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Publication: Miles, Miles, Miles
April specials and 500 bonus miles.

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             M I L E S,  M I L E S,  M I L E S 
                   Earn 'Em And Burn 'Em! 

Wednesday, March 28, 2007  

Dear MILES, MILES, MILES member, 

Here's what I have for you in this week's issue... 

* 500 Mile Bonus Offer
* Double Miles to Loreto, Mexico
* Great savings for travel in April

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US Airways 500 Mile Bonus Offer
Program: US Airways 

Offer: Just what you have been wishing for - an easy way to 
earn 500 bonus miles. Point and click your way towards Award 
travel on US Airways with Dividend Miles online booking 
bonus. Earn 500 bonus miles for every time you purchase a 
roundtrip ticket online at usairways.com. Dividend Miles 
Award seats are limited and may not be available on all 
flights. Blackout dates apply. Earn 500 bonus miles for each 
roundtrip ticket purchased online.

LINK: 500 Mile Bonus Offer

Air Soft Spring Pistol 2-pk in Carrying Case

Store Price: $49.99

This may be the Deal of the Century... here you get not one 
but two (2) spring-loaded Air Sport Guns for less than the 
normal cost of one!

Styled after the Walther PPK (the gun James Bond uses) these 
handsome, highly realistic handgun simulates the look and feel 
of a real gun. This pistol is a spring-powered repeater which 
holds BB's in a magazine clip. This unique collection contains:

- One (1) Black Pistol
- One (1) Silver Pistol
- One (1) Box (approximately 100) 6mmBB Pellets
- One (1) Molded Plastic Carrying Case

 *** Sorry, there is a limit of five collection per order ***

To order, get more info or see a picture, visit:

Air Soft Spring Pistol 2-pk in Carrying Case

Earn Double Miles on Our New Service to Loreto, Mexico
Program: Continental Airlines 
Dates: Between June 7 and Aug. 31, 2007

Offer: Fly Continental Airlines round trip between Houston 
(IAH) and Loreto, Mexico (LTO), between June 7 and Aug. 31, 
2007 and earn double miles. Valid only on flights operated 
by Continental or Continental Express. All qualifying travel 
must be on flights for which member is earning OnePass miles. 
Mileage earned through promotional offers do not qualify 
towards Elite qualification.

LINK: Double Miles to Loreto, Mexico


Store Price: $599.99
DEAL PRICE: $399.99

This High Quality Camcorder and Camera has so much to offer.
From the High Resolution movie recording (720x480) to the
maximum digital photo resolution rated at 12 Mega pixels it
will turn anything you film into a professional looking 
recording. Here are just a few of the features (we encourage
you to visit the site for a full listing):

- Panasonics CCD low light sensor. 
- Portable media player (PMP) plays MP4 and AVI format video. 
- Motion stabilization for video recording. 
- AV (audio/video) input for direct TV/VCR/DVD recording. 
- AV output for TV viewing. 
- MP3 player
- 3" TFT super wide screen for playback movie or video watching. 
- Built-in micro speaker and audio line out. 
- Built-in high capacity lithium rechargeable battery lasts up to 
  3 hours on video recording and up to 400 shots. 

Accessories Included:
Credit card size remote control, USB cable, ,RCA A/V cable, Full 
editing software for both picture and video, Charger, Headset,
Carrying pouch, Full users manual and 1 Year Warranty.

Even the normal price of $599.99 is below what many retailers are
selling an HD Camcorder with all these features. But you can Save
and additional $200.00. Check it out at:

HD Camcorder & Camera

TITLE:  Great savings for travel in April
Program: United Airlines
Dates: Depart between April 11, 2007 and April 30, 2007.

Offer: Plan your April getaway now to take advantage of these 
hot deals on United.  Listed at the link below below are just 
a handful of the spectacular savings United is offering you, 
so search today and let United take you where you need to go 
this April.  And remember, always book on united.com to avoid 
booking fees! A 14-day advance purchase is required.  

LINK: Search Cities for April Savings


That's all for this week. Hope you enjoy your travels and 
remember to always be safe! 

          GopherCentral's Question of the Week: 

Do you believe the British Navy was in Iranian waters when 

 Please share your opinion, visit: The Question of the Week


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