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Publication: Living Green
Try a front-loader.

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            LIVING GREEN - Monday, July 7, 2008

Good morning, 

If you are in the market for a new washing machine, make 
sure you get a front-loading model, which uses a third 
less water, heat energy and detergent than standard top-
loading designs. 

Please scroll down for more details. 

Thanks for reading, 

Your Living Green editor 


Laser Straight: The Laser Guided Leveler...

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Tired of spending hours trying to get pictures perfectly 
straight? Tired of holding those heavy old-fashioned levels 
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This revolutionary new and EASY-TO-USE Laser Guided Leveler 
uses advanced technology to lay down a 50 ft level laser 
line on any surface. Get professional results on and home 
improvement project. Adheres to any surface, even tile, 
without leaving marks. 

Uses refractive lens technology that projects a visibly 
straight line up to 50 feet in long. Laser straight adheres 
too any surface and leaves no marks when you are done. Get 
professional results while hanging Curtain rods, shower 
rods, pictures, installing shelves, and more. 
SIZE: 4 1/2 w "x2 1/2" h. Get more details: 

Laser Straight: The Laser Guided Leveler...


* Front loaders are more effective and efficient designs, 
and they have been working hard at laundromats across the 
world for decades. These days, major brands are offering 
that efficient cleaning power in models made for homes, 
and many boast the latest in electronic features, cool 
colors and more. 

* Make sure your new machine is certified by the EPA's 
Energy Star program, which signifies high energy ef-
ficiency. According to GE, the average family will save 
enough on energy bills with the company's Energy Star 
washer and dryer to pay for the appliances in just 12 


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