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Publication: Miles, Miles, Miles
Advance Seat Assignment

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             M I L E S,  M I L E S,  M I L E S   
                   Earn 'Em And Burn 'Em!   

Wednesday, January 3, 2007  

Dear MILES, MILES, MILES member,   

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Here's what I have for you in this week's issue...   

* Advance Seat Assignment 
* System Wide Sale with Southwest Airlines
* Bonus Points to Miles with Northwest Airlines
* Chicago Promotion with American Airlines
* System Wide Sale with AirTran Airways

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A Masterpiece Produced From A Fusion Of Art and Science --
The 3D CRYSTAL GUARDIAN ANGEL -- Its Truly Captivating...

              "WOW - How'd they do that?"

That's what you'll say when you see this latest LASER TECHNOLOGY. 
The 3D Guardian Crystal Angel is masterfully etched with 
precision laser "explosions" and suspended inside a block of 

From her intricately feathered wings to her delicately crafted 
praying hands, this piece is simply astonishing. Unmatched
beauty and clarity makes the 3D Crystal Guardian Angel a true
keepsake and a perfect gift for friends and family. See for 
yourself - you won't be disappointed. Now as low as $4.99 when
you visit: 
3D Crystal Guardian Angel

Advance Seat Assignment 

When buying airline tickets online, call the airline to get 
seat assignment immediately if no seat assignment is given. 
If you arrive at the ticket counter without seat assignment 
on an overbooked flight, you probably will get bumped off the 
flight and forced to take a later flight, which can be several 
hours or even a day later. Due to overbooking, an advanced
seat assignment can reduce the risk of getting 'bumped'!

What can YOU have in common with Hollywood stars? 
You can all wear Jean Gems...

Tinseltown is abuzz about this hot new trend of pairing denim 
with jewelry. Jean Gems are designed to be worn on your belt 
loop. Simply sexy... that's what its all about. 

Similar jewelry sells for as much as $150.00, but you can get 
the Genuine Jean Gem Butterfly Kisses edition for just $4.99 
or less. Check out the Butterfly Jean Gems, visit:
Jean Gems

Systemwide Sale
Program: Southwest 
Dates: Book tickets by 1/22/07, for travel through 5/10/07. 

Offer: Although it advertises fares from $49 one-way, prices 
as low as $29 are available. Destinations include Orlando, 
Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.


25 Percent Bonus Points to Miles
Program: Northwest Airlines
Dates: Until Jan. 31, 2007

Offer: Members of Northwest WorldPerks can convert hotel 
points to Northwest Miles and provide a 25 percent mileage. 

You'll Be Amazed At The Stunts It Performs!

Store & TV Price: $29.99
OUR PRICE: $19.99

Already flying off the shelves, The Ramper is shaping
up to be the #1 RC Product this year. This powerful
car can do just about anything! 

What makes it unique are the five (5) wheels that allow
for flexibility, power and precision. 

The middle wheel lights up and the other four wheels work 
like arms, allowing the car to stand up, spin, flip, and 
even go down and up stairs. This stunt car comes complete 
with rechargeable batteries, a charger and a 9V battery 
for the controller. Get your Ramper RC Stunt Car early
before stocks are depleted. Visit:
Ramper RC Stunt Car 

Chicago Promotion
Program: American AAdvantage 
Dates: Extended until 2/28/07

Offer: Fly roundtrip from or to Chicago once, get 5,000 bonus 
miles. Fly twice, get 10,000 bonus miles or fly three times 
and you'll earn 25,000 bonus miles, enough for a free ticket. 


System-Wide Sale
Program: AirTran
Dates: Book tickets by 1/18/07 and travel through 5/23/07.

Offer: Most AirTran Airways destinations are on sale with the 
lowest sale fares available for travel on Tuesdays, Wednesdays 
and Saturdays, and additional sale fares are available for 
travel on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.


That's all for this week. Hope you enjoy your travels and   
remember to always be safe!    

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