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Publication: NBC Soaps
Kate Introduces Sami

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               AS THE DIAL TURNS - NBC Soaps
                 Wednesday, February 7, 2007

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Chelsea bonds with Claire and Belle. Kate introduces Sami 
to the producer and director of a cable show. 


Steve returns home from his trip to Toronto and finds 
an anxious Kayla waiting for him. She grows even more 
worried when she realizes he's been injured, but he 

Philip tries to bribe Max into revealing where Shawn and 
Belle are but Max refuses. Later, Abby shows up and tells 
Max she's quitting. They share a close moment, and Max 
finds himself more affected than he thought he'd be. 

EJ, cleared of all charges, offers Lucas a job. After 
some convincing by Kate and Sami, Lucas agrees but wants 
EJ to keep his distance from Sami and Will. He wants EJ 
to move out of their apartment building. 

Kate tells Sami a TV producer is interested in profiling 
her and her heroics saving Lucas. Nick and Chelsea real-
ize Philip and Willow are following them to the airport. 

Nick stops at Maggie's house to pick something up. At the 
airport, Nick and Chelsea pass through security with ease. 
But Philip is stopped when the guard finds a knife (that 
Nick planted) in Philip's bag. Shawn, Belle and Claire are 
trying to get some sleep at the safe house. Claire won't 
fall asleep because she's teething. 

Shawn goes out to get medication and ultimately quiets the 
child. Later, a cop shows up outside. The cops arrive at 
the safe house, but Shawn diverts their attention by pre-
tending to be drunk. Shawn is arrested for public intox-

Nick and Chelsea show up, and promise to bail Shawn out. 
Chelsea and Nick bond on their flight to Toronto. Their 
playfulness leads to a near-kiss.


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While Fox is in a coma, Kay sits by his side, willing him 
to wake up. Jared tells Chad he plans to stay and fight 
for Theresa. 


Tabitha receives an ominous warning from her magic bowl. 
At the hospital, Kay anxiously waits for an update on 
Fox's surgery. Julian arranges for Dr. Gasparro to assist 
with Fox's surgery. Miguel accuses the doctor of being 
part of the Crane scheme. 

Theresa tries to summon the courage to tell Ethan that 
she is going to be with Jared. When she chickens out, 
Whitney asks why. Theresa explains that she might fin-
ally have a chance to be with her true love. 

Luis, Fancy, Chris and Sheridan wait for important in-
formation on Fancy's attacker. Ivy lights into Luis for 
not protecting Fancy. Miguel is triumphant when Eve 
announces she found no trace of Fox's supposed illness 
during surgery. 

However, Miguel's victory is short-lived when Dr. Gas-
parro reveals he detected a tumor after Eve left the 
operating room. The crooked doctor reiterates that the 
tumor is inoperable. Theresa beams with joy as she, Ethan 
and their children enjoy a family breakfast. 

Whitney is skeptical that things can work out with Ethan, 
but Theresa asks her friend to just be happy for her. 
Pilar and Ivy battle over Luis and Fancy's relationship. 
Deeply traumatized by her rape, Fancy breaks down. 

Meanwhile, Sheridan takes advantage of Luis' vulnerab-
ility. Whitney pushes Theresa to come clean about Little 
Ethan's paternity. Fearing she'll still lose Ethan some-
how, Theresa wavers. Whitney warns Theresa not to allow 
the lure of the Crane power and money to stop her from 
telling the truth.


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