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Publication: The Paranormal Insider
Mystery Visitors

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Issue date: Saturday, November 25, 2006
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R 

Hi, Everyone!
Thanks, as always, for the great feedback and all your 
amazing paranormal stories. I'm delighted to dip into our 
mailbag again and share some of your experiences. 

Enjoy! Zsuzsana 


Sighting in Texas

When I was sixteen and living in Houston Texas, one night 
I was outside looking through my telescope at the moon. 
Then from the south I heard a whooshing noise and an object 
appeared in the sky. It stopped across the street and about 
a hundred feet in the air. It hovered there completely 
without noise for several minutes. I looked at the craft 
through my telescope and saw a pyramid shaped object which 
had two windows, had a blue light at the apex of the 
pyramid and a row of blue and green lights running along 
the bottom of the craft. Then it began to move away, flash-
ing a white and gold light. When it had reached the next 
block, it went straight up into the sky like a shooting 
star and was gone. 

Later that night I was awakened by an intensely bright gold 
and white light filling my bedroom. It was so bright it 
blinded me. 

I heard my father yelling in his bedroom. I left the house 
with the idea of going to the neighbors' to use their phone 
to call the police since we didn't have a phone. But, when 
I got outside and around the house by my father's bedroom, 
I saw a dark blue light coming from the window there. So I 
knelt down and looked under the Venetian blinds. I saw two 
aliens (they looked something like the ones in Roswell). I 
ran away, scared out of my mind down to the woods at the 
end of the street and hid. 

Later my father confirmed that there was something in his 
room that night, but he wouldn't admit that they were 
aliens. He thought they were angels. Being a minister, he 
would think that. 



Mystery Visitors

Hello Zsuzsana! This occurred only last night! I was home 
alone, with my family spending the night with friends, and 
even the cat was outdoors. I had just gone to bed, and I 
felt a strong bump behind me, like someone had sat on the 
edge of the bed! It startled me, and I turned over to find 
out that nothing or no-one was there! It wasn't a scary 
experience, but I felt like someone was definitely trying 
to get my attention! I had the feeling that it was a male 
presence, but not one I recognized. I have read of similar 
experiences others have had here, usually with family or 
close friends! I suppose the significance of this may 
become known at some time, but I think that if you are 
receptive to spiritual contact, such things are entirely 

Tom W.

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Almost Possessed

Hi! I've been an avid reader for a long time, and thought 
I might share my experiences. 

It first began about 11 years ago; I was 16 and had gone 
to this remote area in my country, the weather was stormy; 
winds were high, the feeling that I was not alone extremely 
intense... I blamed it on the weather. 

A few months later, I could detect spirits in a room... 
differentiating between the bad and the good... I still 
took it lightly... it was fun. The first experience that 
made a difference in my life was when I had to go to the 
bedroom next to mine to get a mattress. I opened the door 
and saw little beams/sparks of light that on my coming, 
combined into one big spiral and rushed towards me, dis-
appearing right in front of my face. It was scary to say 
the least, and not my imagination. 

A few months later, my grandmother passed away. I was in my 
bedroom trying to get some sleep. I was still wide awake 
and heard the stairs creek as someone came down, came into 
the room, and sat on the bed (I felt the mattress settle) 
and start crying. When I turned around, there was no one 

Once I came to Canada, I thought I had left all this 
behind, but it only got worse. I would heard someone drop 
stacks of newspaper (I don't know how I know this) on the 
floor... something come up to my bedroom door in the middle 
of the night... something follow me and sit next to me 
while I was alone. It got so bad that I could tell when HE 
was with me... I just KNEW that it was a male, a dominating 
one, and he refused to let anyone own me except for him-
self. Over the years, he began to possess me. I would be 
alright one minute, and the other minute someone else. I 
would look at myself in the mirror and it would be like 
it was someone else. I was looking at me through someone 
else's eyes, not my own. I was terrified of being alone, 
of walking along the street in fear that he would push 
me into the oncoming traffic and yes it affected all my 

One night I woke up knowing that someone had come to see 
me. I thought it was one of my cousins and went and asked 
her. It wasn't her, but I KNOW someone had come. I tried 
going back to my room, but I couldn't; it was as if 
someone/something was stopping me. I couldn't step over 
the threshold, so I went back to the living room til the 
feeling went away. I didn't switch the light on, and sat 
in the dark, after a while the room lit up with a white 
light. It was like being in the dark, because I could not 
see anything; it was bright yet I was blinded. I blinked, 
rubbed my eyes thinking it was my own creation, but it went 
away only when it was ready. For years, I would not listen 
to people telling their own experiences, because it got so 
strong that I knew that if I began to admit to being aware 
of it, it would come to me. My knowing about it was enough 
to attract it towards me. 

When I realized that there was no one who could help me 
out, I took things into my own hands, I began to fight 
it, I blocked my mind to anything and everything, I 
stopped listening, I stopped asking. I fought it when it 
came to me, tried to possess me. And after a few months 
it was gone. 

That was a year, maybe two ago. There is a permanent 
block now. I don't even try to remove it.

a reader


Angel Visits

Hi there, Zsuzsana. My name's Matt and I'm from Australia. 
I have an 18 month old boy and countless times he has look-
ed up in the air and focused on 'something' that was not 
visible to the adult eye. Always at those times I have had 
the strong feeling of having either my grandmother and/or 
grandfather (who Oscar never met) in the room with me. 
Oscar is always smiling when he does this and many times 
he points at what I know to be Nana or Grandy. I figure 
that children have the capacity to see angels as, unlike 
adults, they have never been told not to see them. 

These types of experiences have happened to me every few 
weeks since Nana and Grandy passed away (8 years and almost 
3 years respectively). My Mum said to me the other day that 
she wished that Nana and Grandy could have met Oscar and 
seen what a beautiful boy he is. I told Mum not to worry - 
they have met him and they visit him often. She knew I was 


(Note from Zsuzsana; Hi, Matt. Thanks for sharing. Have you 
ever thought of taking a few photographs when you and your 
little son are getting these apparent visits from the other 
side? It might be an interesting experiment:>)) 

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Haunting in Shelton

When I first moved into the first floor apartment of a 
circa 1920 2-family home, the landlord's 9 year-old 
granddaughter told me it was haunted.  Yes, I laughed it 
off.  In the 5 years that I've been there, though, I've 
come to believe she was right... 

My adjustable shower head would somehow be turned in 
between settings so that no water came out, but instead 
a small stream shot out sideways from the pressure and 
got me right in the face once in a while. Then there was 
the Mother's Day when my alarm clock went off by itself, 
as if to wish me a happy Mother's Day. Most recently, 
when the weather finally warmed up good this past May, 
I came home to find my summer robe lying on the floor in 
my bedroom in front of the closet door, and actually up 
against it!  Now these closets recess behind the walls to 
the sides - this robe had been in the back, behind solid 
wall. I've been lucky enough to also get some strange 
images in pictures; I can very clearly make out a face 
in the mist in one of them! 

Never a feeling of negativity, so as long as my ghost is 
keeping to practical jokes, he or she is welcome to stay! 

Kind Regards,

Deena C. Backert


The Vagrant's Visits

When I was 18- 19, I was living with my boyfriend and his 
parents. My bedroom (we all had our own) faced the front 
of the house and the circular driveway. There had been many 
a time that I had been alone in the house and heard my name 
being called. This happened mostly when I was alone in my 
bedroom reading. I always brushed it off and accused my 
boyfriend or his brother of teasing me even though they 
swore it wasn't them. One night we came home late after a 
dance and I had left my ceiling light on. We drove into 
the driveway (a couple of friends who were spending the 
night and us) and automatically looked into my room. There 
in the window was the PERFECT silhouette of a man with a 
hat - a large hat. We stopped the car and the two guys 
headed into the house (teenagers acting tough to protect 
the females) to take care of this guy. They got in there 
and then we could only see the two guys. There was nobody 
else there. After that, I refused to sleep in that room 
without the light on at all times and the door open (I 
dressed in the bathroom). Then one night I woke up in the 
middle of the night, turned on my side and looked down at 
the floor. There was a perfect shadow of a man by my bed - 
but it would have been impossible for it to actually be a 
person because they could NOT have cast a shadow in such a 
way considering where my light was. I knew all of this in 
an instant, so I closed my eyes; I couldn't move. I tried 
to scream and couldn't. I opened my eyes and the shadow 
was still there. I now know what terror feels like. I 
finally was able to open my eyes and look up in the doorway 
of my bedroom. There, in the doorway was a man. I can 
picture him to this day 24 years later. He was tall, 
dressed like a vagrant of maybe the 40's or even 50's. 
He was standing there looking at me. He had a beard and 
light colored hair. I just closed my eyes and prayed he 
would go away. Next time I opened them he was gone. I 
refused to sleep in that room anymore and soon I moved out. 
There is NOTHING that could ever convince me I didn't see 
a ghost. 

a reader 

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Ghost With a Top Hat

Hello again, Zsuzsana!

I would like to start by thanking you kindly for posting my 
experience with apports! Now, on to business; I'm writing 
in response to Joe's story a few issues ago about a man in 
a top hat leaning down over him. I have felt my body 
continually spinning while I dream before; its an awesome 
feeling. On this particular night, my mother claimed to 
have seen a shadowy man in a top hat standing at the foot 
of her bed, staring at her and my father. She said he 
tipped his hat and left the room, going across the hall 
into mine. Being a mother, she of course freaked out about 
some strange thing approaching her children. I was awakened 
by my mother throwing open my door just as my stereo turned 
on to some classical station. My radio has never worked 
until or after that moment. Nor was it plugged in at the 
time. That night I dreamed about dancing with a shadow of 
a man in a top hat. He wasn't scary at all, and I woke up 
feeling like I was spinning. It was cool, though my mother 
has never been comfortable with her door closed at night 

Sorry for taking so long to respond... thank you again for 

a reader 


Comments about Shadow People and Past Lives

I read both stories posted recently about someone seeing a 
dark figure and had a thought. It sounds to me like what 
they are seeing might be a shade. I don't know much about 
them myself, but they look just like a walking shadow of 
a person. I've never seen any myself but my boyfriend has 
told me he sometimes sees them walking around in the yard 
at night. They typically wander but will sometimes attach 
themselves to one person. There are good ones and evil ones 
so to speak, but they lean more towards neutral. Good ones 
will befriend someone and be fiercely loyal but if you 
anger or betray them you'll wish you had never been born. 
I'm told evil ones generally won't bother you unless you 
do something to it. Either way they're very dangerous to 
mess with. Though why one would choke someone I don't know. 
Not much is really understood about them. 

As for the person who has had a dream she thinks was a past 
life, I've had something similar. I have a memory of being 
a Union soldier in the American Civil War. I was a nurse 
and I was waiting in this little patch of trees for my best 
friend. The rebels weren't supposed to come to us until 
that night so we decided to go off away from the rest of 
the camp. Then it was early afternoon when we heard a 
cannon shot. My friend Sam ran back to the camp. I wanted 
to go with him but he insisted I stay in the trees because 
I would be safe. I stayed as he asked while the battle 
raged. The enemy came closer and closer to the trees I was 
hiding in and I was terrified. Two Confederate soldiers 
then came into the trees and spotted me. I did my best to 
lie still and play dead, but it was hard considering my 
heart was pounding. They soon decided I was dead, much 
to my relief, and left. Later in the afternoon the enemy 
was pushed back again. Then suddenly I just knew that Sam 
was hurt. I was a nurse and I just had to get to him. I ran 
out onto the battlefield and ran as fast as I could toward 
the Union line. I was shot in the shoulder and panicked. 
While running back toward the trees I was shot in the hip 
and fell. I did the only thing I could think of and started 
to crawl toward the Union line confident that someone would 
see me and I would be saved. The third shot hit me in the 
back, but hit at an angle so it wasn't instantly fatal. 
Basically I laid there and bled to death. If any of you are 
into history I'm sure this sounds familiar. When my cousin 
was going on a Boy Scout trip to Gettysburg they were 
selling the extra bus tickets so I went. When I stepped 
onto the battlefield of Pickett's Charge my blood ran cold. 
I found myself feeling ill and shivering even though it was 
88 degrees that day. Then, as the tour guide was giving 
his lecture, I felt a light shove on my back and I just 
said out loud, "I missed you too, Sam." I didn't do any 
snooping around there but I wish I had. I've been trying 
to find out more about who I may have been but it's proving 
to be difficult when all I have is 2 first names. People 
don't realize how much events of a past life can effect 
the present. To this day when I go to a fireworks show, I 
have to have something solid behind my back and I find 
myself flinching at every boom. 

a reader

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