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Publication: NBC Soaps
Bonnie Sneaks into the Morgue

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               AS THE DIAL TURNS - NBC Soaps
                 Wednesday, February 14, 2007


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Roman takes Marlena home to the penthouse. Bonnie sneaks 
into the morgue. 


Bo and Steve confront Beverly from Child Protective 
Services. She tells him Claire's being turned over to 
foster parents until the hearing. Steve has another 
episode and completely loses it right there at the 

Victor offers a deal: if Shawn and Belle agree that 
Philip can be Claire's primary parent, he'll let them 
be part of her life. Shawn refuses and throws Victor 
out. Hope asks if Kayla wants more kids. 

Kayla admits she doesn't feel Steve is in the right frame 
of mind to care for a child. She tells Hope about the 
black-out episodes Steve has been having. Nick lashes out 
at Chelsea then storms off. Abby catches up with Nick 
and urges him to tell Chelsea the truth. Nick admits he 

Later, Chelsea confides in Abby about the new mystery 
man in her mother's life. The guy left his belt behind 
after making love! Alone, Abby realizes it could have 
been Nick. 

Lexie views a photo line-up so she can I.D. EJ as John's 
shooter. She secretly sends Tek the photos with her cam-
era phone. Tek is definite that EJ is the culprit. Lexie 
makes the I.D. but Roman suspects there's more going on. 

Mimi goes to stay with Max because her family is driving 
her nuts. Abe arrives with news about the skeleton - judg-
ing from the ring they found on him, it appears the murder 
was more recent than they thought.


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The Bennett clan eagerly anticipates Grace's homecoming.
Fox thanks Julian for saving his wedding. 


Ivy fears her bad mothering has warped her children; 
Sam doesn't disagree and offers little sympathy. Kay 
is torn between believing Fox or Miguel. Miguel demands 
Fox allow Dr. Russell to reveal what's in his medical 

Cornered, Fox acquiesces and Eve informs Kay that, as 
far as she knows, Fox is in perfect health. An enraged 
Kay smacks the would-be groom hard across the face! 

Ivy is stung when Sam rejects her. Kay gives Fox his 
ring back, saying she can't marry him if he lied to 
her. Everyone is surprised when a world-renowned doctor 
shows up to vouch for Fox's condition. Fancy searches 
for proof that she was attacked again. 

Paloma suggests that the peeping tom took the evidence, 
but Fancy suspects that Sheridan did. Fancy is relieved 
when Paloma believes her regarding Sheridan's recent 
behavior. Jared prepares to take a polygraph test. 

Whitney asks Theresa if she will accept Jared's proposal 
if he passes the test. Gwen is worried when Ethan doesn't 
hear her because he is focused on Jared and Theresa. 

After Dr. Gasparro explains that he's been treating Fox 
for his fatal illness, Kay is once again torn over 
whether to trust Fox or Miguel. When Kay is reminded of 
Miguel's supposed affair with Charity, she decides to 
continue on with the ceremony and marry Fox! 

Ethan protests when Theresa accepts Jared's marriage 
proposal. Ethan fears Theresa only agreed to marry Jared 
because she saw that Gwen put her wedding ring back on.


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