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Publication: Coffee Break
Man sues over mistaken identity

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   THE COFFEE BREAK - Thursday, July 17, 2008             

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          Stalin, last czar nearly tied in fame poll
Josef Stalin and Czar Nicholas II are running neck-and-neck
in an online Russian poll to determine the country's most
significant historical figure.  The Internet poll, part of
state-run TV station Russia's "Name of Russia" program, 
had attracted more than 2.3 million votes as of 9 p.m.
Monday, with 252,360 cast for Soviet dictator Stalin and 
252,262 votes cast in favor of Nicholas II, the country's
last monarch, the Moscow Times reported Tuesday.  Stalin
had initially held a healthy lead over the czar until a 
glut of votes in support of Nicholas poured in thanks to
a campaign on Russian social networking site
Odnoklassniki.ru.  As of Monday evening, Soviet leader 
Vladimir Lenin was in third place with 171,224 votes and 
folk singer Vladimir Vysotsky was in fourth with 150,405
votes. In fifth place was Peter the Great with 115,115 
votes.  Internationally renowned playwright Anton Chekhov
and poets Alexander Pushkin and Sergei Yesenin were also 
in the top 50 as of Monday.


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             Man sues over mistaken identity
A Sweet Home, Ore., man said he is suing his neighbors after
they confused him with a registered sex offender who shares
his name and birth date. Richard Bryan Smith, 41, said his
neighbors, Ray and Tracy Kelly, posted flyers around the 
neighborhood that bore pictures of another Richard Bryan 
Smith who has similar features, indicating the two Smiths
were one and the same, the Albany (Ore.) Democrat-Herald
reported Tuesday.  The second Smith is a registered sex
offender in Reno, Nev., and currently resides in southern
California.  Smith said the Kellys have been telling locals
that he and the other Smith are one and the same, the 
newspaper reported.  "It's truly humiliating," Smith said. 
"It's intimidating walking down the road with my kids."
The Linn Circuit Court lawsuit is seeking $150,000 for 
alleged defamation and intentional infliction of emotional 


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           Suspect claims he was checking security
A man who took $3,350 in cash from a Swedish bank and 
subsequently returned the money claims he was just testing
the bank's security.  Police in Anaset said the man walked
into an unlocked safe at Swedbank on Oct. 11, 2007, and
walked off with the cash, but the money reappeared in the
bank's mailbox the following weekend with a note, the
Swedish news agency TT reported Tuesday.  "I am sorry that
I took the money. I feel very ashamed," the note read.  
Investigators said they tracked down the suspect after he 
was caught on security cameras entering and leaving the 
vault and his fingerprints were found on the note with the
returned cash.  Police said the man initially denied the 
crime, but later admitted to taking and then returning 
the money. However, his story changed from that indicated 
by the note.  The suspect told officers he saw the unlocked 
safe and felt an impulse to check the bank's security. He
said he never intended to keep the money and denied writing
the apology note.  The man has been arrested on suspicion
of theft.

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What are your thoughts on Jolie-Pitt twins picture going
for up to 20 million dollars?

"If a magazine is willing to pay that and the money goes
to charity the higher the dollar the better."

"That is completely crazy!"

"they are just babies."
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