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Publication: Living Green
Reduce your water use by fifty percent!

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           LIVING GREEN - Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Good morning, 

I have recently pulled some video clips from a series 
called Earth Aid, hosted by Ed Bagley, Jr. In the clip I 
have selected for you today he discusses how we can easily 
reduce a huge amount of the water we use in our homes just 
by installing aerators. It's cheap, easy and will help con-
serve one of our most precious natural resources. 

These tips will be especially practical for people living 
in drought-ridden Georgia, Florida and the south-west. 

Please scroll down for the link and don't forget to rate it! 

Thanks for reading, 

Your Living Green editor 



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Aerate Your Faucets and Gardens
Current Rating (4.3)

Normal faucet flow is about three to five gallons per minute. 
By attaching a low-flow faucet aerator you can reduce the 
flow by fifty percent. This simple measure can cut use by 280 
gallons per month for a family of four. 

Click here: Aerate Your Faucets & Gardens


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