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Publication: ABC Soaps
More new moms go the diaper-free way

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    THE COFFEE BREAK - Tuesday, January 9, 2007  

Now my babysitter is sick...this is some crazy bug running
around our family.

I will post reader comments in Wed. issue.

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           More new moms go the diaper-free way
A rapidly growing movement is taking speed among New York 
mothers -- toilet training children from as young as just 
a few weeks.  Beth Schwartz's 15-month-old daughter, Eden,
has been diaper-free for more than a year. The movement is
called "elimination communication" and argues that it is 
wrong for parents to force their babies to wear diapers, 
and inhumane to let a child sit in a wet or dirty one, the
New York Post reported.  Advocates of the diaper-free 
movement say if parents listen to children closely, they
can train them from a very early age. Movement adherents 
say they only use diapers on rare occasions, such as a 
lengthy outing.  Schwartz -- who is 40 and has three 
children older than Eden -- said at first she thought the
idea would be too time-consuming, but it made sense after
she saw how effective it was. Eden rarely has accidents, 
Schwartz told the newspaper.


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          'Language police' list new offenses
Members of a group in India who call themselves the "global
language police" have put out an all-points bulletin on 
politically insensitive words.  The Press Trust of India
reported that offenses include replacing "Oriental" with 
"Asian" and replacing "women" with "womyn" in order to 
distance the genders.  "Macaca" is also included -- a video 
of former U.S. Sen. George Allen, R-Va., using it may have 
cost him his bid for re-election in 2006.  The list also
reports on a Glasgow, Scotland, coffee shop where the 
proprietor refused to serve a customer "black" coffee 
because he thought it racist. He would only serve "coffee
without milk."  Another word deemed offensive was"
"metrosexual," with a suggested replacement: "menaissance" 
or "male renaissance."  Also suggested, the report said, 
was the altering of certain Christmas carols to be more
inclusive of both genders.


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           Jewelry scam troubles Palm Beach
Two men duped a homeowner in Palm Beach County, Fla., out 
of her jewelry in a simple yet bold scam, police said.  The
Palm Beach Post reported the woman lost $30,000 worth of
jewelry when the two men showed up at her door telling her 
that the roof to her house was damaged. The men, claiming 
they could fix the roof for a low price, borrowed a bucket,
and then urgently asked for some milk to put in the bucket.
The Post reported that after the milk was poured in, they
told the woman the chemicals would ruin rings and other 
jewelry, and told her to put the jewelry into the bucket.
The rings then disappeared and so did the men. The Palm
Beach woman said other pieces of jewelry were missing 
from the bedroom after the men left.  The Post said
area police have been warning residents of the scam.

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