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Publication: Mrs Alphabet
The Tenth Planet

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A*B*C----- MRS. ALPHABET -----X*Y*Z It's Fun and Easy! Alphabet, Math, Phonics, and Reading Games for Parents, Teachers and Kids! Monday, June 2, 2008 ------------------------------------------------------------ All you ever wanted to know about teaching the alphabet, math, phonics, and reading. Adults and kids join the fun: www.mrsalphabet.com ------------------------------------------------------------ Hi to All My Readers, Thanks for all your mail. This question seems very important, "What software do you like for math?" We have The Tenth Planet, and I like the program very much. very much. Have An A+ Day, Mrs. Alphabet ----------------------------------------------------------- Questions? Comments? email: Email Me ----------------------------------------------------------- In This Issue: 1. Quote 2. Maxi Unit - Summer 3. Letter Of The Week 4. More great Summer Links! 5. Past newsletters ++---- Education Counts ----++ " To know how to suggest is the art of teaching." ~Henri-Frédéric Amiel (1821-81) ------------------------------------------------------------ Set of 4 Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloths Store Price: $9.99 DEAL PRICE: $5.99 Get Two Packages (8 Cloths) for $9.98 These amazing cloth cleans dust, spills, or plain old dirt with no soap or chemicals. It can absorb up to 7 times its weight in liquid! Dry, this unique fiber sucks up dust like a magnet. With a little water, it can scrub away grime or shine glass and chrome. Each cloth measures 12 ½ X 12 ½ . You get a set of four in assorted bright colors. Made from durable micro-fiber you can wash them over and over again! They are super soft to avoid scratching of fine interior trim pieces.. Additional Benefit you can save both money and the environment... No More Need For Paper Towels! No chemicals or cleansers are needed for cleanups because super soft microfibers loosen and absorb dirt. Get one set (4 cloths) for $5.99 or get two sets (8 cloths for $9.98. Get more details at: Set of 4 Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloths ------------------------------------------------------------ Maxi Unit: Summer Part 4 of 6 With thoughts of the summer coming I heated up the web and found several activities and resources to keep our students and children challenged and growing over the vacation. Active Vacations: http://www.ctw.org/parents/advice/article/0,4125,761,00.html Beachy Keen: http://www.ctw.org/parents/advice/article/0,4125,638,00.html Bert Sunbathes The Safe Way: http://www.ctw.org/preschool/printme/view/0,1155,59651,00.html End Of The Year Ideas: http://www.fvsd.ab.ca/stm/end_of_the_year_and_summer_activ.htm Fruity Tooty Smoothie: http://www.ctw.org/parents/activity/article/0,4117,58666,00.html Piggyback Trips: http://www.ctw.org/parents/advice/article/0,4125,1088,00.html *More great Summer links listed at the end of this newsletter* ------------------------------------------------------------ THE BEST OF GRILLING on DVD Tips & Secrets For The Best Grilling... Retail Price: $19.99 Deal Price: $9.99 Would you like to learn the secret to knowing when the chicken on your grill is fully cooked and yet still moist and juicy? How about some tips on how to grill vegetable and fruit kabobs without turning them to mush? Maybe you’d like to grill tuna filets to perfection? Boy do we have a DVD for you. It's called "The Best of Grilling" and for 1/2 the normal price you can guarantee you will never serve your family underdone chicken or overcooked meat. Plus you’ll get a grill full of healthy, great tasting recipes. Grab a copy and start showing off immediately... The people you grill for will LOVE you... Best of Grilling ------------------------------------------------------------ Letter Of The Week: Bb For Beach Every Monday issue I will suggest a letter to learn and master plus a link to the Alphabet Kid who matches the letter: http://mrsalphabet.com/bobby.html The letters I choose are based on the mini units. Looking for fun ways to teach these letters go here: http://mrsalphabet.com/letteroftheweek.html http://mrsalphabet.com/links.html To visit all the alphabet kids go here: http://mrsalphabet.com/alphakids.html ********* More Summer Links ********* Great Vacations: http://www.ctw.org/parents/advice/article/0,4125,756,00.html Pick Up And Go: http://www.ctw.org/parents/advice/article/0,4125,889,00.html Safe Splashing: http://www.ctw.org/parents/advice/article/0,4125,1124,00.html Strawberry Pizza: http://www.ctw.org/parents/advice/article/0,4125,962,00.html Thrifty Tips For Nifty Trips: http://www.ctw.org/parents/advice/article/0,4125,803,00.html Water Warning: http://www.ctw.org/parents/advice/article/0,4125,886,00.html ************************************************************ ABOUT MRS. ALPHABET.... Mrs. Alphabet is a National Board Certified Teacher (EC Gen), author, trainer, and educator who devoted 40 years to teaching young children foundational skills, creating original materials, and updating old techniques. I have a masters Degree in Early Childhood Education and have instructed children from 2-12. This newsletter grants me the pleasure and opportunity to share my wealth of knowledge and expertise with parents, students, and educators in cyberspace. ************************************************************ Want some Fun and Amusements sent by email F-R-E-E Visit: F-R-E-E Newsletters ************************************************************ END OF MRS. ALPHABET - http://www.gophercentral.com Copyright 2008 by NextEra Media. All rights reserved. Please forward this, in its entirety, to others
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