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Publication: Biography
Biography Clip Marilyn Monroe

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       Biography Video Clip - Wednesday, November 1, 2006
      "Real stories and fascinating details behind the 
        most intriguing people who have ever lived." 

Greetings Biography Buff, 

Norma Jeane Dougherty was born June 1, 1926. At age twenty 
she became recognized as the legendary Marilyn Monroe. She 
was known as iconic American actress, singer and model. She 
was known for her screen presence as well as her over-
whelming sex appeal.  Her premature death is viewed as a 
tragedy, as Hollywood lost their most popular movie star of 
the 1950s. The clip below is a glimpse into her rise of 


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Marilyn Monroe's Rise to Stardom - 3.2

In just 70 seconds you’ll learn of Marilyn’s rise to stardom 
and untimely death. Includes incredible archival footage, 
rarely seen, of her and her career.

Marilyn Monroe's Rise to Stardom

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