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Publication: Coffee Break
Long-lost rings found in toilet

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  THE COFFEE BREAK - Wednesday, July 2, 2008             

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An attorney for a California teen killed by an escaped
tiger at the San Francisco Zoo says he'll file a negligence
lawsuit against the city.

Michael Cardozo of Walnut Creek, Calif., said the family
of Carlos Souza Jr., who died when a 250-pound Siberian 
tiger named Tatiana leaped from its enclosure on Christmas
Day and mauled the 17-year-old to death, is accusing the
city and the nonprofit operator of the zoo of allowing a
wrongful death. 

"The city ought to build a river through the zoo and call
it the moat of denial," Cardoza told the San Jose (Calif.)
Mercury News. "They denied anything ever happened the 
first time Tatiana bit somebody. When they undertake to
house dangerous animals, the law says they are liable."

The first step in the civil action happened Monday when 
the city denied a preliminary claim made by Souza's
family. It has also rejected claims by two other teens 
mauled in the same incident.

The tiger was killed by police. The zoo has increased the 
height of a barrier around the tiger enclosure after it
was determined Tatiana had jumped over it in the attack.
Do you think the city is negligent in this case?

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            Long-lost rings found in toilet
A Cape Cod, Mass., 10-year-old reached into the family 
toilet and pulled out two wedding rings that the owners 
said had been lost for 12 years.  Cameron Delonde, 10,
said he dropped his toothbrush into the commode and when
he fished the item out he discovered two diamond rings,
WCVB-TV, Boston, reported Monday.  Delonde and his father
enlisted the help of a real estate agent to track down the 
daughter of the former owner of their home, Mary Trainor, 
who died five years ago.  Trainor's daughter said she and 
her brother had searched for the heirlooms for years and 
were delighted to have them back in the family.


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           Adults receive bike-riding lessons
A Somerville, Mass., woman says enrollment in her adult 
bicycle riding class has nearly doubled since 2006.  Susan
McLucas, 59, said the Bicycle Riding School she has operated
since 1985 in a barn behind her home is aimed at turning
adults who never learned to pedal the two-wheeled vehicles
into full-fledged bike riders, the Boston Globe reported
Monday.  "It's part of getting rid of cars," she said, "and
making bikes rule the world."  McLucas said she has taught
nearly 2,000 people ranging in age from 5 to 82 to ride
bicycles, and recently enrollment in her four-class programs
and requests for one-on-one lessons have been rising 
sharply.  "I used to consider it kind of a sideline, but
it's almost a full-time job now," said McLucas, an activist 
who in 1997 founded the Healthy Tomorrow non-profit to 
combat female genital mutilation.  McLucas said students
of her class, which is offered through the Cambridge Center
for Adult Education, pay $25 for a single 90 minute lesson 
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                Hot dogs learn new tricks
Hot dog makers in Florida and across the United States have
been introducing new sausage creations ahead of the 
traditionally dog-heavy July Fourth weekend.  Burt Rapoport, 
owner of the Opus 5 bistro in Boca Raton, Fla., said his 
$14 Kobe beef hot dog, which is topped with chef-created 
sauerkraut, has turned curious customers into frequent
consumers, the Palm Beach (Fla.) Post reported Monday.
Meanwhile, gourmet brand D'Artagnan has begun selling 
"Duck Dogs," made from the meat of water fowl, at $8 for
a pack of four.  Big name hot dog manufacturer Oscar Mayer
has introduced Premium Beef Franks, which it says are made 
from "high quality cuts of beef and a flavorful blend of
unique spices," while competitor Ball Park Franks is
marketing Angus Beef Franks that it describes as "a fresh
new twist on the classic."  Experts said the trend of
offering new twists on the classic hot dog is tied to the
approaching July Fourth holiday weekend, during which an 
estimated 150 million hot dogs will be consumed in the
United States, and the Washington-based National Hot Dog
& Sausage Council's recent announcement that wiener sales
slumped by 4 percent in 2006.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Reader Comments ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
What are your thoughts on McCain's military record?

"As far as I am concerned, military service (whether by
McCain or Kerry) does far more to prepare one for public
office than draft-dodging like Bill Clinton and George
W. Bush did. In fact, I have been trying to press for an
amendment to the U.S. Constitution which states: "No 
candidate for any federal elective office shall be eligible
without having served a minimum of two full-time years in
the Armed Forces of the United States of America."

"It is really pathetic when people stoop so low as to
question the military record of someone like John McCain.
The man is a true American hero.  In the past.....it was 
required that a presidential candidate serve in the military
before even being considered.  Now they take someone who 
was a prisoner of war for YEARS and try to question that?
I think it will backfire and only make them look like 
idiots.  Are they kidding?  They are questioning McCain's
qualifications to run this country when Obama is a FIRST
term senator?  Where are his qualifications?  Those people 
are nuts!  I think we should go back to the requirement of
candidates serving in the military before they can run. 
What better person to be commander in chief than someone 
who knows what serving your country is all about?

"It angers me to see this kind of back stabbing. Senator
McCain is a true American hero. Anyone who puts on the 
uniform & goes into war is my hero. What  has Senator 
Obama done that's even close to what McCain has endured?
War changes people, some for the better & some for the
worse. I believe John McCain became stronger & better
for his experiences." 
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