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Publication: Mouthpiece
Banana Museum

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T H E . M O U T H P I E C E       Friday, August 1, 2008

Good Afternoon,

Before the summer comes to an end I need to get out to the 
beach. Before I engage the sand and surf I need to take 
care of the following: 

1. Find my bathing suit
2. Shave my back 
3. Find a beach to go to 
4. Get enough sun block to cover Nebraska
5. Buy some goggles, an inflatable raft, a beach towel and 
   a pair of sunglasses. 

On second thought, maybe the beach isn't such a good idea. 

Mouthing Off,

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[m]  q u o t e s . o f . t h e . d a y 

"Earlier this week, John McCain had a small mole removed 
from his temple... to which President Bush said, 'Temple? 
I didn't know he was Jewish'."
- Jay Leno 

"Yesterday, a moderate earthquake hit California. Gov. 
Arnold Schwarzenegger was giving a speech at the time, 
and the shaking was so great, you could actually under-
stand what he was saying." 
- Conan O'Brien 

"Americans will put up with anything provided it doesn't 
block traffic." 
- Dan Rather 


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This lightweight scanner instantly disinfects faucets, door 
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of germs in just 10 seconds. It is safe & effective. It 
includes a carrying pouch for traveling or for a purse.

If you travel, you simply MUST have this. Take a few 
minutes and run it over your hotel bed and sheets... you 
wouldn't believe the germs in even the finest hotels. And 
don't forget to run it over the almost never wiped down 
phones and remote controls.

Remember get one for $14.98 or two (2) for $25.98. 
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What's On the Web? 


During these times of trouble and turmoil, nothing sedates 
a soul or stifles common sense quite like words of wisdom 
from Dr. Phil. Click the button as often as you need to 
satisfy the "inner wuss" in you.




Are you tired of the same old run-of-the-mill museums? Get 
ready for a tribute to that most perfect fruit - THE BANANA!
Museum curator Ann Mitchell Lovell has assembled close to 
4,000 items, a melange of artifacts, folk art and other 
cultural oddities devoted to the world's perfect fruit. 


The Heavy Duty Bovano Backpack just $9.99

Bovano, the renowned name in hand bags, has produced this 
heavy duty back pack. Stylish enough for school yet durable
enough for camping, this will be the only backpack you will
ever need to buy. 

With over 5 separate compartments, this adjustable, double
strapped backpack even comes with its own water bottle
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is the price: Only $9.99. To take advantage of this one
of a kind offer visit: Bovano Backpack

[m]  b i t s . n . b o b s 

                     Late Show Top Ten

                 Top Ten Jerry Lewis Excuses

10. "Rehearsing for my new film 'The Nutty Terrorist'"

9. "I haven't been myself since Lindsay Lohan went Lesbian"

8. "I'm Batman"

7. "No shampoo on planes I understand, but guns? What is 
   this, Damascus"

6. "Was whacked out on some stuff I got from Amy Winehouse"

5. "Confused myself with Jerry Lee Lewis"

4. "How else do I open those airline peanuts?"

3. "I was told this was a roast!"

2. "Just found out I was seated next to Andy Dick"

1. "Sorry, I thought I put the gun in my schlamaaaaaaven"

1. "Sorry


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t h e . m o u t h p i e c e 
END OF THE MOUTHPIECE - http://www.gophercentral.com 
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