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Publication: Living Green
Putting all that compost to use.

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            LIVING GREEN - Friday, June 13, 2008

Good morning, 

So what is the value of all of this compost other than 
keeping hundreds and hundreds of pounds of waste out of 
your trash cans and out of landfills? 

It's an all-purpose application for your lawn, garden and 
landscaping! It is completely healthy and completely harm-
lass. You can use it in and on just about anything. Scroll 
down for some great suggestions! 

Thanks for reading, 

Your Living Green editor 


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What to do with your finished compost...

* Use compost as a mulch for shrubs, trees and plants. Com-
post can be applied directly around the base of trees and 
shrubs to serve as a mulch. It also can be worked into the 
top six to eight inches of the soil to provide increased 
water retention and valuable nutrients. 

* In flower gardens, dig in compost around the plants. While 
it is not a substitute for fertilizer, compost contains 
nutrients and holds them in the soil. The plant roots will 
grow into the compost and take up the nutrients. It also 
loosens and aerates clay soils, and retains water in sandy 

* When transplanting house plants, mix compost into the soil. 
Add one part compost to two parts commercial potting soil, 
or make your own mixture by using equal parts of compost and 
sand or perlite. 

* Top dressing for lawn. Mix finely sifted compost with a 
little sand to make it spreadable and sprinkle evenly or 
rake it into lawns. All of your yard waste will go right 
back to your lawn as a healthy nutrient additive and you 
won't spend a cent on chemical fertilizers. 

* Start a vegetable garden! Compost is a great additive to 
mix into raw soil when starting a new lawn or flower garden 
or a vegetable garden. And you can continue to mix 2 or 3 
inches of compost into vegetable and flower gardens each 
year before planting. 


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