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Publication: The Paranormal Insider
Mental Gardening

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Issue date: Saturday, April 22, 2006
P A R A N O R M A L  I N S I D E R  

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Welcome to the Paranormal Insider. With warmer weather on 
the way, many of us have gone back to the garden, weeding, 
pruning and planting the shrubs and flowers that will 
brighten our summer. Not to mention the fresh fruits and 
vegetables that will grace our tables. Well, I really 
shouldn't say "us," because good ol' Gus is the kiss of 
death to any gardening project. Maybe it's the bad 
"vibration" plants pick up when I'm around - or maybe it's 
my lack of gardening skill--but I've found it's more time 
efficient for me to pick my produce at Safeway. Not that 
other people don't have a better experience... as this 
week's first story illustrates.

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Mental Gardening.                    

Hi Gus:
"I've never written a letter to you before, but I thought 
you would be interested in my story, as long as you didn't 
use my name. I have been ridiculed for my beliefs in the 
past and expect to be scorned by some for what follows. 
All I ask is that my fellow subscribers keep their hearts 
and minds open.
"Years ago when I began growing vegetables in a small plot 
of land next door to my house, gardening was my hobby. It 
was fun to see things grow and enjoy the fruits of my labor
at the dinner table. Today, I could no more sit down to a 
meal of my own vegetables than I could to a meal of my own 
pets. Once I got to know vegetables, they were very much 
living, breathing creatures similar in many ways to a dog 
or a cat.
"My attitude changed slowly. I'd be working happily in my 
garden and I'd suddenly notice an especially adorable 
carrot or enchanting zucchini. I'd reach over to give it 
a pat and a bit of praise. Curiously, it seemed to respond 
to the compliment, maturing into the most beautiful 
vegetable in the garden. In this way, I began feeling 
bonded with my plants. When their leaves were droopy or 
bothered by pests, I'd feel blue. When they looked perky, 
my spirits would soar. But the event that changed my mind 
forever was the day I fried my potatoes..."

(Continued below)

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Mental Gardening, Part 2.               

"... The potatoes I fried were the sweetest new potatoes I 
ever grew and I planned to serve them for dinner. I let 
the oil get bubbling hot and then I tossed them into the 
pan. It was horrific! I heard those little potatoes scream 
in agony as they were fried alive. Naturally, I couldn't 
eat a bite and it was excruciating to watch my family 
gobble them down.
"From that point on, I decided to allow my vegetables to 
live out their natural lifespan, like when you don't put 
your elderly dog asleep even though he is constantly 
peeing on the floor. I plant and tend my garden as usual. 
However, instead of picking the crop, I let it die on the 
vine. My plants have a healthy and wonderful life - and a 
quiet, peaceful passing. I grieve silently, taking solace 
in the fact that I did my best for them.
"Because my family insists on eating vegetables, I buy 
them at the supermarket. I try not to think about where 
they come from, but sometimes I wonder, 'Whose little 
squash are you?'"

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She Asks - You Reply.                    

In last week's issue, a college girl asked for your advice.
She wanted to know if a spirit she was in touch with had 
originally entered her life via an Ouija Board. Here are 
some of your answers. Once again, I appreciate the thought 
that went in every response and regret that I lack space 
to print them all.

Hello Gus:
"In reply to the college girl's question: No, you are not 
imagining that a spirit has entered your life. It is really
happening. You may be channeling the spirit you initially 
contacted via the Ouija Board. How do you discover if this 
is true? Just ask it. But do so through our Heavenly 
Father, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit which is 
truth. If the entity does not intend to follow the precepts
laid down by Them, it will let you know. Then you can 
command it to leave in Their Names.
"If and when the responses you receive from this entity 
become wicked and evil, it is your responsibility. Because 
you have a choice. The entity has already made a choice to 
be on the dark side. What side are you going to be on?"
"... If you have an Ouija Board, the best way to get rid 
of it is through burning."

Dear Gus:
"... I threw my Ouija Board into the fire after hearing or 
reading terrifying stories such as those published last 

Hello Gus: 
"As far as the woman who can now sense what other people 
are thinking, she unintentionally magnified her own natural
psychic gifts by using the Ouija Board. This 'talking board'
is a gateway to the Other Side where the spirits you contact
are not always what they purport to be. Once, my ex-sister-
in-law was playing with an Ouija Board when the planchette 
flew off the table and smacked her in the face. A stinging, 
red imprint not unlike a hand remained on her face for 

A Contrary View.                      

Hey Gus:
"I read the responses to the questions the young girl had 
about the Ouija Board and was very surprised that nothing 
positive was said. I agree that the Ouija Board can be 
very dangerous in the wrong hands, but I have been using 
one for years to no ill effect. I have encountered bad 
spirits while using the board, but also good ones. As soon 
as I put my hands on the planchette, I can sense if the 
spirit I've contacted has evil intentions. When I encounter
that feeling, I simply put the Ouija Board away for several 
days before trying it again. I guess what I am trying to 
say is that an Ouija Board can be a very useful tool if 
you are experienced enough to use it safely, and have good 
intentions while using it."

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