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Publication: Wrestling News Today
McMahon 'Death' Storyline

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                WNT - Wrestling News Today
                  Monday, July 9, 2007

Wrestler Introduced Chris Benoit To Dr. Astin & More
Story By: Andy Steven

The following is an exert from People Magazine's "Chris
Benoit's Final Days" piece. (Issue dated July 16): Years
before their 2000 marriage, Nancy was charged with
aggravated battery after, according to her then husband,
wrestling Kevin Sullivan, she came after him with a knife.
She admitted holding the knife, but the charge from the
1997 episode was eventually dropped.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that Chris Benoit
was introduced to Dr. Phil Astin of Carrollton, GA through
his friend Mike Durham (Johnny Grunge). It was also noted
that Astin's office was around 50 miles from his
Fayetteville, GA home.

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Vince McMahon 'Death' Storyline, Backstage News, More
Story By: Andy Steven
Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

All of the Lucha Libre magazines have provided coverage
of the Vince McMahon "death" storyline.

John Laurinaitis was recently contacted by WWC in Puerto
Rico regarding booking WWE talent for the promotion's
anniversary tour. However Laurinaitis replied that he
couldn't afford to send anyone. As Carlito's father is
the promoter of the promotion, Carlito will be allowed to
work the show.


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Austin's Protege, Booker Unhappy With RAW Trade, More
Story By: Andy Steven

According to the Wrestling Observer newsletter, King Booker
was against his recent transfer from the SmackDown brand to
the RAW brand via the WWE draft. It was only a week before
when King Booker was told that he was bring traded to RAW.
More politics are on RAW and with Triple H also on the
brand, there is a huge Triple H influence. The last run
which King Booker had on RAW only got him to mid-card
status, as on SmackDown, he achieved the world title.

Stone Cold Steve Austin's unofficial protege has become
Mr. Kennedy. According to reports, Kennedy speaks to
Austin nearly every week, and gets advice from the former
WWE champion.

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                      Reader's Forum

I know that everyone is angry about the Chris Benoit 
tribute, but listen, WWE really didn't have much of a 
choice at the time. What happened here was just bad 
timing. The police found his body on Monday evening. 
When WWE was notified of this, they really didn't have 
much info at the time about the details of the deaths, 
plus they had a few hours to work on a tribute for Chris 
Benoit. If the police would have found their bodies 
between Wednesday-possibly Saturday or Sunday, then it 
would give WWE more time to know more details about the 
deaths and then they wouldn't have done the tribute, but 
I'm with WWE on giving him the tribute because he was 
part of the active roster and they have done a tribute 
on Owen Hart and Eddie Guerrero, but they weren't 
murderers, which I can agree with most, but WWE only 
did what they felt was right at the time because again, 
they didn't have much information other than that they 
were found dead in their home. If anybody would give an 
apology, it would be the people for not thinking this 
through like I have. Thanks for reading. 

- Jess

I respected Chris Benoit as a wrestler but after learning 
that he possibly killed his wife and son i wonder just what 
made him do it? Was it the drugs?  Did he just flip out? I 
guess we will never really know. I will miss seeing him in 
the ring for sure.  O J Simpson killed his wife and got 
away with it but now everyone is condemning Chris, He must 
have felt remorse for doing it because he then killed 
himself. OJ is laughing all the way to the bank. 

- Kevin(Buffalo)

You need to blame McMann for the problems in WWE.  He is 
another one on drugs.   The tribute was all wrong for the 
wrong reasons.  Vince need to get a new life and straighten 
things out in WWe and bring bace the true wrestling not all 
the crappy soap opera junk.  I too did not watch tribute it 
was all wrong.  Sherri needed it more that Beniot 
- JS

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