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Publication: Coffee Break
Minister launches drive-in church

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   THE COFFEE BREAK - Wednesday, June 11, 2008             

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Travelers say U.S. airport check-in plans set up to sort
fliers based on familiarity with security needs are flawed 
since too many people think they're experts.

With the new security check-in "lanes" being introduced 
in New York after being tried in 21 airports around the 
United States, some air travelers say they're a good idea 
but flawed in execution because most people believe they
know more about security requirements than they really do, 
thus slowing down an effort to speed up security lines, 
The New York Times reported Tuesday.

Under the system, travelers are asked to "self-sort" into 
three lanes: One for frequent travelers who are aware
of what can and cannot be brought onto a plane, one for
causal travelers and a third for people who know they'll
need help getting through security. The system is already
in place in Salt Lake City and Boston, the Times says.

It found some air passengers who say the system doesn't
speed things as much as it should because too many
travelers put themselves in the "expert lane" when they
shouldn't be there.

U.S. Transportation Security Agency officials, however,
say they have anecdotal evidence showing the expert lane 
idea is working, the Times said.

What are  your thoughts on Airport security 'expert lane'?

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           Gender-neutral restrooms rising in Wis.
Wisconsin activists advocating gender-neutral restrooms say
numerous college campuses and department stores have 
installed gender-neutral facilities.  Quinn Bennett, a
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee student who was born
female but lives as a male, said school administrators
were receptive to his argument that the gender-neutral 
facilities are easier for transgender and cross-dressing 
people to use, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported.
"It's very unfortunate when you have to defend your decision 
to use a restroom," Bennett said.  The Milwaukee location 
was one of several UW campuses to install gender-neutral 
bathrooms, which are typically single-occupancy facilities
with locking doors.  Julaine Appling, chief executive 
officer of the Wisconsin Family Council, criticized the
move toward more gender-neutral restrooms, which she said 
her organization believes amplifies the risk of sexual 



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              Minister launches drive-in church
A Georgia church had its first drive-in service Sunday,
attracting worshipers who remained in their cars while the
minister preached.  The Rev. Norman Markle of New Hope 
Methodist Church in Marietta, Ga., says he has been
pondering the idea of a drive-in church for a couple of 
years, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.  Markle
sees drive-in spirituality as the logical next step for
people who eat in their cars and conduct business by cell
phone.  To inaugurate his new service, Markle purchased a 
low-powered AM transmitter and posted signs along Cobb 
Parkway urging people to "Worship in Your Car Just as You 
Are."  "I thought we could get some new people to come out
and see what the word of God is on Sunday," Markle told
the newspaper.  About a dozen cars showed up for the first
service Sunday but Markle says he is optimistic the number
will increase, the Journal-Constitution reported.


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              Empty keg thefts increasing
Authorities in southern Florida have seen a spike in thefts 
of empty beer kegs by people thought to be selling the metal
containers as scrap.  The Broward Sheriff's Office said 10
kegs were stolen May 28 from the Carolina Ale House in 
Weston, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported.  Police
said a May 27 theft involved $1,000 worth of kegs and other
equipment stolen from the Southport Raw Bar in Fort
Lauderdale.  Investigators said the thefts increase as
metal prices rise and the economy weakens. They said they
believe thieves are selling the empty kegs -- which are
made of aluminum or stainless steel -- as scrap metal.  
Beer industry officials said southern Florida, in 
particular, has seen an increase in the thefts.  "Anecdotal
evidence points to a surge of thefts there," said Jeff
Becker, president of the Beer Institute in Washington.
"It's quickly become a major problem."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Reader Comments ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
What are your thoughts on making 'Brokeback Mountain' into
an Opera?

"Sure, Why not"

"Yeah that fits, an opera (or the privacy of ones bedroom)
is a good place for gay stuff.  Ya know, I've met a lot of
cowboys, rodeo riders, farmers, ranch hands, etc.  in my
life and if any of them were gay, they kept it to them 
selves.  I bet old Roy was a spinning in his grave when 
that movie came out."

"not sure how you can make that movie into an Opera and
what is the big deal about the movie anyhow?"

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