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Publication: Gizmorama
Medical director warns of cell phone risks

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Gizmorama -  Medical director warns of cell phone risks
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Good Morning,
I read this morning that the government in the UK will start
sending letters to those illegally sharing music and films online
letting them know that they are being monitored. If it continued
they would issue fines. Do you think a campaign like this will
stop people from illegally downloading?

Until Tomorrow,

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Medical director warns of cell phone risks

The director of a Pittsburgh health complex is distributing an
advisory to employees on avoiding possible health risks
associated with cell phone use. Among suggestions Dr. Ronald
Herberman listed to limit exposure to electromagnetic radiation
emitted by the devices were texting, shortening conversations
and using headset or speaker phone options, the Pittsburgh
Post-Gazette reported Wednesday. "Recently I have become aware
of the growing body of literature linking long-term cell phone
use to possible adverse health effects, including cancer,"
Dr. Ronald Herberman told faculty and staff at the Pittsburgh
Cancer Institute and the University of Pittsburgh Medical
Center. "Although the evidence is still controversial, I am
convinced that there are sufficient data to warrant issuing
an advisory to share some precautionary advice on cell phone
use." Herberman said other countries have recommended limits
on exposure, and public health officials in Toronto have
advised young people to limit cell phone use. While support for
limited cell phone use may be growing, it isn't universal,
the newspaper said. Precautions are good, but "the bottom line,
at this time, is that there is no conclusive evidence tying
cell phone use to brain cancer," said Dan Catena, an American
Cancer Society spokesman.

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Parasites powerful influence, study finds

Parasitic organisms may exert more influence on ecosystems than
previously thought, a researcher said after studying river
estuaries in California and Mexico. The ecological survey of
the three river estuaries showed that parasites' biomass
exceeded that of the ecosystem's top predators, said University
of California-Santa Barbara's Armand Kuris in the journal Nature.
The team surveyed hundreds of species living on river estuaries --
one in California and two in Mexico's Baja California --
including 138 species of infectious parasite, Kuris said.
Parasites represented as much as 3 percent of the overall
biomass of the ecosystem in some areas. While dealing with only
one type of ecosystem, the figure is higher than previous
estimates of parasite biomass in other ecosystems, such as
coral reefs, the authors said. They found the most prevalent
parasite in the river estuaries was a trematode species that
infects and castrates snails. The survey shows that, in some
estuaries, the snail biomass controlled by trematodes was
greater than that of free-living snails.

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Jailed computer tech gives mayor codes

A computer engineer who allegedly blocked the city of San
Francisco out of its own computer system has given the mayor
the access codes, officials say. Terry Childs, the jailed
computer technician gave Mayor Gavin Newsom passwords and
access codes during a secret jailhouse meeting, KTVU-TV,
San Francisco reported Wednesday. Prosecutors say Childs, 43,
deliberately blocked access to parts of the city's computer
network for everyone but himself. His attorney, who set up
the meeting with Newsom, denies Childs did anything illegal
and that his client only wanted to lock out co-workers who
were trying to damage the city system, which contains city
payroll and police data. Childs has pleaded not guilty to four
felony counts of computer network tampering and one count of
causing losses of more than $200,000 resulting from the
tampering. If convicted, Childs faces up to seven years in
prison, the station reported.


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