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Publication: Living Green
Take recycling to the next level.

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          LIVING GREEN - Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Good morning, 

Have you balked at taking your recycling habit to the 
extreme of buying recycled toilet paper?  Don't worry. 
It wasn't made from used toilet paper. Junk mail, news-
print and light cardboard make up most of that recycled 
paper.  Using recycled paper products is an important 
part of eco-friendly living.

Thanks for reading, 

Your Living Green editor 



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* Recycled products mean that we aren't using up natural 
resources on paper plates or toilet paper. 

* Less energy is used to recycle paper into another form 
than to make paper for the first time. 

* Recycling keeps the waste down in landfills. 

* When possible buy unbleached paper. Many paper products, 
including some made from recycled fibers, are bleached 
with chlorine. The bleaching process can create harmful 
byproducts, including dioxins, which accumulate in our air, 
water and soil over time. 


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