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Publication: Mouthpiece
Troy McClure Film or Actual Terrible Movie

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T H E . M O U T H P I E C E       Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Good Afternoon,

Here's a funny joke I read this morning. 

A man said his credit card was stolen but he decided not 
to report it because the thief was spending less than his 
wife did. 

It's funny because it's true. 

Mouthing Off,

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[m]  q u o t e s . o f . t h e . d a y 

"Gay marriage started today in California. Let me be the 
first to congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Seacrest." 
- Craig Ferguson

"President Bush said that after he retires he wants to 
write a book. Bush said he's not sure if it will be about 
politics or about his personal life, but he is sure it 
will be a pop-up book." 
- Conan O'Brien

"The New York Times is reporting that both Bill and Hillary 
Clinton have an enemies list. Hillary's is mostly people 
who endorsed Barack Obama instead of her, and Bill's list 
is mostly chicks who can't keep a secret." 
- Jay Leno 

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What's On the Web? 

Troy McClure Film or Actual Terrible Movie

You may remember him from such hits as Christmas Ape and 
Christmas Ape Goes to Summer Camp, but how well do you 
remember Troy McClure's other projects? Can you tell which 
of the following titles come from the filmography of 
Springfield's favorite screen icon and which are the real-
life dregs of IMDb? 

Visit: Troy McClure Film or Actual Terrible Movie



There comes a time in a man's life when he must ask 
himself, "What Would Chuck Norris Do?".  This hilarious 
spoof site celebrates the raw toughness of Mr. Norris.
I think this was in a recent issue, but Chuck called 
and told me to put it in this issue or he was going to 


The Bit Shooter Master... You've Seen it on TV...

Normal Price: $19.99 
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Bit Shooter is the revolutionary spin and load screwdriver 
with the unique multi-cartridge speed loading system. With 
the Bit Shooter you'll always have the screwdriver bit you 
need in one handy tool. 

The Bit Shooter's magnetized Speed Loader Cylinders are 
designed to hold common tool bits and snap on easily for 
quick tool changes. 

The Bit Shooter is SOOOO easy to use. You'll love having
any bit right at your fingertips.

Bit Shooter replaces all your other screwdrivers! It's 24 
screwdrivers. The uses are many, it actually replaces over 
50 tools. The Bit Shooter Master...

[m]  b i t s . n . b o b s 

You know you work for the government when...

* The process becomes more important than the product

* You don't see anything wrong with attending a meeting 
on a subject you know nothing about

* You feel you contributed to the meeting just by being 

* You stop raising issues/problems because you know you 
will be the one answering them.

* You fly first class across the country to attend a 
conference with 100+ people to discuss the fact that 
the project does not have enough money.

* You work for an acronym, on an acronym, and your job 
title is an acronym.

* You understand the rationalization of an acronym 
composed of acronyms.

* You know that the location of a meeting is directly 
related to its importance.

(1) A meeting at Fort Hood requires a subordinate or a 

(2) The same meeting at Lake Tahoe requires your personal 

* You've sat at the same desk for 3 years, done the same 
thing for 3 years, but have had 3 different business 

[From AndyChaps]


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t h e . m o u t h p i e c e 
END OF THE MOUTHPIECE - http://www.gophercentral.com 
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