hospital, 
someone is stalking Kayla. She gets trapped in an exam room 
and suddenly hears a man's heavy breathing. An eerie voice 
calls out her name through an air vent. Kayla freaks out, 
but Steve comes to the rescue, breaking down the door. He 
holds her in his arms. They go to investigate the air vent 
when suddenly lethal-looking smoke explodes from the vent... 
suffocating Kayla and Steve!



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Whitney encourages Theresa to come clean to Ethan. Rebecca 
and Chad nearly cross paths at the same motel.


Before a custody meeting with Julian, Jared suggests to 
Theresa that she should meet Julian halfway.  After all, 
he is the boy's father.  Theresa informs Jared that she 
has something important to tell him before the meeting - 
is she going to tell her big secret? Ivy cheers up Sam 
by suggesting they get married right away!  Later, Sam 
receives a gift from Grace in the mail. Pilar implores 
Kay to dump Fox and marry Miguel.  She warns Kay that 
Fox's evil Crane genes will eventually surface and break 
her heart. Luis and Fancy arrive at the cottage to 
investigate Phyllis' murder.  Luis realizes the murdered 
maid knew her attacker and is immediately suspicious of 
Chris. Theresa secretly meets with J.T., who wonders why 
Theresa no longer wants him to tell Ethan about Gwen and 
Rebecca.  At the same time, Ethan searches the area for 

When they hear about Theresa's canceled custody hearing, 
Gwen and Rebecca suspect J.T. knows why she was a no 
show. Since they can't locate the globetrotting editor, 
they decide to try different sources.  Gwen pays a visit 
to Whitney, while Rebecca pops in on Pilar, each hoping 
to trick Theresa's loved ones into giving up her secret. 
Gwen almost tricks Whitney into blabbing Theresa's secret, 
but Whit soon catches on and orders Gwen to get out. 
Meanwhile, Rebecca works on manipulating Pilar.  When that 
fails, Rebecca finally reaches J.T. and heads out to get 
the goods on Theresa.


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