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Publication: Miles, Miles, Miles
Travel Checklist

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             M I L E S,  M I L E S,  M I L E S   
                   Earn 'Em And Burn 'Em!   

Wednesday, November 15, 2006  

Dear MILES, MILES, MILES member,   

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Here's what I have for you in this week's issue...   

* Air Trans Hertz Double A+ Rewards Credits 
* American Airlines Double Miles
* United Airlines Elite Status  
* ATA Double Travel Awards 

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Drum Frenzy - Roll Up Drum Set

No matter how often you travel, you may question whether or 
not you are bringing only the necessary items with you in 
your carry-on luggage. Here is a detailed list of what you 
need, so you don't have to wonder anymore!

* A passport, for all travel outside the U.S. and identifi-
cation purposes.

* Wallet

* Driver's License and/or other proper photo identification 
required for domestic travel.

* Insurance cards for both your medical and automobile 

* Credit cards

* Travelers checks

* Coupons

* Airline, Cruise or Train tickets

* Itinerary with confirmation numbers and addresses and phone 
numbers of where you'll be staying
* Travel brochures and maps

* Lots of crisp one-dollar bills for all those tipping 

* A small amount of local currency for immediate use to hold 
you over until you can make it to a currency exchange, if 
you're planning foreign travel.

Rand McNally Route Trip Planner CDRom for just shipping

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planning software. Anyone can plan their routes quickly 
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Hertz Double A+ Rewards Credits and Up to $20 Savings
Program: Air Trans A+ Rewards
Dates: Now through December 31, 2006

Earn double A+ Rewards credits and save $5 per day on qualify-
ing Leisure Weekend Rate rentals of two or more days. Or earn 
double A+ Rewards credits and save $20 on qualifying Leisure 
Weekly Rate rentals. 

Earn double miles 
American Airlines / American Eagle 
Book your ticket between October 9, 2006 and January 31, 2007
Travel between October 9, 2006 and January 31, 2007 

Earn double miles for travel on our nonstop flights between Chicago O'Hare and: 
Memphis (MEM) 
Orange County (SNA) 
San Francisco (SFO) 

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for years, now you can use the same technology. Get your very
own Flashing Light Pen for Just $1.99 by visiting: 
The Light Pen  

2007 Elite Status with double EQM and EQS 
United Airlines
Book your ticket October 2, 2006 - November 24, 2006
Travel between October 24, 2006 - December 16, 2006

Register and pay $499 and receive double Elite Qualifying 
Miles(EQM) or Elite Qualifying Segments(EQS) on qualifying 
travel between October 24 and December 16, 2006. You must 
register by November 24, 2006.


Double Travel Awards Points
Dates: Simply book and complete non-stop travel between 
October 10 and December 10, 2006

For a limited time, Travel Awards Members will earn Double 
Points for each one way or roundtrip flight completed to 
Hawaii, between Phoenix, Las Vegas, Oakland, Los Angeles, 
or Ontario, CA and Hilo, Honolulu, or Maui.


That's all for this week. Hope you enjoy your travels and   
remember to always be safe!    

Remember to let EVTV1.com Be Your Travel Guide:
Travel Videos  

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