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Publication: Coffee Break
Man drives ambulances sans license

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  THE COFFEE BREAK - Thursday, June 12, 2008             

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U.S. singer Joey Fatone is to act as host of the upcoming 
television competition series "Celebrity Circus."

USA Today said the show, which is to debut Wednesday on
NBC, follows a similar format to the "Circus of the Stars"
specials that ran from 1977 to 1994.

Slated to compete during the six-week series are model 
Rachel Hunter; actors Christopher Knight, Antonio Sabato Jr.
and Stacey Dash; professional skateboarder Jason "Wee Man"
Acuna; R&B singer Blu Cantrell and Olympic gold-medal 
swimmer Janet Evans.

"I was asked to do celebrity boxing, and I was able to
dodge that bullet. I said no to celebrity bull riding. 
But when 'Circus' came up, there was no hesitation,"
Knight, former star of "The Brady Bunch," told USA Today.
"Not many 50-year-olds get to run away and join the 
circus. This is a life-affirming opportunity."

The newspaper said several of the stars suffered injuries
during the course of the show.

Knight, for instance, broke a bone in his arm shortly 
after training began, while Dash cracked a rib and other 
competitors sustained muscle pulls and bruises.

"We've had more hospital visits on this show than I had
in 150 episodes of 'Fear Factor,'"  executive producer 
Matt Kunitz told USA Today. 

What are your thoughts on 'Celebrity Circus'?

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           Dating on Demand draws South Floridians
Cable company Comcast says 30 South Floridians so far have 
created video profiles for its Dating on Demand service
and it expects dozens more in coming months.  Comcast 
spokesman Spero Canton said 30 people created profiles at
events in the cities of Miami and Davie and the company 
is planning to hold parties every two weeks with an aim 
of creating 40 to 50 new profiles each month, the South 
Florida Sun-Sentinel reported Tuesday.  "In other cities,
we've seen a lot of participation and a lot of excitement,"
Canton said. Dating industry experts said they expect 
video dating to grow in popularity as people become more
disillusioned with Internet dating.  Ann Robbins, a 
matchmaker and dating coach from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., 
said many people turn away from dating sites such as
Match.com because so many users lie about personal details.


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            Man drives ambulances sans license
Fire officials in Takaoka City, Japan, said they fired a
man after he was found to have driven rescue vehicles for
more than two decades without a license.  The officials 
said the firefighter was found to be using his father's 
license last week during a routine inspection, the BBC 
reported Tuesday.  They said he admitted to his bosses
that he had failed the written exam at driving school 
and kept his lack of a license secret from the fire 
department. The officials said the man had driven 
ambulances on more than 300 occasions and driven fire
engines nearly 100 times.  The man is being questioned
by police, the officials said.



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              SUV drives through Tennessee home
Police in Brentwood, Tenn., said a man who drove his SUV 
through a family's home while they were on vacation was
cited only for speeding.  A police report said Corey Willis,
25, told officers that his brakes failed about 30 yards 
before he reached the intersection where his gray Toyota
Land Cruiser left the road and drove through the front 
door of Mike Purcell's home, The Nashville Tennessean
reported Tuesday.  Purcell and his family were vacationing 
in Florida at the time of the crash. Willis' vehicle 
destroyed drywall, a couch and a coffee table before 
crashing through the back wall of the house and stopping
on a patio.  Officer Mike Hansel wrote in the report that
Willis "had been drinking, but was not impaired." He said 
the Land Cruiser's brakes "appeared to be in working order."
Willis was given a citation for speeding. No Breathalyzer
test was administered by police.  "He was given two field
sobriety tests on the scene, and he passed both of those 
tests. If you don't have probable cause, you can't give a 
Breathalyzer test," Brentwood police Chief Ricky Watson 
said.  Purcell said his home insurance has estimated 
damage to the house at $50,000 to $60,000.

What are  your thoughts on Airport security 'expert lane'?

"It is a good idea, but every does think they are an

"I fly a lot and found the airports with express lanes are

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