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Publication: Gizmorama
NASA offers HD glimpse of life on the ISS

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Gizmorama - NASA offers HD glimpse of life on the ISS
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Good Morning,
Thanks again to everyone who wrote in about the Gizmos or
Gadgets they would not be able to live without. Check out
the reader comments below. As far as something I could not 
live without, would Google or Instant Messenger be considered 
a gadget? If not I would have to say my computer.

Until Tomorrow,

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	  NASA offers HD glimpse of life on the ISS

The U.S. space agency said it will telecast a high-definition 
glimpse of life in space with a special program to be broadcast 
beginning Thursday. The National Aeronautics and Space 
Administration said astronaut Garrett Reisman, during his final 
weeks aboard the International Space Station, videotaped many 
daily activities in orbit that are anything but routine. A 
compilation of Reisman's video diaries will be broadcast in 
high definition beginning at 5 p.m. EDT Thursday. The program 
will against be telecast Friday, May 23, and Tuesday, May 27, 
from 6-9 a.m., 1-3 p.m. and 5-8 p.m. EDT. The special NASA TV 
Video File also will be broadcast in standard-definition on 
NASA TV immediately following the regularly scheduled daily 
Video File broadcasts. Reisman, a New Jersey native, has been 
aboard the space station since arriving on space shuttle 
mission STS-123 in March. He will return to Earth on the STS-124 
flight, targeted to be launched May 31. Technical information 
on how to receive the special broadcast in high definition and 
streaming video, as well as downlink and scheduling information, 
is available at http://www.nasa.gov/ntv.

Ideal for Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Hobbies & Much More...

Normal Price: $14.99 

Put some light on the subject. With this headlamp you do that 
handsfree, which allows you to tackle task at hand with both 
hands. The 7-LED lamp has 3-illumination modes and a pivoting 
light head so you can see what you need to see to get the 
job done. 

- Bright 7-LED lamp 
- Pivoting light head for those tough spots 
- Adjustable strap for a snug fit 
- 3 illumination modes 
- 90 Day manufacturer warranty
- "AAA" batteries (3) Not Included

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	        U.S. Jaguar supercomputer upgraded

The U.S. Department of Energy says upgrades to its Oak Ridge 
National Laboratory's Jaguar supercomputer have more than 
doubled its performance. Government scientists said the system 
recently completed various tests, running applications in 
climate science, quantum chemistry, combustion science, materials 
science, nanoscience, fusion science and astrophysics, as well 
as benchmarking applications that test supercomputing 
performance. The Jaguar system, a Cray XT4, now uses more than 
31,000 processing cores to deliver up to 263 trillion 
calculations a second, or 263 teraflops. "The Department of 
Energy's Leadership Computing Facility is putting unprecedented 
computing power in the hands of leading scientists to enable 
the next breakthroughs in science and technology," said 
laboratory Director Thom Mason. "This upgrade is an essential 
step along that path, bringing us ever closer to the era of 
petascale computing." Petascale computers are capable of 
thousands of trillions of calculations per second.

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Start using Dryer Max Anti Static Balls, the safe natural way 
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Reader Comments... Gadgets You Could Not Live Without...

I think the gadget that I could not live without would be 
my computer. It's the quickest, easiest, and most convenient 
way of contacting the outside world without actually having 
to be there 24/7. Besides, how else would I receive your 
article? - Lonnie


Now that I'm getting a little older there are three things I 
definitely don't have to have, but would sorely miss. 
1.  Sprinkler system.  No more moving the hose and sprinkler 
    around the yard.
2.  Remote control garage door opener.  I remember having to 
    get out of the car in the rain, cold and other crappy 
    weather conditions to open the garage door.  
3.  Certainly not a necessity, but for my car I like my GPS.  


I guess a lot of folks might not call this a gadget but I couldn't 
see living without my microwave oven.  I fix my coffee first thing 
in the morning in it, lunch, and dinner.  I hate to use the stove 
if I don't have to.   - Pat


coffeemaker - bleakone
Plumbing - Joe
A sharp pocket knife - Lamont
DVD player - Steve
CEll Phone - Tammy
DVR - Chris


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