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Publication: Mouthpiece
Celebrity Lovechild Quiz

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T H E . M O U T H P I E C E       Thursday, April 3, 2008

Good Afternoon,

You know, I would be an only child if it weren't for my 
brother and sister. Think about it. 

Thinking about stuff is fun, but it also makes my head 

Mouthing Off,

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[m]  q u o t e s . o f . t h e . d a y 

"John McCain is having trouble raising money for his 
campaign. Whenever he does raise money, he puts it in 
a card and sends it to his grandchildren." 
- Conan O'Brien 

"On a lighter note, Hillary Clinton announced that her 
favorite music group is the Rolling Stones. She said 
they were the first concert she ever went to. John McCain 
said the first concert he ever attended was two guys 
pounding on a log with sticks to celebrate successful 
wooly mammoth hunt." 
- Jay Leno 

"I like John McCain. He looks like the guy at the hardware 
store who makes the keys." 
- David Letterman 


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is one of the most energy efficient types of flashlights 
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design makes it really handy and portable. It's perfect 
for camping, travel, boating, home emergency kits, or even 
walking the dog! Colors may vary. 

- Waterproof     
- 100,000 hour LEDs     
- Safety Bell 
- 10 mile visibility...    
- 120 foot effective range
- Anti-shock structure     
- Takes 3 AAA Batteries (INCLUDED)

Save more when you buy two or more.
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What's On the Web? 


Relive hilarious moments from the classic TV sitcom 
"Seinfeld." The little show about "nothing" certainly 
generated a lot of quotations... 




This site has merged together the faces of 20 random 
celebrity pairs to discover what their illegitimate off-
spring may look like. Can you guess the parents of these 
morphed creatures? 



Normal Price: $19.99
DEAL PRICE: $12.99 or two for $19.98

What a great idea... this 3-piece set combines all the 
stuff you want and need for a pleasant day walking. 

A large zippered pouch holds your personal items such as 
keys, money, wallet, garage door opener and more. 

Set includes:
- Lightweight, adjustable hip pack
- 16 ox Stainless Steel Water Bottle
- Electronic Pedometer 

What's great is for the price you would expect to pay just 
for the pedometer you can get the entire set. Plus using 
THIS water bottle helps save the environment by limiting 
the amount of plastic used to create the bottles. To see a 
picture or order, visit: 3-PC WALKING SET

[m]  b i t s . n . b o b s 

                     Late Show Top Ten

                 Top Ten Messages Left On 
           The Pregnant Man's Answering Machine

10. "I thought you said you were using protection"

9. "It's Angelina Jolie. I'd like to adopt the baby"

8. "This is your wife — can I borrow your Gillette Mach 3 

7. "It's Maury. I'd love to test to see if you're the 
   mother and/or the father"

6. "Ralph Nader here. I've had sex with myself for years 
   and never got pregnant"

5. "It's Maury. Again, seriously, how fast can you get 

4. No number 4 — writer still stuck on JetBlue flight — 
   what's it been, like a year?

3. "Michael Moore here. People ask me if I'm pregnant too" 

2. "This is Dr. Phil. We should talk"

1. "Michael Jackson here — just wanted to reach out to 
   another androgynous freak show


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t h e . m o u t h p i e c e 
END OF THE MOUTHPIECE - http://www.gophercentral.com 
Copyright 2008 by NextEra Media. All rights reserved.

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