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Publication: Wrestling News Today
The Main Event For RAW

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                WNT - Wrestling News Today
                  Wednesday, May 9, 2007

SmackDown Rating, MVP Speaks On Prison, More 
Story By: Patrick Boucher 

-- This week's edition of Friday Night Smackdown got a 
preliminary rating of 2.5. This rating is down from last 
weeks 2.7 rating. These ratings are compiled by Nielsen 
Media Research. 

-- The PoughkeepsieJournal has an article up with WWE 
Smackdown superstar, MVP. MVP whose real name is Antonio 
Banks, served 9 years of an 18 year sentence in prison 
for armed robbery and kidnapping in Florida. While 
discussing his time in prison MVP noted: 

"I grew up in Miami with a single mom. My father was 
around, but I didn't have as much interaction in my life 
as I needed. I used to run the streets with gangs and guns 
and robberies. I made a lot of bad decisions. And one of 
those decisions got me 9 1/2 years in prison."

MVP also noted he got the MVP character from meeting 
various athletes while traveling through the Miami 
nightlife. He noted: 

"These guys, they were total jerks, you just want to punch 
them in the mouth right now. If I hate that guy and every-
one else hates him, I thought that the world would 
probably hate that guy. MVP is that guy." 

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         Random News From The Wrestling World

Main Event For RAW, Judgment Day Announcement 
Story By: Steve Carrier
Source: WWE.com

Tomorrow night on RAW, John Cena will be facing off 
against Randy Orton in a non-title match. Look for The 
Great Khali to be looming around. 

Also on RAW, a major announcement concerning the main of 
event of the Judgment Day pay-per view will also take 
place on the show. 


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Next Intercontinental Champion; Masters Push, More
Story By: Steve Carrier 

It was recently reported that Vince McMahon has decided 
to give Chris Masters another push even though they 
hadn't have been successful in the past. 

At the RAW show in Johnston City, TN last night, Chris 
Masters cut a promo before being involved in a match 
against the new Intercontinental Champion, Santino 
Marella. In the promo he stated how he is sick of 
hearing about Marella winning the title prior losing 
the match. 

It hasn't been confirmed from any reliable sources yet, 
but it looks as if Masters could be feuding with Marella 
which could end up with Masters winning the IC Title. 


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                      Reader's Forum

I have been watching wrestling for quite a while, and have 
noticed that on Monday Night Raw, Lillian isn't there. 
What's up? Was the skit where Vince put his head up her 
skirt a little too much for her to handle. I can understand 
that if that is what it was. I thought that was uncalled 
for if you ask me. I hope she comes back to Raw soon. Those 
other ring announcers just aren't very good. 

- Bubba

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