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Publication: Coffee Break
Man arrested after fish assault

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   THE COFFEE BREAK - Thursday, June 5, 2008             

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While Barack Obama wants to focus on the U.S. presidential 
election, his advisers say they know they must first
consider Hillary Clinton and her supporters.

Clinton let it be known she would be open to being his 
running mate before primaries in Montana and South Dakota
ended Tuesday. Obama received enough delegate support to
clinch the Democratic presidential nomination.

Clinton, speaking from her home state of New York Tuesday
night, said she wasn't making any decisions for a few days.
Obama's campaign said the freshman senator from Illinois 
wants to talk to Clinton soon.

An Obama-Clinton ticket has advantages, observers told The
New York Times, such as repairing relations among Clinton's
supporters, especially women. Clinton also would provide 
Obama with foreign policy credentials, a list of 
contributors and the potential to put more states into 

"I think the world of both of them," said Sen. Thomas
Carper, D-Del. "I want to see them run as a team."

Others caution about Obama selecting Clinton as a running
mate, especially so soon after the primary season has 
ended. He wouldn't want to appear to be pressured into 
the decision, the Times said.

"It's backward-looking to pick a Clinton at this point -- 
and he's all about forward-looking, to being about 
change," said Matt Bennett, co-founder of Third Way, a 
moderate Democratic organization. "He's all about a 
fundamentally new kind of politics. Picking a Clinton is,
by definition, backward-looking, and I just don't think 
he wants that." 

What are your thoughts on a Obama-Clintion Democratic

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             Man arrested after fish assault
Police in Fredericksburg, Va., said they have arrested a
man who allegedly attacked gas station customers with a
rock and a fish and exposed his sexual organs.  Police
spokeswoman Natatia Bledsoe said the suspect, identified 
as Marcellus Coleman, 21, allegedly threw a rock at a
40-year-old man who was standing at a gas pump Saturday,
The Fredericksburg Freelance-Star reported Tuesday.  
Coleman allegedly threw the rock, which struck the other 
man in the neck, because the victim was looking at him. 
Police said the suspect was singing loudly before the 
violence erupted.  The suspect was confronted by a
32-year-old friend of the man and Coleman allegedly struck 
him in the face with a fish he took from his car.  Coleman 
the allegedly threw a beer bottle onto the car the men
were traveling in and exposed his genitals to the two
men and a third person at the gas station before driving 
away from the scene, police said.  Coleman was arrested
Sunday and charged with malicious wounding, destruction
of property and indecent exposure. He was also charged
with assault after he spit on a resident during his 
arrest. Investigators said the suspect believed the
resident had informed authorities of his whereabouts.


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          Fla. banks want no hats or sunglasses
Some Florida banks are trying to discourage robberies by
encouraging customers to take off hats, sunglasses and
hoods.  The Florida Bankers' Association launched its "no
hats, no hoods, no sunglasses" campaign in January, the 
South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported. The group said that
46 of the 300 banks in Florida have joined the official 
campaign, while other banks are believed to have used the
tactic and made up their own signs.  "It's just like if a 
business has a sign that says, 'must wear a shirt and
shoes,'" Lisa Ehrhart, a robbery prevention specialist 
with the Broward County sheriff's office, said. "If you're 
a legitimate customer, you won't have a problem removing 
your sunglasses and hat."  The association said that the 
number of bank robberies in Florida rose 40 percent between
2006 and 2007. In 2007, 361 robberies were reported with
a total loss of $2.4 million.  Renee Thompson, a 
spokeswoman for the association, said that customers who
refuse to remove head coverings and sunglasses would still
be able to do business. But she said they would be
restricted to an area with more security.



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               Three walk toward world record
The three remaining walkers in a Boulder, Colo., marathon 
said on their fourth day of strolling that they plan to 
continue marching toward a world record.  Ulrich Kamm, 60, 
Debbie Richmeier, 47, and Glen Turner, 48, have outlasted 
10 other competitors who began the marathon at 5 p.m.
Friday and said they plan to continue walking Tuesday
until they break the world record for marathon walking, a
feat that would be accomplished at about 11 p.m., The
Boulder Daily Camera reported Tuesday.  Participants in
the "Extra-Mile Endurathon," which is part of a string of
similar events scheduled around the world this year, must
remain walking day and night with only 10 minute breaks
every four miles. The last walker standing will win a 
$1,000 if he or she walks at least one mile past where 
the second-to-last competitor calls it quits.  The last
four walkers from the Endurathon, as well as the final 
four from competitions in Buenos Aires, Berlin, Paris 
and Tokyo, will be invited to compete for $100,000 in 
Las Vegas.


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