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Publication: Daily Almanac
Mel Gibson

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       TODAY'S ALMANAC- Wednesday Jan 3, 2007
    "The History, Days and Events that Shape Your Life" 

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    *------------ Thought of the Day ---------------*
     Henry David Thoreau said, "Be true to your work, 
     your word, and your friend."


Today is Wednesday, Jan. 3, the third day of 2007, with 362 
to follow. The moon is waning. The morning stars are Mercury, 
Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.  The evening stars are 
Uranus and Neptune.

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Those born on this date are under the sign of Capricorn are:

feminist and abolitionist Lucretia Mott in 1793; 

British Prime Minister Clement Attlee in 1883; 

J.R.R. Tolkien, author of the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, 
in 1892; 

actor Ray Milland in 1908; 

entertainer Victor Borge in 1909; 

Maxine Andrews of the Andrews Sisters trio in 1918; 

actors Robert Loggia in 1930 (age 75) 

and Dabney Coleman in 1932 (age 73); 

Hockey Hall of Famer Bobby Hull in 1939 (age 66); 

actress Victoria Principal in 1950 (age 55); 

actor/director Mel Gibson in 1956 (age 49); 

actress Danice McKellar ("The Wonder Years") in 1975 (age 30).


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On this date in history:

In 1777, the Continental Army commanded by Gen. George 
Washington defeated the British at Princeton, N.J.
In 1938, the first March of Dimes campaign to fight polio 
was organized.
In 1939, Gene Cox, 13, became the first female congressional 
In 1959, Alaska became the 49th state of the Union.
In 1961, the United States severed diplomatic relations 
with Cuba after Fidel Castro announced he was a communist.
In 1967, Jack Ruby, who shot and killed Lee Harvey Oswald, 
the assumed assassin of President John F. Kennedy, died of 
cancer in Dallas.
In 1969, police at Newark, N.J., confiscated a shipment of
the John Lennon-Yoko Ono albums "Two Virgins" because the 
cover photo, featuring full frontal nudity, violated 
pornography statues.
In 1990, deposed Panamanian dictator Gen. Manuel Antonio 
Noriega left his refuge in the Vatican Embassy in Panama 
City and surrendered to U.S. troops. He was whisked to 
Florida to face narcotics trafficking charges.
In 1991, acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) was 
removed from the list of diseases that would automatically 
bar an infected person from entering the United States.
In 1993, President Bush and Russian President Boris Yeltsin 
signed the START II treaty reducing strategic nuclear 
arsenals by two-thirds.
In 2000, peace talks between Israeli and Syrian leaders 
opened in Shepherdstown, W.Va.
In 2001, the 107th Congress convened for the first time 
with the Senate equally divided 50-50 between Republicans 
and Democrats. Republicans had a 10-member advantage in 
the House.
Also in 2001, the Federal Reserve cut interest rates by 
half a percent to stem an economic slowdown.
In 2002, Miami won the national collegiate football 
championship by defeating Nebraska, 37-14.
Miami returned to the football championship game in 2003 
but this time lost to Ohio State, 31-24, in two overtimes.
In 2003, Democrats John Kerry, John Edwards, Howard Dean 
and Al Sharpton announced for their party's  2004 
presidential nomination.
In 2004, a Flash Airline Boeing 737 crashed shortly 
after takeoff from Sharm el-Sheik in Egypt, killing 148 
Also in 2001, a NASA robotic explorer called Spirit 
touched down on Mars, sending a signal home to California 
that it survived the descent through the Martian 
atmosphere. A second rover was due to land three weeks 

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