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Publication: It's Much Worse Than I Thought
Much Worse Advice Debut!!

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It's Much Worse Than I Thought        Tuesday, Nov 14, 2006

Welcome to this week's issue of The Best of It's Much Worse 
Than I Thought.  How much worse is it?  Consider...

NEW!! -- Introducing Much Worse Advice. 

Click here to view today's debut edition of Much 
Worse Advice, featuring our much worse business advisor 
George Stevens -- from Amos 'N' Andy.

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NEW!! -- the Much Worse Hotline

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Much Worse Survey of the Week:

The results from last week's Much Worse Survey question — 
Who's the patently worst liar? – are in:

Bad news for George W. Bush, who led the pack with 37% of 
all votes cast.  Better news for former President Bill 
Clinton, who received only 18% of all votes cast (2% shy 
of O.J. Simpson's 20%), 8% more than any big tobacco exec-
utive, 14% more than any big oil executive, and 16% more 
than Michael Jackson, any U.N. official, and fellow Democrat 
Jim McGreevey.  John Kerry received a couple of write-in 
votes but probably won't get a congratulatory phone call 
from Bill Clinton any time soon...

Don't forget to take this week's Much Worse Survey.  Go to 

This week's Much Worse Survey question:  When was TV at its 

Much Worse Thought of the Week:

You know it's much worse than you thought when you discover 
that there's only a one-digit difference between your phone 
number and O.J. Simpson’s "Find the Real Killer(s) of Ron and 
Nicole Hotline".

-- Ethan S.

Got a much worse thought to share?  

Go to itsmuchworsethanithought.com, select Submit a Much 
Worse Thought from the Submit to Much Worse pulldown menu 
(or just click here), then fill out and submit the form. 
It's that simple.  If your Much Worse Tale is selected by 
our Much Worse editors for publication, you’ll get a free 
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Much Worse Editorial of the Week:

HDTV Ownership Driven by Higher Income Households...

This stunning conclusion comes from a new consumer research 
report authored by Leichtman Research Group, Inc.  LRG 
surveyed 1300 homes across America and discovered that rich 
people buy more HDTVs than poor people.  Bruce Leichtman, 
president and principal analyst for Leichtman Research Group, 
Inc., said "...more homes than ever are actually watching HD 
programming. Yet even with the price of HD sets decreasing, 
we see that growth of HD is being driven by those who can 
most afford to buy one..."

Go figure.  LRG's next report — Wealthy People Live in Nicer 
Neighborhoods Than Poor People — is expected to revolutionize 
the housing market...

Link to this week’s Much Worse video:

Much Worse Expert Interview with anger management consultant Dr. William Ire

Here's the link to other Much Worse Videos on EVTV1's Much 
Worse channel: http://evtv1.com/much%20worse.aspx.

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Dissatisfaction Guarantee.

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All rights reserved. 

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