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Publication: NASCAR News
Biffle Comes Up Short

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          NASCAR NEWS - Thursday, Sept. 27, 2007

Edwards dinged 25 points in wake of Dover infraction

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - Carl Edwards, winner of Sunday's 
Nextel Cup Series race at Dover International Speedway, 
has been penalized 25 driver championship points due to 
rule violations found in post-race inspection. 

The loss of points dropped Edwards from third in the Chase 
standings to sixth, 28 points behind leader Jeff Gordon. 

The No. 99 Ford driven by Edwards was found to be too low 
in the right rear area, which violated Sections 12-4-A 
(actions detrimental to stock car racing); 12-4-Q (car, 
car parts, components and/or equipment not conforming to 
NASCAR rules); and 20-12.8.1C (failed to meet minimum rear 
car heights) of NASCAR Car of Tomorrow Technical Bulletin 
No. 3, dated April 10, 2007. 

"We have the misfortune of violating a rule which makes no 
sense," said Roush Fenway Racing president Geoff Smith. 
"It was promulgated to address restrictor-plate races, not 
downforce races. I say misfortune because we are being 
penalized for a violation that actually impaired the car's 

In addition, those infractions have resulted in a $25,000 
fine for Edwards' crew chief Bob Osborne, plus a penalty 
of 25 car owner championship points for Roush Fenway 
Racing. Osborne also has been placed on probation until 
Dec. 31. 

"The only thing I can think of is at the end of the race, 
Greg came up and gave me a couple of love taps to say 'good 
job, good race' and hopefully they find that that bent the 
tail of the car down a little bit," Edwards said after the 
race. "There are some braces bent under the decklid so 
hopefully that's what it is." 

A similar infraction occurred at New Hampshire in July, 
when the cars of Johnny Sauter and Kyle Busch failed to 
meet minimum height requirements. NASCAR took away 25 
points apiece and fined each crew chief $25,000. 

"We intend to appeal the unfair assessment of the point's 
penalty," Smith said. "What is unfair is that Carl is 
receiving a penalty that is 250 percent greater in its 
effect than a similarly assessed penalty against a non-
'Chase' driver. 'Chase' drivers are competing for a total 
of 1,950 points. All drivers competed for 5,070 points in 
the first 26 races. Do the math. The net effect is that a 
25 point penalty falls unfairly hard on a Chase contender. 
That's simply not right. To equalize the penalty impact on 
all competitors not more than 10 points should have been 
taken from a Chase contender." 

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Biffle comes up short, but pleased amid rough year
Driver gets season-high second-place finish at Dover
By Mark Aumann, NASCAR.COM

DOVER, Del. - With the way Greg Biffle's year has gone, 
you had to wonder if he spent the last few laps of the 
Dodge Dealers 400 looking in the rear-view mirror to see 
where the bad luck that has chased him all season would 
strike next. 

It seems like it's been nothing but bad for Biffle and the 
No. 16 Ford outfit in 2007. Until Sunday, Biffle's best 
finishes of the season were fifths at Bristol and Infineon. 

However, based on Biffle's past performance at the Monster 
Mile, there was reason to think things might change this 
weekend. That only grew stronger when he wound up ninth in 
Friday's qualifying. 

Then a decision to gain track position by taking on two 
tires during a Lap 84 pit stop put Biffle directly behind 
leader Kurt Busch -- and he would not fall out of the top 
five for the rest of the day. 

"It was a pretty good day for us," said Biffle, who wound 
up with a second-place finish. "It wasn't that great early, 
but we kept working on the car and made some tire-pressure 
adjustments, wedge and what not, and got it pretty good and 
was good on long runs." 

Running up front did two things for Biffle: It allowed his 
car to avoid the dreaded dirty air, and he was also able to 
miss the incidents that wiped out many of the other front-

In addition, Biffle was able to maintain pace with leader 
Carl Edwards, allowing him to remain on the lead lap with 
a handful of other cars as the laps wound down. 

On Lap 357, the remaining six lead-lap cars headed for 
service, assuming they might go green the rest of the way. 
But on Lap 383 -- following four more yellows -- Biffle 
and crew chief Greg Erwin gambled on fresh rubber while 
Edwards and second-place Mark Martin stayed on the track. 

It was a calculated gamble that might have worked, had 
Martin Truex Jr.'s mangled car not brought out another 

"We put tires on and I was inside of Mark Martin and the 
caution came out [on Lap 393]," Biffle said. "So if I had 
been in front of Mark when that caution came out, I think 
I might've had a chance to get on the outside of Carl 
getting in the corner, maybe on the restart, but it wasn't 
to be." 

Biffle did get around Martin on the final restart, but with 
only four laps left, had nothing for his Roush teammate at 
the line. Having won at least one race in each of the past 
four seasons, Biffle would like nothing more than to keep 
that streak alive with a victory at some point before the 
end of the year. 

"If I could've got to his bumper it might have been a 
challenge for him," Biffle said. "I know he's in the Chase 
and he had a little cushion [Sunday], and I needed a win 
pretty bad, but we were going to race him clean, but I wish 
I had a chance at him." 

All in all, Biffle will take it -- especially the way his 
2007 has gone. 

"It was a pretty good run for us," Biffle said. "We hadn't 
been running like this all season, so it's nice to be back 
running decent again." 

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Raines fined, penalized for throwing helmet at Dover
By Official Release

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - NASCAR announced Tuesday that Tony 
Raines, driver of the No. 33 Chevrolet in the NASCAR Busch 
Series, has been fined and penalized due to rule violations 
this past weekend at Dover International Speedway. 

Raines was fined $15,000 and penalized 25 driver champion-
ship points for violating Section 12-4-A (actions 
detrimental to stock-car racing -- entered the race track 
surface without authorization; throwing helmet at 
competitor's car) of the 2007 NASCAR Busch Series Rule 

Additionally, the driver's infractions have resulted in 
team owner DeLana Harvick being penalized 25 owner 
championship points. 

The infractions took place during the race on Sept. 22. 

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Childress' plans for fourth Cup car on hold until 2009
Owner came away empty-handed from latest hunting trip
By David Caraviello, NASCAR.COM

Richard Childress recently spent 10 days in the mountains 
of Mongolia, stalking the biggest wild sheep in the world. 
The he returned home to chase another quarry -- a fourth 
car for his Nextel Cup organization. 

Both will have to wait. Childress, a renowned hunter who 
has several of his kills on display in the museum of his 
Welcome, N.C., shop, never got a shot at the trophy sheep 
he wanted, and plans to return to Mongolia to try again. 
He hasn't quite found the right combination for a fourth 
car, either, so any expansion will likely be on hold until 

"We're working on it, but right now we're about at the 
point of no return [for next season]," said Childress, who 
has all three of his current drivers -- Jeff Burton, Clint 
Bowyer and Kevin Harvick -- competing in NASCAR's champion-
ship Chase. 

"It isn't looking really good right now. There are 
opportunities out there, but none that we want to pursue. 
I'd rather hold off a year and make sure that we get the 
right combination. It has to fit into our whole program. 
We'll run some races next year with [Scott] Wimmer or 
something, but right now, we don't know really what we're 
going to do." 

Childress returned late last week from Mongolia, where he 
hunted for argali sheep in the country's High Altai range. 
The largest of the breed have majestic, spiraling horns 
measuring 56 to 57 inches across, he said. He could have 
taken down a smaller one, but preferred to stalk a bigger 

"I chased him for 10 days. I was being persistent," 
Childress said. "I almost had it on the last day, but 
one of the local guys kind of blew it. But it was a fun 
trip. It was a whole new education in a different part 
of the world." 

Childress missed Bowyer's first career victory, Sept. 16 
at New Hampshire International Speedway, while on the 
trip. He spent each night in a ger, or traditional round 
Mongolian tent. 

"It was really good," he said. "It was a different 
country. I've been to so many places around the world, 
but that's the first time I'd been there. I didn't get 
the sheep I wanted, though. I could have shot some, but 
I'm after a really big trophy. So I'm going back in March 
or April." 

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