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Publication: Living Green
Fighting the convenience addiction.

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            LIVING GREEN - Friday, May 16, 2008

Good morning, 

Yesterday we talked about the waste involved in all of the 
convenience packaging we see cluttering shelves in grocery 
stores, convenience stores and supermarkets. 

But do we have to make a vow to radically alter our lives 
just so that we never buy a convenience product again? 
Maybe just being a little more conscious of our purchase 
choices, particularly in regards to non-essential item 
packaging, can make a difference. 

Scroll down for a few simple changes to the way we think 
about our purchasing habits. 

Thanks for reading, 

Your Living Green editor 


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* There are so many food choices out there, is there an 
alternative that does not involve three or four layers 
of plastic packaging? 

* Buying a more economically packaged size. Buy bulk items 
and serve yourself and your family individual portions at 

* Make it at home! You could buy 16 individually wrapped 
pudding cups, or you could buy the ingredients and make it 
yourself. It would probably be healthier for you, too! 

* If you are going to buy convenience items look for 
recycling information on the item before purchase. Maybe 
a different brand uses recycled materials. 

* Maybe skip the purchase altogether. Do you absolutely 
have to have 16 ounces of flavored, caffeinated water? Each 
time you deny yourself one of these convenience packaging 
nightmares you're playing a small but important part to 
fixing the mess we've created on Planet Earth!


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