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Publication: Coffee Break
Man charged after stopping suspect

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   THE COFFEE BREAK - Wednesday, July 9, 2008             

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         Man, 64, was refused smokes without ID
A 64-year-old Swedish man said he is boycotting a local
supermarket after a cashier refused to sell him cigarettes
without an identification card.  Karl-Erik Borg, 64, said 
he was enraged when a cashier at the ICA store in Gallivare 
refused to sell him a pack of Marlboros without proof he 
was over 18 years old, The Local reported.  "I was furious. 
I've never felt so insulted in my entire life. And I've
never experience anything so ridiculous either," he said.
Borg said he was able to have a female acquaintance -- who 
had her ID with her -- purchase the smokes for him, but he
is still boycotting the store.  "Seriously, if the cashiers
can't tell the difference between an 18-year-old and a
pensioner who has served in six U.N. battalions, it's 
enough to make you wonder if they can even tell the
difference between a 500 kronor note ($83) and a 50 ($8)," 
Borg said.  The experience had what many might call an up 
side. "The whole episode has made me so angry that I've 
decided to quit smoking for good," Borg said.



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            Man charged after stopping suspect
A Weymouth, England, man said he has been charged with
assault after he detained a man who broke a business' 
window.  Steve Kink, 47, said he went outside his wife's
bar when he heard an alarm go off in a nearby cell phone
store and confronted two men standing near the store's 
broken window, The Daily Mail reported.  "I accused one of 
them of smashing the window and he said 'what ... has it 
got to do with you?'" Kink said. "He then took a swing at
me and punched me just under my left eye. I grabbed hold
of him and managed to sweep one of his legs from under 
him and I held him there by putting the toe of my shoe 
on his shoulder blade.  "There were lots of other people
around at this stage and somebody had hold of the other 
bloke he was with. When the police arrived I stepped back 
and he kicked off at them. When he was put in the police 
car he tried to kick in the windows," he said.  However, 
Kink said the man was eventually released with a caution 
for criminal damage -- and a few days later, police showed 
up at Kink's home to arrest him for assault. A police 
spokesman confirmed the charge.


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              Mass. beach sex riles some
Public sex and nude sunbathing are upsetting visitors to
a Cape Cod beach in Massachusetts, officials say.  
Complaints from family vacationers have Cape Cod National 
Seashore officials vowing to crack down on public sex acts
in the Provincetown, Mass., area's beaches, the Boston
Herald reported. The number of tickets handed out has shot
up from an average of 40 per year to 132 last year, the 
newspaper said.  "This is not what we're interested in 
seeing," George Price, superintendent of the Cape Cod 
National Seashore, told the Herald.  Much of the open sex 
involves gays but heterosexual copulation also has been 
reported along the pristine national shore. Last year, a
New Jersey family came upon couples and a large group of 
men having "sex in the nude, including oral and anal sex
right out in the open" among the dunes, the Cape Cod Times 
reported last week.  "Families are upset and outraged,"
Price said. "It's really two issues, one is the nude 
sunbathing, which has been around since the '70s and '80s, 
and that issue is being addressed. But the issue that we're
talking about today is public sex: It's a seashore problem
and it's a town problem."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Reader Comments ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
What are your thoughts on this dad feeding her child
a 'vegan' diet?

"The man and his wife absolutely should be imprisoned. 
There is something seriously wrong with their parenting.  
How on earth could anyone look at those poor children and
think they were healthy?  Other people had to have seen
these children....so why did it take so many years for
them to be taken away?  It would be interesting to see how 
the parents ate and if they used enemas on themselves. 
How sad that children always have to pay the price for 
idiotic parents.  I hope their health and size will not be
stunted for the rest of their lives."

"Some people are just crazy.  Unfortunately, their children
suffer for it."

"That is completely wrong and these parent belong in jail." 

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