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Publication: NBC Soaps
Jed Finds Abby Working on his Car

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               AS THE DIAL TURNS - NBC Soaps
                 Wednesday, March 7, 2007


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Max confesses to Abby that he's getting tired of "being 
there" for needy Mimi. Jed has come in to pick up his car 
and is surprised to find Abby working on it. 


Steve has brought John to the makeshift operating room 
in the warehouse. Steve is shocked and sickened, and that 
is doubled when he realizes a professional organ dealer 
will take the kidney, rather than a real doctor. 

Bo summons EJ to the hospital and demands to know what 
he's done to Steve's mind. Bo then says he's going to 
nail EJ for the gloved-hand crimes and for John's shoot-

After ordering, then pleading with Kayla, she agrees to 
go with Steve to "help" John. Sami and Lucas are planning 
their wedding reception, when EJ arrives. He scurries 
Lucas off on some trivial business, then confronts Sami 
with the proof he found in her trash. EJ threatens to 
tell Lucas about the night they "made love". 

EJ tells Sami he wants to tell Lucas the truth -- that 
Sami's baby could be his. Sami threatens, then pleads 
with him not to tell Lucas. It will ruin everything for 
her and if the truth comes out, the cops will know EJ ran 
the roadblock the night John Black was shot. 

Chelsea confronts Dr. Rebert and tells his supervisor, 
Dr. Wang, that he assaulted her. . When Nick backs her 
up, Rebert tells Wang Nick is lying as well, to score 
points with her. Nick shows them a photo he took with 
his cell phone of Rebert all over Chelsea in his car. 

Rebert resigns, There is a moment of sexual tension bet-
ween them. She offers to make him dinner, and they are 
clearly in a new place. 

Shawn has collected fruits and berries for him, Belle 
and Claire to eat, but Belle is afraid they might be 
poisonous. Shawn tests a fruit and throws up.


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Fox agrees to go forward with his treatment. Sheridan 
tells Fancy she has done a terrible job of defending Luis. 


Fox freaks out when the nurse arrives to put a catheter 
port in his chest. He convinces Kay to leave and gets on 
the horn to Julian, pronto. He demands his father find a 
way out of his predicament. 

Miguel reviews Fox's lies for Kay, but she isn't interest-
ed in his conspiracy theories. Chris is taken aback when 
he sees Sheridan's arms are covered in scratches and 
bruises. She claims she got them climbing a tree with 

During a heated discussion, Sheridan angrily declares 
that Luis is only with Fancy because he cannot be with 

Chad receives a DVD from his lover and is horrified when 
he plays the disc and sees the two of them having sex. 
On the video, the lover (who is finally revealed) insists 
Chad belongs with him, not Whitney. 

A mysterious figure drugs Luis' coffee as Luis stands 
guard outside the inn where Fancy is staying. Later, 
the figure leaks gas into Fancy's room while she sleeps. 
Fancy wakes to find Luis standing over her with the jar 
of acid. Feeling the burns on her legs, she screams for 
him to get away from her just as Sam arrives. 

Luis believes the attacker must have escaped through a 
bathroom window, which turns out to be locked. Things 
look even worse for him when a search of the inn fails 
to yield a suspect. 

Chad is infuriated when his lover has roses delivered to 
him while Whitney is home. Whitney believes the flowers 
are for her until the delivery guy says they are for Chad.

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